To all my Readers: Welcome back to the third installment to the Naboo Chronicles Series. If you are new to the series and want to get started, here is some background to get you going. In the first story, The Naboo Chronicles, Anakin was rejected by the Jedi and through the intervention of Queen Amidala, he was allowed to stay on Naboo. He was inducted in the special Order of High Protectors, an honor reserved for those who demonstrated unequivocal bravery in protecting the Naboo people. As a result, Anakin lived in the Palace with the Queen while gaining an education. He would also go on to use the funds given by this award to help release his mother after winning another pod race on Malastare. Meanwhile, Jedi Master Sar Dooku falls prey to the dark side due to his grief over Qui-Gon's loss and his desire to make the galaxy as it should be. Secretly, Obi-Wan Kenobi returned to Naboo in order to help begin his training in the ways of the Force. There he falls in love with and eventually marries the Queen's decoy Sabe Orllize. In the meantime, with tensions mounting in the galaxy plus the discovery of the rare ore kelvacyte, Queen Amidala led the formation of a Naboo military. This led the Force to beckon the immortal former Jedi Exile Ilianya Tro to return to the known galaxy in order to help the Naboo and lay the groundwork for Anakin's future training in the Force. Many were against the Queen's decision to build an army, especially former King Veruna, who in league with Darth Sidious, attempted to assassinate Amidala. At her second coronation, Anakin thwarted the attempt, but was seriously injured. Through the help of Tro, Padme, Obi-Wan and Siri Tachi, he returned to full health and learned that his destiny was soon to change.

Nearly four years later in For the Love of the Queen, Anakin is a few months shy of his eighteenth life day. He is contending with his mother's marriage to Cliegg Lars, as well as his growing feelings for Padme. After another victory in court for the Viceroy of the Trade Federation, Anakin and Padme left Coruscant on their own, only to crash land on a world of ice. It is there where they finally profess their love for another and Anakin has a vision of Qui-Gon who instructs him that the time has come for him to learn more of the Force from the Jedi Exile. In the meanwhile, Count Dooku and the arms dealer Valkin Ord devise a plan to construct a gunship that operates on kelvacyte. Dooku secretly trains Ord in the dark side, hoping to use him against Darth Sidious. In the end Ord turns on both the Sith for his own greedy conquests. Siri Tachi, who had in the previous story attempted to save a slave girl named Dahlia, has taken Ferus Olin as her padawan learner. Unknown to her, Darth Sidious has found Dahlia and has begun her corruption to the dark side. When he learns that Tachi has unearthed an ancient relic, he sends Dahlia to undermine her and steal it. This relic was responsible for turning the Jedi Exile immortal and in a twist of fate, she fights to the death to make sure Darth Tyranus is unable to use it for himself. While Anakin is being groomed to become the head of Naboo's burgeoning military, he begins to have doubts about his role in the affairs of the universe. The Jedi Exile takes him to Dathomir to learn another aspect of the Force from the witches that occupy that world. It is there where he learns about the trans-dimensional conduit, the Infinity Gate, as well as has a vision of possible futures in which he nearly loses himself. However, with the help of Padme and the Exile, he is saved. Unknown to Anakin, Valkin Ord has become obsessed with both power and his desire for Padme. In a bold move he kidnaps her and holds the Naboo hostage, threatening to destroy the world if they do not submit their kelvacyte to him. Anakin races to stop him and joins up with Obi-Wan and his new padawan Jaden Fai as they thwart Valkin's plans. Anakin and Valkin face off and with Padme's help eliminates the Sith acolyte. Onboard the gunship that's about to destroy Naboo, Anakin sacrifices himself to save both Padme and their world. Believing him to be dead, Padme is about to abdicate from the throne when she learns that the Trade Federation has returned.

And so begins our next story...

A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away….

Turmoil has erupted as the Republic finds itself moving closer to war. With the Trade Federation's blockade of the Chommell System, and more Outer Rim worlds rallying to the Separatist cause, the calls for a Grand Army of the Republic grow louder within the hallowed halls of the Senate. Senator Joaquin Mar of Naboo has championed the cause, trying to gain more public support; meanwhile, Supreme Chancellor Palpatine - otherwise known as Darth Sidious—secretly vies for absolute control of the Galaxy.

Since the initial trespass into the Chommell Sector two months prior, the warships of the Trade Federation have remained outside the Naboo solar system, waiting. Several minor skirmishes have occurred, but as of yet, no major engagements have occurred. The Naboo military has remained on full alert, preparing for the inevitable assault against the peaceful planet's sovereignty. Queen Amidala has continued in her office as constitutional monarch, withdrawing her petition to abdicate in order to contend with the impending threat.

Unrest grows even within the walls of the Jedi Temple. Padawans Jaden Fai and Ferus Olin continue to question their places in the Order as their respective Masters have been given solo assignments. Obi-Wan Kenobi has been sent into the Outer Rim to gather details concerning the recent Mandalorian uprising; meanwhile, Siri Tachi has infiltrated the Coruscanti underworld in search of the dangerous Sith acolyte Dahlia.

Unknown to the Galaxy, Anakin Skywalker survived the explosion onboard Valkin Ord's gunship only to be transported into the distant past. In the time of the ancient Republic, Anakin has spent nearly a year searching for a way back home…

Chapter 1 begins next Friday!