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The rest of the night passed in a blur and the next morning found them all heading back home. Everyone was still tuckered out from the night before making the ride home mostly silent, With them all sleeping in, not packing up until morning, eating breakfast, and all the traffic that followed, it was nearly dinnertime when they arrived back in town. The first to be dropped off, Kagome gave a wave as the car drove off, trailing after Inuyasha up the stairs once they were out of sight.

"Inuyasha? Do you want to go back to the feudal era now or," Kagome yawned involuntarily, covering her mouth, "do you want to stay here for the night?"

Inuyasha eyed the sleepy girl, "I think it'd be better if we stayed here tonight."

Kagome smiled in glee. That meant sleeping in a nice, comfy bed for another night.

"Kagome, Inuyasha, you're home," Kagome's mother greeted, waiting for them at the door, "How was your break?"

"It was fun!" Kagome responded, hugging her mom before slipping off her shoes.

Inuyasha merely grunted his response, nodding at Kagome's mom as she patted his arm.

"I have dinner all ready for the both of you," Kagome's mother's eyes twinkled, "I made Ramen."

Kagome glanced back at Inuyasha just in time to see his face light up as he all but raced to his seat at the table. Kagome followed behind, keeping pace with her mom, "Thanks Mama."

"Not at all dear," she waved her hand dismissively, "Are you going to stay the night?"

"Yeah. We'll be leaving in the morning," Kagome told her, taking her seat next to Inuyasha.

"I'll make sure to have everything packed for you then," Kagome's mother smiled warmly at her, "Don't worry about any of it. You seem tired. You both seem tired. Just get your rest so that you're ready to go tomorrow."

"I think I can manage that," Kagome laughed.

Kagome groggily opened her eyes, head turning to look at Inuyasha. The only problem was that Inuyasha was not there. Pushing herself up, she glanced around her room for him. He wasn't there. Slipping out of bed and pulling on her school uniform, Kagome exited her room, descending down the stairs. In the kitchen she found her mother packing up lunch boxes for her yellow backpack that rested on the table.

"Mama, have you seen Inuyasha?" Kagome asked wondering where in the world he ran off.

Kagome's mother looked confused, "No. I thought he was with you dear."

Frowning, Kagome wandered out of the house and headed to the Goshinboku. If he wasn't there, she wouldn't know where else to look. It's not like he'd go to the feudal era without her.

Sure enough, Kagome spotted Inuyasha slumped against the base of the tree, staring dazedly at his hands. Kagome's heart dropped. He was still human. This was not good. She approached Inuyasha slowly, stopping only when she was in front of him.

"It's been a week. Why am I still human?" He looked up at her and Kagome noticed how lost he looked.

"I…I'm not sure," Kagome bit her lip, "We should head back to the feudal era. Kaede might know."

Inuyasha nodded, visibly pulling himself together before he got up and started walking back to the house.

"You coming or what?" he asked impatiently, "I don't have all day."

That was fast, Kagome thought as she jogged to catch up with him. Inuyasha halted at the door where Kagome's mom was waiting for them, yellow backpack resting on the floor in front of her. Inuyasha grabbed hold of the backpack, stepping back to let Kagome say goodbye to her mother.

"Bye Mama. Tell Souta and Grandpa goodbye for me. I love you," Kagome kissed her mother on the cheek.

"I will. I love you too," she wrapped her arms around Kagome, "Be safe."

With a kiss on the forehead, she stepped back and Kagome gave a slight wave as she and Inuyasha turned to head to the well house.

As the two jumped in to the well, Kagome realized that with Inuyasha human, they'd both have to climb out of the well. Kagome wondered if Inuyasha realized it. There was no ladder in this time for them to climb.

They landed lightly on the dirt floor as the light faded around them and Inuyasha growled, at least, he did the best imitation of a growl that he could currently do as a human. Kagome stepped back, aware of the fact she was wearing a skirt, and let Inuyasha climb up first. Even without his half demon strength, Inuyasha was still strong and nimbly made his way up. Once he was climbing over the lip of the well, Kagome grabbed on to the vine and made her way up, latching onto Inuyasha's hand once she neared the top.

"There you two are. How was your week as a hu—" Miroku cut himself off, "Oh, ah, I see things haven't gone back to normal yet."

Kagome grimaced, waiting for an explosion from Inuyasha, but instead he merely glared, "Thanks for stating the obvious."

He grabbed Kagome's hand, marching right past Miroku and heading to Kaede's hut.

"Come on Monk. You going to help us figure this out or what?" Inuyasha called back.

They arrived at Kaede's hut quickly. Sango, with Kilala lounging in her lap, Shippo, and Kaede sat around the fire pit, cutting off in the middle of their conversation as the three entered.

"What's the deal old hag? Why haven't I changed back?" Inuyasha demanded an answer, marching up to Kaede and crossing his arms.

Kagome and Miroku hung back, knowing the elderly priestess was capable of dealing with an irate Inuyasha.

"Ye must learn to be more patient Inuyasha," Kaede regarded him calmly, "The time limit I gave ye may be a day or two off. In my experience, I have not seen it last any longer. Ye need not worry yerself. All will be well in due time."

"What the hell?" Inuyasha exclaimed, "Couldn't you have mentioned that when it first happened so I would be prepared to wake up and still be human after a week?"

Kaede shrugged, "Ye did not seem like ye would be receptive to hearing it may take a day or two later at the time."

"Lady Kaede has a point," Miroku concurred, unperturbed by the glare he received in return.

Kagome, having been watching Inuyasha for his reaction, was not surprised to see him storm out of the hut, most likely heading to the forest. Sighing, she decided it was better to let him cool off alone, at least for a little while.

Kagome plucked the herb, placing it neatly into the nearly full basket resting at her feet. Wiping her brow, her eyes squinted at the sun, watching as it slowly descended, lighting the sky with red and orange. Inuyasha had been gone all day and she had to wonder what he was doing.

Grasping the handle, Kagome stood up and switched directions. She'd stop by the Goshinboku before she headed back to Kaede's hut. She wanted to make sure Inuyasha was doing all right and that was the only place she could think of that he'd go. That's where he always went to think. Maneuvering through the forest, Kagome soon stepped into the small clearing around the massive tree.

Inuyasha lay asleep on the roots, arms crossed, but face relaxed. Unfortunately, he was still very much human. Frowning slightly, Kagome approached him, setting the basket of herbs down before climbing the roots to rest next to him. The moment she laid her head down on his shoulder was the moment he spoke up, startling her.

"What if I'm stuck this way forever?" his voice was quiet and serious. It sounded like he'd been agonizing over this for the past several hours.

Kagome bit her lip. She wanted to assure him that wouldn't happen, but who was she to say? She knew nothing about the demon they had fought a week earlier or the side effect of getting bitten by it. "Then we'll deal with that if it happens. But Kaede never mentioned that being a possible outcome and she would've told you if it was, no matter how upset you'd be. I think you need to just stop thinking about it and let everything run its course."

Inuyasha remained silent and Kagome knew he was probably brooding over it anyway. They sat in silence as the sun began to set. Kagome eyed the basket of herbs and sighed, knowing she needed to get those back to Kaede. She pulled away from Inuyasha, jumping down so that her feet were on the ground.

"Where're you going?" Inuyasha asked, sounding irritable all of a sudden.

"I have to get these back to Kaede. She's probably wondering what's taking me so long," Kagome explained as she picked up the basket.

"Keh, if she was really worried, she would've sent someone t—" Inuyasha cut off abruptly, his face panic stricken.

Confused, Kagome whirled around just in time to see the large mouth with a set of dripping fangs open in front of her. The creature missed its target, though, as Kagome was plowed into and knocked to the ground a few feet away. Inuyasha growled, picking himself off of Kagome and eyeing the demon dangerously after checking to make sure Kagome was all right.

The demon's beady eyes watched the pair. Kagome could tell it was one of the weaker demons from its lack of speech and primitive growling. That wasn't going to help either of them much with Inuyasha still human and with her having forgotten her bow and arrows at Kaede's hut. Kagome cursed herself, trying to figure out why she had such a tendency to forget her weapon despite how dangerous she knew the feudal era was.

Inuyasha on the other hand was on his feet, slowly skirting the demon while still facing it in an attempt to lead it away from Kagome. So far it was working. The demon's eyes remained locked on his movements. But the demon wasn't very patient and in a second it lunged at Inuyasha who barely managed to roll out of the way without a scratch. This only seemed to set it off as it continuously attacked Inuyasha only for it to just miss him. Even without his demon speed, his reflexes were still faster than a normal human's. But he knew his luck wouldn't last long.

And it didn't. The demon, now annoyed by its continuous misses, turned its eyes hungrily to the weaker prey, the female. She would take but a moment to kill.

Kagome, who had stood up and moved a safe distance away, noticed the change of attention immediately and reacted as soon as it did. She ran as it raced towards her, heading away from the Goshinboku to head into the thicker part of the forest so she could dodge by hiding behind thick trees.

Inuyasha, horrified by the demon's new target, reacted instantly, pulling his sword from its sheath and swinging it down in the direction of the demon with a roar of "Wind Scar," having forgotten that he was still human.

Kagome heard his battle cry and looked back, making sure to keep running. She nearly stumbled at the sight she saw. A huge blast of energy was heading towards the demon, a huge blast of energy that would miss her, and that looked strangely like the Wind Scar. Diving forward, Kagome waited for the debris to settle.

Inuyasha looked down at the transformed sword in his hands in disbelief, shocked to see the claws that adorned the hand that gripped the hilt. Even without seeing the silver hair, Inuyasha could feel that he was back to normal. He felt the power in his muscles, hear the sounds of the forest around him, see things more sharply, and his enhanced sense of smell was back. It was odd; he had never not noticed a transformation before. The loss or gain of power was usually something he couldn't miss, but he supposed that maybe this transformation was different. He had a feeling the transformation came the moment he gripped the Tetsusaiga firmly in hand, mind focused only on protecting Kagome. That was the same circumstance that the sword initially worked for him back when he obtained it in his father's skeleton. Either way, Inuyasha was glad, glad that he was a half demon again and glad that he had been able to protect Kagome. Maybe things would get back to normal now.

"Kagome, you okay?" Inuyasha questioned, glancing up at the girl coming towards him with a small smile on her face.

"Yep," she nodded, "And it seems like you are too. I'd say that was perfect timing."

"Keh, that's for sure," Inuyasha concurred, "C'mon, let's get back to Kaede's."

"Ah, you're back," Miroku commented as the pair walked into the hut.

"And Inuyasha's back to normal," Shippo observed happily, "That means I don't have to worry about Kagome being gone any longer in her time!" Shippo paused, frowning slightly, then muttered, "even though it meant there was no Inuyasha around to be a big bully."

"That's right, runt. It also means we're leaving bright and early tomorrow," Inuyasha smirked.

"Aw," Shippo whined, "What do we need to get up super early for? It's not like we know where the missing jewel shards are. You're just being a big jerk and making us get up early. Who says you get to make all the decisions all the time?"

"I say so," Inuyasha answered with a swift punch on Shippo's head, "and I also say you need to stop being an annoying little brat all the time."

Kagome watched their antics from the doorway, a fond smile on her face. It looked like things were back to normal, at least for now.

"The stew's ready," Kaede announced, speaking loudly to alert everyone over Inuyasha and Shippo's arguing.

"Good. I'm starving!" Shippo rubbed his belly for effect, easily dismissing Inuyasha in favor of food.

"Wait your turn, runt," Inuyasha pushed Shippo aside before turning to Kagome, hand extended, "You going to eat or what?"

Kagome didn't respond, merely taking his proffered hand as he led her to Kaede who was handing out bowls. She caught Sango's knowing smile and blushed as a result. Taking her bowl, she sat next to Inuyasha, slowly savoring the soup while Inuyasha loudly slurped his down next to her. It was normal behavior, yet things were different. He had taken her hand in front of everyone. And he sat close enough that she could feel the heat of his leg against hers.

Maybe things had changed a little bit.

Maybe a week of being human had been the best thing for their relationship.

And maybe she wasn't so anxious anymore about what would happen in the end, once Naraku was defeated and the jewel destroyed.


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