Authoress Note: I don't check my email for a bit and I get 22 reviews! Ok good news & bad news….good news is I'm working on a second chapter AND a version, bad news my internet keeps coming and going and when I do have it I can't reply to all my reviewers because of a glitch in the system…I will reply to all new reviews after I post the second chapter and give it time to get out there, speaking of I'm working on the second chapter right now…should go up in a day or two.

I have a BETA now the lovely AerintheWhiteKnight she's working on the first chapter while I type up the second. She's a sweetheart to be wiling to battle through my grammatical errors so big thanks to her!

Anyway this was just to let you know I'm working on the next chapter and that I found my BETA…no need to reply.