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Werewolves' revenge


"Shh." breathed Jasper into my ear. I nodded minutely never tearing my eyes away from the scene before me, Alice growled low, but it was more vibrations through the air than sound. I glanced quickly at her from the corner of my eye, again startled by the dangerous ruby red. It looked so out of place compared to her usual butterscotch. I was horrified at I thought about her being tortured and forced into this, by them. We were no longer safe to anyone. All those years spent trying to live among humans, that was gone now. We were like newborns now, only weaker. I would never be able to see my Angel again, she was safe at least. That was all that mattered. The only thing that kept me going in this place. Jasper, he had Alice and vice versa. But it felt as though we would never see light again. This was exactly what they wanted. They had waited so long. All those years they had been plotting this, their ideas passed from father to son. We were the cold ones, enemies. We mattered nothing to them. We had been different; they had made plans and awaited to strike. They had succeeded. We were deemed harmless. They never did believe that. They wanted to prove it. To stand up and shout 'they are killers' to the world. Now we were. We were the monsters that we had strived so hard not to be.