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A Stoic Somebody and An Imprisoned Nobody

"This mission is your most important mission for this year. You are to assassinate the next heir to the Uchiha Corporation. We were able to assassinate the first one, but we failed to know that there was another heir. Because of the first incident, they will be on their guard. Use charm and manipulation. The mission specs will come from Konan. And remember, do not screw this up or your brother is dead. Dismissed." The leader of Akatsuki Assassination Organization said to Ino.

"Hai Leader-sama." Ino agreed coldly.

Ino and Naruto were twins, and had been orphaned because of the darn Organization. Their parents were killed, and they had been imprisoned by these people. Naruto had always been used as a bribe for her to do missions, since he was not 'capable enough' to keep quiet and do the work professionally, well, according to the leader anyway. They had been there for at least five years, now they were both nineteen and were still trapped inside the cold life in the organization. She sighed, proceeding to go to Konan, Leader-sama's right hand partner.

"Konan-sama, I'm here for my mission specs." The woman in question nodded, and proceeded to give her a brown folder. Inside was a picture of a hot raven haired man, about the same age as her. If she were a normal nineteen year old, she would have stars in her eyes and felt flirting urges. But she was no mere nineteen year old. If anything, emotions meant nothing to her. She flirted to survive. And by the looks of it, the Uchiha wasn't one for emotions as well. She was brought out of her thoughts by Konan clearing her throat.

"Ino, you will begin the mission tonight. There will be a social party for the heir, Uchiha Sasuke. He will surely be surrounded by bodyguards after that last incident, so use your female charms to lure him away from the bodyguards. Get him in a room, alone. Then finish him. An unmarked limo will pick you up at 7 pm. Your dress is in your room. Dismissed." Konan said.

"Hai Konan-sama." Automatic response. Like she had a choice in the matter.

Meeting with her 'superiors' (she just liked calling them 'hell's servants') was always short and serious. After all, they were taught to grasp everything said to them in a snap of the fingers.

On her way to her room, she passed by Shino, Deidara, and Neji, who killed the first Uchiha heir, Uchiha Itachi. She nodded her head in acknowledgement, and they merely reflected the gesture.

When she got to her room, her brother Naruto pulled her into a hug.

"Ino, I'm sorry. I'm so sorry for putting you through this, for being a burden." Ino just let a small smile break her emotionless fa├žade and returned the hug.

"Don't worry Naruto, it's our duty to protect each other. We're the only family we have left."

"Ino, I'm still sorry. Thank you so much, for everything. You're the best twin I could ever have."

"I am the only twin you have baka."

The conversation ended when Ino glanced at the clock. 5:51 pm. She took the dress lying on the bed, shooed Naruto out, and tried it on. She thought it looked alright, then proceeded to get ready. (hey, if you're expecting to charm an heir to a rich company, you'd take long as well) She was wearing a turquoise knee-length halter dress which hugged her curves and brought out the color of her eyes. She was wearing silver teardrop earrings, and light pink lipstick. Her hair was in a half-ponytail, the ponytailed part curled, while the other was let down and left as is. She glanced at the clock again. 6:59 pm. After bidding her brother goodbye and take care, she boarded the limo and left.

After a boring hour in the limo, they reached the destination.


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