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Author's note: The last chapter. This could be my last story for a couple of months, because even though I have quite a few ideas. I think I may write a few chapters first to ensure my reviewers don't have to wait months for the next chapter. Anyway, enjoy :)

Werewolves' Revenge

Chapter 7-A Future

We ran as fast as we could. My only thoughts now were of my darling Bella. She had been left unprotected. I ran ahead of my family up to the house and into the room where she laid. She was silent, and if I had not heard her desperate heartbeat, I would have thought she was dead. She laid so still, unmoving and so pale. I could see for our sakes she was trying not to cry out. Even now going through the most painful experience ever she was thinking of others. I placed a soft kiss against her forehead and she whimpered relishing in the cool against her skin. I picked her up and ran to where the rest of the family was waiting.

"Quick Edward we must go, go now before it's too late." Carlisle cried impatiently. I nodded and climbed into the back of the car. We would be safe now. I cradled Bella in my arms and soothed her the best I could.

The journey to Alaska was quiet, but I had no attention for anyone except Bella. When we reached our new home, I did not pause to look at it. But instead took Bella quickly upstairs placing her in what I know deemed our room and watched over her. The next two days were the worst days of my life. I sat there knowing she was in terrible pain, but that I could do nothing about it. It soon came to an end though. Her heart beat faster and faster, desperately trying to hold on. I felt pained, but happy at the same time. She was seconds from becoming one of the dammed. But even so I would no longer have to treat her as if she was made of glass.

Boom, boom, boom…

Her heart stopped.

"Edward" They were her first words. She turned and looked at me. And then with surprising speed she ran to me and hugged me.

"I thought I'd lost you and then Jacob…" She stopped not wishing to continue. The memory was too painful for her. I did not press her. Perhaps one day she would ask what had happened to him, and I would tell her the truth. Hoping that somewhere in her heart she could forgive me. But until that day I was content.

"I'm fine." I replied pulling her close. It had been so long since I had held her. Ahead of us were many new situations for us to overcome. But now we were back together I felt I could face anything.