Hi ya! This is my new story, another version of Mulan, a 'Kung Fu Mulan'! In fact, I must warn you, there was a little bit differently in this story, if you know what I mean.

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Summary: Siren the Hun wanted to invasion the China, and the great Emperor Loung has sensed at the first place as he tried to summon the army, including the warriors from the Jade Palace, except no women will go join the war! However, Po was sick terribly and he needed to be in war! Hannah has decided to be taken her father place to battle, although she has been failed in matchmaker tests then she must regained her wrong to right, as she will join with Shifu, Monkey, Mantis, Crane and Tai Lung to join the great war. But the spirit has sent a Sacred Guardian to help her and guided her. And she got an old friend reunion and will face the most dangerous mission of her life...

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Ugh, Zeng thought as he looked over the China wall's battlements, he used to be a Jade Palace message bird, but now he is a guard of Great Wall of China.

This sucks. He would rather be at home in bed, rather than standing on a stone wall in the middle of the night. Not that he wanted any action, though…

Suddenly, as if the ancestors wanted to play a game, someone threw a stone and it the poor soldier in the head. Dazed, Zeng looked around for the idiot who thought that was funny, expecting to find Axel, a pig guard. Behind his back, a purple-haired unknown animal if grimy fur was climbing onto the wall.

Zeng heard something behind him and turned. Seeing who it was, he pulled out his sword and brandished it in front of him. The man gave a high, cruel laugh, and drew his own sword so fast it was a silver blur. With equal speed he knocked the sword out of Zeng's wing and began advancing on him.

Zeng flew, cursing under his breath. He turned, and sprinted up a set of hard stone steps to a little square where one could see a fantastic view of the city. Zeng would have enjoyed the sight if he wasn't sure he was about to die.

The purple-haired weirdo, seeing the goose soldier was trapped, laughed again and began walking towards Zeng, raising his weapon. But Zeng was a few steps ahead. He slammed his wing onto a lever and pushed down. Red fireworks shot up into the sky, exploding like bombs and warning the city that China had been infiltrated.

"See!" Zeng panted, "Now all of China knows you're here, Siren the Hun!"

Siren the Hun, a snow leopard, threw back his head and laughed manically a third time. "Good" he said. Then he leaped over the wall into China.

"I must go to warn the Emperor." Zeng said as he immediately flew to the Dragon Palace.


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"Morning, Dad!" She said cheerfully.

"I thought you were going to see the matchmaker today?" Po asked, his brow furrowed.

"I am!" Hannah said, her smile started fading a bit.

"Then shouldn't you be there by now?"

Hannah's eyes grew wide and she and her friends started running to town, trying not to run into anyone and send them flying.