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The Garden of Everything

The Beginning


Sasuke admired the midnight sky from his window. The air was cold and damp as it smoothed down his lungs. The moonlight gently hit his pale face and darkened his eyes as he started to stare off at a distance. His hair tinted blue and almost covered his eyes. The moon was almost full and it fueled his hunger. His tongue caressed his pointy teeth as his mouth began to water at the thought of the thick red liquid filling his mouth.

His dim lit room was interrupted by someone opening the door letting darkness flow into the room and a cold breeze blew by. Sasuke's eyes reddened as he quickly turned around, but it was only his older brother Itachi.

Itachi smirked, "Foolish little brother... I just brought you something to digest." He set down a glass filled with dark red liquid.

Sasuke blushed with embarrassment, he hated how he had to drink blood from the hospital. It was not the challenge he wished for. As he reached for the drink Itachi hit two of his fingers on Sasuke's for head like how he always use to do when they were younger. As he walked away Sasuke sent him some glares along with a low growl.

He picked up the drink and let the blood slip into his mouth. He savored the taste before letting it side down his throat. He finished his delectable drink and let the red stained glass set on the table and continued to gaze out the window. From a distance stood a garden filled with many flowers, owned by none other than the Yamanaka.

The Yamanaka's were known for there flower shop and garden. They were humans and normal, but Sasuke thought they're daughter was anything but normal. Her long pale blond hair looked silky and brightened her sky blue eyes and her long hair laid gently against her beautiful frame. The site of her skin drove him crazy, every function in his body craved for the hot blood flowing through her but he did at least had some control... He hoped.


Ino laid on the cool grass in the middle of their large garden, soaking in the moonlight. After a long day of working at the shop she just wanted to relax.

"INO!" Yelled her mother in the door way to the back.

Damn it... "WHAT DO YOU WANT MOM!?"


Sakura entered the back yard with a friendly smile, "Hello Ino-Pig."

"Forehead Girl."

Sakura took a seat next to Ino and did a loving sigh, "I saw the most beautiful boy while on my way here..." She said with a small blush.

"What? No way, who was it." Ino said now interested.

"It was the people who moved into that large creepy house up the hill! Uchiha's if I'm not mistaken... He was staring out the window and It was like love at first sight!"

"Eh? I heard they never really leave there house much only at night... Isn't that creepy." Ino shivered.

"Yeah, but he was so hot! He had dark hair that almost seemed blue in the moonlight... and his skin was almost snow white... While his dark eyes were... Eep!" Sakura started to squeal like a little school girl.

Ino smirked, "I can almost imagine it..." sigh.

Sakura stood up and brushed her crimson skirt off, "Well Ino-pig, I was just dropping by, later!"

She waved before bouncing off before Ino can insult back. Ino miry stuck her tongue after the pinky. As the night grew darker a sudden strange chill shocked through Ino's body. A sound of bushes shuffling made her lungs almost tightened at the strange sense. Goose bumps formed on her skin and all she wanted to do was run inside, but her pride got into the way. She gripped onto the grass and toughened up before beginning the search.

Possibly some nosy animal looking for trouble? Or maybe a psychopathic serial killer waiting for his next kill? Or just an innocent person lost? All these thoughts zoomed through her head as she silently went through the garden. The more deeper she went the more harder it became to swallow the air around her. This strange aura was mysterious and almost dark.

Ino's shaky hands pushed away the bush to get a better look. The sight made her eyes widen, on her family's garden ground laid a boy, possibly around her age, soaking in the night sky. His soft gaze directed towards the sky as if he was smoothly wondering his mind. All the thoughts in her mind went blank as she carved his very being into her mind. Wait... dark hair that almost looks blue in the moonlight... snow white skin...Black eyes... It's the Uchiha guy Sakura was talking about!!

She could see a smirk form on her face which made her a little nervous, hoping she wasn't caught.

"Nice night out hu?" he said smoothly.

Yep, she was caught. She was frozen in her stance and her mouth hung open. She heard him let out a small chuckle, causing her face to light up. She looked away and was about to run until she felt something close to her. She turned around to see he disappeared and turned back only to find him appear in front of her.

"Ahh!" she yelped almost losing her balance, causing him to smirk even more, "W-what the heck?! How did you do that... Are you the Matrix?" What the hell did I just say!? "Sorry, I didn't mean it like that... You kind of freaked me out a bit..." Great now I'm rambling.

"It's fine, I kind of get that all of the time... Sort of..."

"Oh, what are you doing here anyways?" She asked raising a brow.

"Admiring your beautiful garden... and other beautiful things...", He said slyly staring straight at her eyes..

His words rolling of his tongue sent good chills down her spine, "Oh yeah! I'm Ino Yamanaka." she said voiding his words and gaze. Probably talking about the moon or something.

"Sasuke Uchiha."

"So you're family moved into the house on top of the hill right?" she said curiously.

"Yeah..." Sasuke answered.

"Um so-"

Suddenly Sasuke's fingers crested her chin so she would stare straight at him. Her baby blue eyes widen as she was caught in his gaze. His eyes turned red and a black circle formed around his pupil and it looked like three comma's were on the black circle. Suddenly a shock went through her body like when you plug in something and accidentally get shocked. Her vision almost went double and her head felt a little dizzy. She could see his face faintly and a smirk was planted on it again.

"INO WHERE THE HELL ARE YOU!? IT'S TIME FOR BED!" Yelled her mother from a distance.

Sasuke's eye twitched for a second, damn annoying older humans... He looked away for a second to see if the loud voice women was near only to have Ino faint into his arms.

"INO! Are you there?!" the voiced roamed closer and Sasuke groaned in his head.

He gently laid Ino on the grass, moving a few strands of hair away from her face.

"HEY INO! Answer me!" said a male voice.

Ino's father, pushed a few bushes aside only to find his only daughter laying on the ground unconscious. "INO! Oh God."


Sasuke cursed under his breath as he entered looked out his window. He saw Ino's father carry her away into their home. Sooo close, he thought. After going for a 'walk' (So Itachi wouldn't follow him) he casually stalked Ino watching as she talked to the girl with pink hair... Forehead Girl? No it was Sakura yeah... Wait... Never mind we'll just call her Sakura. ANYWAYS, he silently watched as Ino suddenly looked interested as 'Sakura' or whatever talked about him... That is until she said 'they' were creepy, it almost made him fall over but he didn't want to give away his hiding spot. Finally the pink haired girl left and he decided to put his plan into action.

"So how was your visit with the Yamanaka's?" Itachi asked from behind him.

Sasuke's body tensed, he was so caught up in thought he didn't even notice he entered, "I don't know what you're talking about..." he said trying to be calm.

"You're really bad at lying." Itachi said emotionless staring out the window.

Sasuke glared at his brother, Itachi sighed getting the point and walked away, "Just be careful little brother..."

Sasuke turned around to yell at Itachi only to see the door shut. He turned around frowning and continued to stare at the Yamanaka's house. Heh, I'll be careful alright... Because soon she'll be mine... That sounds kind of creepy... almost evil...Awesome. He thought... Till he realized he was having a conversation with himself in his head.

"I need something to drink..." Great now I'm talking to myself...



Ino smashed the loud alarm clock next to her bed. She sat up lazily gazing off blankly for a while.

"... AH WHERE AM I!?" She yelled holding her head.

She looked around relived she was in her room. Man that dream last night was weird... When did I sleep anyways. I don't even remember putting on my pajama's... She stood up and stretched her arms along with a yawn. Ino entered the bathroom and began to brush her teeth looking at her hair. It was a total mess and tangly... It was let down and all over the place.

Her mother suddenly stormed into her room. "Ino! Oh my, you're awake!"

"Hu?" Ino looked at her mother as if she was crazy while still brushing her teeth.

"You collapsed in the garden! Your father and me were worried like crazy."

Ino's toothbrush fell to the floor and her mouth hung open. It wasn't a dream!?


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