We walked into Newton's Department Store looking for one thing: a blowtorch

Blowtorch Shopping

We walked into Newton's Department Store looking for one thing: a blowtorch. "Why are we here again?" I asked, a bit scared, to Edward. "What does Alice need a blowtorch for?"

He grinned. "Apparently she and Rose are going to use it on Emmett whenever he tells a stupid joke. Can't say I blame them, especially since his head swelled up when he was the inspiration for Superman…"

I didn't even bother to ask. With Emmett, he probably picked up a moving van or something while a human was watching. A high-pitched voice called over to us from the next aisle over.

"Bella! Edward! I found one for 6! And zero percent interest! And, and….it's made by a company called Runs With Vamps! How awesomely coincidental is that?"

We walked over to her, me with a look of skepticism on my face. Shouldn't a blowtorch brand have like 'fire' or something to that extent in its name? I sighed; settling myself back into Edward's waiting arms. Alice was standing in front of a display of 4 or 5 types of blowtorches, looking wildly from one to the next. Jasper stood at her side, and I could feel the waves of calm rolling off of him.

All of the sudden, all the vampires inside the store (namely the three that rushed to surround me) flinched and stiffened up. "No…" Edward breathed. "He wouldn't try something like that, this soon…"

"Who? What? Edward?!" I gasped out, looking out through the cracks between my marble prison of bodies. "What's happening?"

Then I saw him. Striding towards us was Jacob. "Jake!" I cried out, reaching a hand up to wave above the heads. "Jake, it's me! Bella!"

He froze at the end of the aisle. "Bells?"

"Yes!" I shoved the bodies away, and surprisingly Edward allowed me to run over to Jake and hug him.

He hugged back just as tight. "Oh, Bells…" The words were more a prayer than anything else. "Bella, I've missed you."

My back stiffened as I sensed a presence behind me. "Let go of her, mutt." I shifted from my place in Jake's strong, warm arms to see Edward, a crazed look on his face. In his hands was a huge blowtorch. His eyes were the color black that I'd only seen when he'd gone for weeks without hunting. "Step away or I blow your head off." He was so calm about it that it scared me more than it should have.

I stepped out of the circle of Jake's arms quickly and quietly, trying to make sure no violence occurred. "Edward, be reasonable."

"Not when it comes to your safety," he snarled at me, catching me off-guard. I was suddenly pulled into memories of Laurent, the only other time I heard that tone in Edward's voice. "Or when it comes to 6 blowtorches."

And, out of nowhere, Emmett ran into the aisle and shouted, "Grunbunt the Mage!" and it was all good again.

AN: Hey, -RunsWithVamps-!! Here's your wonderful story, written as your prize in my contest! In your words, "BELLWARD FO SHIZZLE!! And Jalice…Alice is awesome! So is Jasper! Things that would make it interesting: a blowtorch, 6, 0, Grunbunt the Mage, ME!!, JACOB!, Emmett's jokes, etc."

Hope you like it!