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Chapter 10: The Battle

Ino walked cautiously towards the secret door of the Akatsuki lair, alert but low profile. Suddenly, a voice called her name.

"Ino!" She turned toward the voice, and to her extreme horror, there was Hidan, in front of an open window, clutching Naruto by the hair, a gun pinned right on the side of Naruto's head. Naruto had a look mirroring hers, except that he was sweating bullets but not moving at all.

"So, my connections tell me that you've been betraying Akatsuki eh? For love. Ah pathetic! I thought you, of all f---ing people, should know that f---ing love is stupid and worthless! And since you've brought your gang," Hidan smirked maniacally while clicking his gun, "The appropriate punishment would be watching your brother die right before your very eyes!" Ino closed her eyes, no matter how much her insides didn't want to, and a gunshot was heard.

"Naruto, stop whimpering and open your eyes." Ino's eyes snapped open at that, and when she opened them, there was Neji, in all his pissed off glory, standing in front of the open window, where Hidan had been, looking at Naruto who still had his eyes closed, murmuring quietly. So it was Neji's voice that she heard. And he killed HIDAN?!

"Yo Naruto, get your f---ing ass down here right now!" She turned to the left, and saw Kiba glaring at her brother with his dog Akamaru barking as well. Seeing as Naruto was still closing his eyes, Neji took it upon himself to push Naruto out the window.

"AAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!" Naruto screamed, him being a blur except for the orange streaks. He didn't fall into Kiba's outstretched hands though, he fell right in a dumpster.

"Oi Naruto, Speak up. I'm sure the people in Germany didn't hear you yet." Shikamaru's voice came from beside the dumpster, completely shocking Naruto,

"Shikamaru!!!!!" But before Naruto could go on a full dancy-schmancy mode, the cold voice of Pein cut in.

"Well, well, well. It looks like Pig actually broke free of her chains. But sorry to say, we'll be interrupting your little party, whether you like it or not." He smirked, then the other Akatsuki members came out of the shadows, too quickly for any of them to fully see, except for Neji, who hit Kakuzu in the eye before he was able to grab Tenten.

"Thank you…" Tenten started to say.

"Neji." Neji replied while in a fighting stance.

"Ah." Tenten said while getting in a fighting stance herself.


The others were caught, and were doing their best to get away. Sasuke and Lee were stuck with Deidara, Chouji and Hinata were staring at Zetsu, Tenten and Neji were glaring at Kakuzu, Sakura and Kiba were inching away from Kisame while failing miserably, Naruto and Shikamaru were stuck with Konan, while Ino was face to face with Pein, who was a meter away from her.

"Well, your gang seems to be quite capable. Unfortunately, we're better." Ino glared, and spat in a fiery tone, "You're going to eat your own words soon. You're outnumbered." Pein grinned evilly. "Numbers don't exactly mean much to us," he said while pulling something from inside his black leather jacket. Ino pulled out her .45 caliber pistol, and Pein showed his choice of weapon… nunchaku.

"NUNCHAKU?!" The people in the field, including the Akatsuki members sweatdropped.

"Underestimation is our best weapon."

And the battle started.


Sasuke was rubbing his temple in pissed off agony. Instead of fighting like pros, Lee and Deidara were having a word by word contest, apparently annoying themselves until one of them got frustrated and landed a kick or punch on the other.

As soon as he thought that, Deidara kicked Lee, who was too busy thinking and was not able to avoid it. Deidara threw a clay spider, which exploded as soon as it hit the ground, creating smoke around Lee and Sasuke.

"Sasuke! Can you see our opponent?" Lee shouted above the mist.

"Lee, I'm right here, and no, I can't see…" Sasuke was stopped when Deidara suddenly appeared behind him, but before it was instant KO, Lee kicked Deidara in the stomach with such force that Deidara flew backwards.

"F—k, you're going to pay for that!!!" Deidara grabbed more clay figures inside his cloak, and he made them crawl towards Sasuke and Lee, who stepped on the clay critters.

"Pfft. Toys?" Sasuke said smugly, yet his victory was short-lived. Deidara smirked and mouthed one word.

"Boom." The clay insects exploded and fragments were strewn all around them, cutting Sasuke deep in the shoulder while Lee was able to block the fragments from hitting him. The mist cleared, revealing Deidara with a special kind of gun. He pointed it towards Sasuke, who was injured, and fired tennis ball-sized clay, attempting to hit Sasuke. Fortunately, Sasuke moved away, evading the clay as much as possible, and caught one in his good arm, and threw it at the gun, blocking the opening. Lee grinned and proceeded to torture Deidara with his martial arts, after removing the heavy weights that he forgot he had. Deidara fought hard, but Sasuke and Lee combined brought his stamina to an end since Lee had much more stamina than him, and he fainted.

"THE POWER OF YOUTH PREVAILS YET AGAIN!!" Lee shouted joyfully. Sasuke groaned.


Chouji and Hinata were literally stuck. Zetsu backed them into a corner near the wall, a strategic place so that they won't be able to escape. Zetsu was grinning evilly and Hinata was already averting her eyes from his unwavering stare. Chouji was searching for a way out when Zetsu sighed pityingly.

"Give up. You both are just as weak as they are, even weaker. I don't even know why Ino took you under her wing. Eh, probably got desperate." Suddenly, Zetsu was the one backed into a corner, facing Chouji and Hinata who were angry beyond belief.

"We are not weak!!!" Hinata shrieked, then proceeded to thoroughly punch and kick Zetsu, so fast that Zetsu could only block a few. Chouji delivered a powerful right hook, getting blood to drip from Zetsu's nose. He wasn't finished however, Chouji and Hinata shared a look before together they banged Zetsu's poor body, Hinata landing three punches in a row to Zetsu's face, and Chouji kicking Zetsu's groin, rendering him unconscious. Chouji and Hinata were panting slightly, and Hinata staggered slightly before she fainted as well.


Tenten and Neji were facing Kakuzu off as much as they could handle. Kami-sama, this one was so unpredictable! He had a lot of tricks up his sleeve, and he was an escape artist too, dammit! Neji, who was more knowledgeable about Kakuzu attempted a direct attack, but Kakuzu lashed out a garbage can lid, and threw it at Neji, who received the blow on his chest. As Neji was recovering, Tenten decided to use a long range attack, throwing various grenades out at Kakuzu, who didn't expect them. The smoke blinded them all, and Neji had the time to criticize Tenten.

"Jeez, you're just –cough- giving him more time to escape!"

"Forgive me for being an idiot!" Tenten replied while waving off the smoke. Suddenly, Tenten was swept off her feet and smack dab into a tree.


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