Five pairings (in the Maximum Ride fandom)…that never happened before (the time of writing as far as the author knows)

Five…pairings (in the Maximum Ride fandom)…that never happened before (the time of writing as far as the author knows).


Rating: PG-13

Warning: Um, shortfic on LSD. Poking Fax shippers in my roundabout way.

Disclaimer: Don't own anything except rights as first writer to write some of these pairings. Someone's probably done one or two before, but if they have I haven't read it. Maybe we need one archive, instead of MRF and FFN.

Author's notes: Refer to above 'Fic on LSD'. Don't take this seriously. 200 words for each. Don't try writing a double drabble in all dialogue. It sucks.

REPOST NOTE: this was written a while ago, and is being reposted. At the time none of these pairings had been written, though some have been between then and now.


He wasn't….(and he had to grit his teeth to even think it)…in love with her. A man like him didn't fall in love with anyone, no thanks. He was not the kind of man who did 'love', with the small talk and the compliments and the fancy chocolates, red roses, nice dinners. He was a scientific man and he knew that attachment was a chemical reaction in the brain – the one that made him speechless when he saw the girl with the blonde hair and blue eyes, the one that made him marvel at her perfection, the most beautiful thing he'd ever seen.

He'd watch her, review all the tapes on file when he couldn't see her in person, and he wouldn't admit that the only reason why he'd given himself telepathy, turned himself into an experiment, was to keep her out of his head, keep her from reading it from his mind. She truly was an Angel, deserving of her name, from the blonde ringlets to the blinding smile to the snowy wings – she was perfection, the thing he had been striving for since before he could remember. She was the future, but he wasn't in love with her.



When the hell had girls stopped being icky, with cooties and other gross germs that he could only have nightmares of. When did he start to 'grow up', as Iggy had put it delicately. Get feelings, those feelings, for girls.

Well, most girls were still icky and shallow and boring, and he was certain it would stay that way. It might have been a bit mean to think of them like that, he couldn't help it. Compared to him they did have horribly boring lives, getting up, going to School, doing homework, and going to bed. Sometimes he wished he had a bit of boring too.

Those girls weren't like him, they wouldn't understand him, they didn't know any better – but why did he have to feel like he was doing the most amazingly sick dive bomb all the time when he was near her?

Why did he shiver and blush and stutter when she spoke to him, said his name, ruffled his blonde hair? He was thirteen for crying out loud. She was six whole years older, and a gorgeous nineteen year old with long legs and… what the hell was he thinking, this was Max, his big sister.



"I think Chari suspects us, suspects that something's going on, double-ess."

"What do you mean, you think Chari suspects that something's going on."

"Well, I think she might have seen something, seen us. Because we're going on."

"How the hell did brickhead figure it out! Well, what're we going to do now? If we don't, we'll be exposed and no-one's going to speak to us ever again."

"Not that I'd mind that…"

"One word. Parents."


"Yeah. We need to get boyfriends. Real fast, like, as in yesterday fast."

"Aw, come on, double-ess. Boys!"

"Stop calling me double-ess, you're a double-ess too. And what about those new boys? They don't look that bad. Definitely good enough for our purposes. They're supposed to be some Missionary's kids."

"New boys?"

"Yeah, didn't you see them? There's the tall dark cute, cute, cute one and the taller, equally cute, blondie blind one."

"Yeah, I saw them. They're in my class."

"Bags the dark one." "Bags the blonde one."

"Hey!" "Hey!"

"I suppose I'll have to forgive you, double-ess, for coming up with such a good plan."

"How far does that forgiveness go?"

"Not that far!"

"Admit it, Tess, I, Lissa, am a genius!"



Her captor pulled off the blindfold, but she still couldn't see anything in the darkness of the room. She could clearly hear only one other person, the one who was standing about a metre in front of her.

"You are very beautiful, Maximum Ride." He said, "Nearly perfect, even. Angelic, I suppose. Not as perfect as me, but close to it. Closer than any human girl could ever get."

Max tugged at the cuffs that locked her wrists together behind her back, and the ones that held her ankles together. Nothing, no movement at all. She was trapped. By a madman.

"You're strong, smart, funny, determined. You're loyal and brave. Almost as good as me. Almost. I've captured you, after all." And the man laughed. "You're mine. And here you're going to stay…"

Max bit her lip to keep from crying out as her thumb dislocated as she tried to yank her hand out of the metal band encircling her wrist.

"…with me. After all, every king needs his queen…" He said, flicking on the lights. Max blinked at the brightness which stabbed into her eyes. Who was it…she knew that voice.

"And you'll do quite nicely."

"Omega!" Max whispered.



She sat in the attic, crying quietly. She kept telling herself that it was all the dust up here that was doing it, that she wasn't crying over…

"Guys suck," came a soft voice from the attic stairs. She hadn't expected to be found up here, it was a pretty good hiding place. She didn't have to look up to guess who it was either – Max wouldn't be here and Nudge would've said a lot more than two words.

"Yeah, tell me about it."

"Do you want me to make him think he's a kitten?" Angel asked mischievously. "I can do that, you know."

That did it – they both burst out laughing. "Could you imagine what that'd be like!"

"Yeah, he'd start purring in the middle of class!"

"Thanks Ange, but I think I'm going to have to pass on that. You and I both would get in so much trouble. And then I'm going to have to explain to Max why I went out with a boy without telling her."

"Guys suck."

"Yeah, I should go off and join some gay colony. Girls are much better."

"Definitely," said Angel, who leaned over and kissed Ella gently on the cheek.