Five…pairings (in the Maximum Ride fandom)…that never happened before (the time of writing as far as the author knows).

AKA Five and Final

Um, shortfic on LSD.
Disclaimer: Don't own anything except rights as first writer to write some of these pairings. Someone's probably done one or two before, but if they have I haven't read it. Maybe we need one archive, instead of MRF and FFN.
Author's notes:
Refer to above 'Fic on LSD'. Don't take this seriously. 200 words for each.

I'd like to mention jocelyn for being psychic and reading from my dark and dirty mind the first of these pairings. I'd picked them all when I picked the pairings for 3 and 4, so I'd already got these down, when lo and behold, her review. So thanks!

Yes, folks, this is the last of these. There aren't any more pairings I'd like to write from among the characters. 25 off-the-wall pairings is enough, don't you think?


Angel skipped down the hallway. The whole place was so fancy. She liked it. When she grew up, she wanted to live in a place like this. In fact, all she had to do was suggest to someone, and she'd be able to live here now.

That was when the men found her. There were five of them, three in dark suits, two in blue. One seemed familiar. The Black-suited men were like Erasers. They weren't though. She'd checked.

"Well, there, little lady, are you lost?" it was the familiar one, who she recognised as the President.

Angel smiled. "Yes, sir," she said in her sweet-voice, pressing a little on his mind. "I looked up and everyone was gone. I tried to find them, but I got lost."

The president smiled back, waved off the others and held out his hand. "We'll just have to find them."

Angel took his hand. "This place is so pretty. I want to live here!" She said, with more pressure. The man nodded, dazed. "I'd be very useful," she said. "I've got lots of ideas. I'll tell you about them."

Once out of sight, she pushed him against the wall. "Now, about those ideas."

Angel/The US President.


The director's angry rant sessions, which were officially termed the progress meetings, of course, were really boring. It usually involved her standing up on the podium at the front of the rant hall and, well, ranting. It was impressive, really. One time she'd had all of her department heads and most of the second-in-charges in here, listening to her bitch about their progress. Or lack of. They were called progress meetings for a reason.

Ari hated the meetings, of course. They were boring, and kind of frustrating. He didn't understand a lot of what was being said. So he, and others, usually Ecstacy, who represented her sisters and Maze, his second, tended to hide out in that alcove at the back ...entertaining themselves.

It was alright until the dares started. In all fairness, he started them, challenging Ecstacy to find that cross-eyed guy who drooled over her and... distract him. She'd retorted with daring him to kiss, well, his current mark, who was behind the curtains, waiting on his Director to finish. Ari knew, because he was only a few metres behind, watching.

He didn't know how he was going to get the gray-eyed, blond haired boy to kiss him.



"You wished to see me, Director?" Mara murmured respectfully. One, especially those like her, had to be respectful and obedient to the Director. That was the rules.

"Come here," said the Director, beckoning. "Sit down, so I can look at you." She gestured to the floor in front of the chair in which she reclined. Mara gracefully sank down before the woman who owned her, head bowed. She did not know what to expect, nobody had ever wanted to simply look at her before.

"Why, my dear, are you ashamed of yourself? You are one of the greatest successes ever. Be proud, daughter, and look at me." The Director's fingers slid under her chin and raised her head. Mara looked into the Director's eyes, warm with the praise. She thought she was here to die.

"Yes, Director." She said, letting that gratefulness and warmth seep into her voice. She hoped that the Director wouldn't mind. "Thank you, Director."

The Director's hand stayed beneath her chin, while the other hand stroked her hair. "A true success." The woman smiled, predatory. "Let's see what you're made of, Mara. I've always been a person."

Mara's eyes widened - total obedience. "Yes Director."



They'd struck without warning, taking her in the middle of the night. She didn't know where her mother was, and that terrified Ella more than anything. She was all alone in this, no Max, no Mom, no Flock. She doubted that anyone knew where she was. Nobody was coming for her.

She woke up to an empty room. At least, she thought it was empty. She was chained to the wall. A clanking noise, and she looked around as much as she was able to. There was her sister, chained up. "Max, Max! Wake up!"

"Iumhuh-nuh-muh," she muttered, looking up. "I'm not Max," She said more clearly, speaking around her bloody lip, "Who the hell are you?"

"Ella. My name is Ella."

Not-Max grunted. "You're the sister." She said. "I'm the clone. Welcome to the family."

Ella sniffed, and moved closer to not-Max, reaching out she could just touch the other's leg. "You got a name?" she asked.

Not-Max looked at her, surprised. Then a genuine smile lit up her scarred face, making her look more beautiful than she was. "I'm sometimes called Jem."

Ella smiled back. She could make a friend out of anyone. "Nice to meet you, then."



Love at first sight would have been a creepy way of describing how they began. After the first, brief meeting, the attraction was undeniable – and unthinkable. Not Fang's clone. Not going to happen. Not someone who wore the same face, aside from the scars, but who was so different underneath.

It didn't matter that Fang was happy with Max. There was no way that he'd be able to explain what he felt. He ignored the disappointed look in Fang Two's, no, Finn's eyes. This could not happen. No matter how much he wanted it to. They'd never understand why. Never.


It had happened anyway. Finn had followed him everywhere, eyes pleading. He wouldn't take no for an answer. He gave in. And now the time had come to tell Fang that his best friend and his clone were in love and planning on announcing it to the whole world.

They sat on the couch, holding hands. Max had gone to fetch Fang, and he didn't doubt that she knew. Or suspected. Max always knew things. They returned, and Iggy saw Fang's eyes fix on their hands. His face was masked, like usual.

"Fang, we need to talk." Finn began hesitantly.