Every touch, a temptation, (Itsuku sora hitotsu machismo hi wataateyukeyu)

And for every sense, a sensation, (hanateta koto e.)

-song belongs to Maaya Sakamoto

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The Garden Of Everything

By: Blox edited by Bunnox

Sasuke's back was facing his brother, but Itachi's gaze would not look away. Sasuke knew that if he looked him in the eye, Itachi would laugh… Or at least look at him in disgust. Either way both of them were embarrassing… Though Itachi rarely shows his emotions, especially laughter, it's been quite a while since he seen Itachi laugh for real.

"So… Let me get this straight…"

Fuck, Sasuke flinched. Even Itachi's tone crushed Sasuke's pride.

"You decided to bite someone… So you picked this girl who was ditched by this other girl… and after you bit 'her' you found out… 'She' Was actually a boy?" Questioned Itachi.

Sasuke only nodded in shame. Itachi, on the other hand, mouth began to twitch on the side. He tried his best to fight back the urge, the damned urge to laugh.

What the hell? Why not.

A deep manly laugh escaped Itachi's being, Sasuke's face turned a dark red color. He felt his lunch hit the end of his stomach and begin to turn to acid.

He finally couldn't take it anymore, "Shut up! It was an ACCIDENT OKAY an ACCIDENT!" Fumed Sasuke.

That only put gas on Itachi's flame of laughter. Sasuke hurried to his room and slammed the door to block out the annoying noise of his brother's enjoyment. He hoped his parents didn't found out. The reaction would probably be worse. Sasuke slipped into his bed as the sun raised even more into the sky. He tossed and turned but couldn't fall asleep. He placed his slim pale hand onto his forehead and over looked today's events.

"I hate Mondays…" Quoting a famous cat.


Ino's fingers dug into the hospital's chair. She sat next to Hinata, who's eyes were a little red from earlier while her hair was a little out of place. Hinata's eyes were facing the unusual shiny white hospital floor and her hands where on her knees. They both awaited Neji's results. The tension was killing Ino so she confirmed to Hinata she was going outside for some air.

As soon as the gentle breeze hit her face she felt some stress blow away. The wind whispered in her hair and her eyes closed as she tired to relax. As the town's noises slowly faded away an image began to flow into her mind. Sasuke's red eyes filled with hunger, his perfect lips that seem so unreachable from Ino.

Ino's eyes snapped open, why am I thinking of him at a time like this? Ino shook her head and decided it was time to go back and check on Hinata. Why can't I stop thinking about him? I barely know the guy…. But he's so… Her thoughts where soon cut off.

"Ino! Neji's alright!" Hinata said happily. Her excitement reminded Ino of when a child get's their first puppy.

"W-what? Really?"

"Yeah! He just got knocked out and the vampire didn't take much blood so he's going to be fine. They gave him some medicine just in case… You know," Hinata's voice began to wander off, "turn into a vampire."

Yes… Not to long ago Lady Tsunade figured out a formula to keep normal humans from turning into low class vampires, thought Ino, I wonder when she had the time to think of that in the middle of gambling and drinking.

"Well, Thank you for coming here Ino," Hinata said with a smile, "I'll be sure to tell Neji you were worried too."

"Haha, no problem Hinata. Tell him I said to get well soon," Ino said with a friendly wink, "I'll be off then, later!"

Maybe I should send some flowers over… Yes, I'll do that right now!


Sasuke began to get impatient. Well impatient with himself. He wanted to see Ino again, but he was still not over with the whole long haired guy thing. I must be losing my touch.

He laid his head in his arms as he gazed out of his window again. The sun was still luring in the sky and he ached for the moon to rise. His parents where out acting 'normal' and his brother was being weird somewhere…. Like hanging out in the dark corners of his room or hanging out with a couple weirdo's, like the one weird guy with the blue disease or whatever, I wonder what his parents smoked while having him. Damn. Itachi's always attracting strange people… Like that one guy that looks like a girl and the one obsessed with puppets…

Sasuke closed his eyes, Maybe If I sleep time will past more quickly and when I wake up she'll be there..


The sweet irony smell dried his lips. His tongue smoothly went across his lips as he roamed through the forest. Something about the pine smell drove his instincts insane, at first he was walking but soon he began to run. Just as he was about to go into full speed he stopped. That smell, it was close. His throat dried as he thought of sinking his teeth into that godly flesh. These thoughts felt sinful.

He closed in till he could watch from above in some trees. He was so close it was making him shake with excitement. His prey was just in pouncing distance. She laid in the grass with her eyes closed as her body stretched out. He let out a pleasing groan as the wind blew her scent towards him. He jumped down and slowly walked towards the being.

Sasuke's POV

Strange, why would I do this? Unless…

"Sasuke?" That voice, I know it..

My vision seemed to clear a little for my blonde beauty sat up staring wide eyed at him.

What's wrong with me? I can't stop. I made my way slowly towards her.

"Are you alright Sasuke? You look a little sick." Her eyes quickly turned to worry as her hand reached towards my face and held my forehead.

"Wow your freezing, maybe we should take you to the hospital."

I clenched my fists, her pulse, her veins. As soon as her hand came into contact I knew I couldn't stop. Soon she was on the ground. Her hair tangled with the cool grass and her warm body pinned beneath my own cold body. Her wide eyes stared into my own. They were filled with something I was use to seeing, fear. I wanted to stop then and there but, her pulse just had to feel so good.

For the first time I feel disgusted with myself, for the first time I wasn't in control, for the first time I wished I was dead instead of the other way around, I thought as my finger's traced neck. Her cried for help teared threw me but it's okay cause they soon began to fade away as the monster inside of me took over.

Everything began to turn dark as my tongue tasted the sweet flesh of her neck. After a small kiss my fangs flashed out. Before I did anything further one word slipped my lips, "Sorry."

After that the only thing I remember was the feeling of warm blood flowing down my throat and pleasure. The only thing that keep me from enjoying it all was the horrible scream ringing in my ears.


Sasuke sat up quickly with wide eyes, his breathing was uneven and his body shivered. It's just a dream... It was just a dream, He thought looking down at his bed sheets. He clenched the blanket that was tossed to the side, But I have to be sure...

He got up and slipped on a fresh pair of cloths, Maybe I should find something to eat before I go...

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