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"We'll never forget ya Charley-girl,"

"And I could never forget you guys," Charley hugged Throttle. She stepped back, brushing wayward tears off her cheeks, not wanting them to see her cry.

"Don't cry darlin'. We'll call you. We'll come see you when the war lets up," Modo wrapped his arms around her and pulled her off the ground in a big bear hug.

Laughing through her tears, Charley hugged him tight, burying her face in his neck, doing her best to keep from sobbing out loud.
"Come on sweetheart… you can't get rid of us that easy. We'll come back," Vinnie stepped forward and took her out of Modo's arms and he set her down. Giving her a big grin to try and lift her spirits, he knew that he could never forget this Earther and all she'd done for them.

"I'll miss you too Vinnie," hiccupping through her now freely flowing tears, Charley hugged him and whispered in his ear,

"Please… take care of him for me," knowing she was referring to Throttle, he nodded.

"Anythin' for you babe," he kissed her cheek and set her back on her feet, brushing off her tears with his thumbs.

Looking back at Throttle, she thought she saw a spark of jealousy in his eyes. Fighting the urge to leap into his arms to tell him that it wasn't what it looked like, that her heart belonged to him... it always had. She wanted to tell him that what once was between her and Vinnie had changed into one of the closest friendships she'd ever known.
Vinnie had known for some time that her heart belonged to Throttle. He'd seen it before she did. She wasn't surprised though… Vinnie could read her better than she could read herself.
Not wanting to cause anymore heartache and complications, she stood silently and hung her head low swallowing the pain in her heart back down.
"I'll find a way to come see you Charley-girl… I promise…" Throttle removed his specs and stepped forward , placing his hands on Charley's shoulders. Seeing the turmoil in his eyes, she couldn't help but wrap her arms around his waist, holding him tightly against her, not wanting to let go.

Embarrassed by her display of waterworks, Charley let him go and shoved them out towards the ship where Stoker and Rimfire had finished loading up their bikes.
"You three wrench heads are gonna miss your flight," she pushed them out towards the backyard, towards the waiting ship. Smiling at their chuckles when they dug their heels into the floor of the garage, not wanting to leave right way but knowing they had to. Charley pushed harder, almost falling flat on her face from the effort.

"Stoker, come get your recruits. I can't seem to get rid of them," laughing to relieve the tension, she smiled when Stoker grinned back.

"Well then, guess I'll just have to drag them up," walking past them and up to Charley, he rested his hands on her shoulders, looking at her with father-like concern.

"You gonna be okay gorgeous?" Charley avoided his gaze… this is too much… she thought biting her lip.

Lifting her face up to his with his hand, he asked again,
"Charley… are you gonna be okay?"

"Yes…Yes I'll be fine," raising her chin in false bravado, she wanted to make sure that the guys wouldn't leave worried about her. Vinnie gave her an encouraging smile, and two thumbs up, making her laugh at his bafoonery...

I'm going to miss them so much... fighting back a fresh wave of tears, she swallowed, took a deep breath and put on a fake smile for their sakes. All four mice smiled tenderly down at her, knowing she was faking it, but proud of her for being strong.
"I'll be just fine, Stoker. I'll call you guys on the vid-com you set up if ever there's a problem,"

"That's my girl," kissing her cheek, he hugged her tightly and grabbed Vinnie by the middle of his bandoleers, and Throttle by his vest.

"Let's go rookies. We have one hell of an anxious general waiting back on Mars for your arrival,"

Charley felt her heart twist even more at Throttle's beaten sigh. He and Carbine had split up not long before they received the call from Stoker about the end of their mission on Earth… he has no one… Charley thought holding her clenched fists to her sides when really she was screaming inside "You're not alone! You have me!" but stood quietly, ignoring Throttle's beseeching look for any kind of indication from her that he should stay.

"Oh jesus!" sitting up in bed in a cold sweat, Charley tried to calm her erratic heart beat, while clearing her head of the painful memories from just a few months ago. Laying back down in bed, she pulled a pillow over her face, stifling the sudden wave of sadness and depression that engulfed her and wracked her body with sobs and wails. Will it ever stop?... will the pain ever go away?... what is there left for me?...Charley tried to come up with a single reason why she should go on, besides the obvious being the garage... It's been almost eight months now and still the pain is as sharp as the day they left... what's the point?... she quieted down at the sound of her bedroom door creaking open and clumsy footsteps making their way to her bedroom.

"Ah look boys. The little lady's cryin',"

Charley stiffened at the sound of Greasepit's voice and stayed very still…wake up Charley!! This has to be a dream too! God damnit wake up!
She yelped in pain when Greasepit's big hand closed around her forearm and yanked her out of bed. She stared up into his smirking oily face.
"What the fuck do you want grease pig?" standing up on her tippy toes, Charley put her face within inches of his, not giving him the satisfaction of thinking he was intimidating her.

"Da boss wants ya," looking her over with a hungry stare, he looked back up at her face and snorted with laughter when she tried to punch him in the face.

"Ya know… if Mister Limboiger didn't want ya… I could think of a few things I could do with ya,"

"How about you lie down on my bed," she ran a finger down his oily chest and smiled up at him. Then making a fist she delivered one to his nose, "while I rip out your dick and shove it up your -"

"Ah shut up!" clutching his bleeding nose, he growled, bringing his fist down on her still smirking face.

Charley didn't even flinch when she saw his fist come at her. Instead she welcomed the inevitable darkness with open arms when his fist hit the left side of her face, knocking her unconscious instantly.

"What the fu-"

"Now now Ms. Davidson. That kind of language isn't very becoming of an expectant mother,"

"Oh fuck off you reeking ch – WHAT?!" Trying to sit up on the metal operating table she lay on, Charley growled at the restraints at her wrists and ankles.

"We artificially inseminated you my dear," chuckling at his prisoner's feeble attempts to free herself, he walked over to her and brushed her hair away from her green eyes. Charley pulled her head away and lunged out to bite him when he tried to touch her again.

"With what?" seething with anger, her eyes darted from Limburger to Karbunkle, who slowly made his way over to her. She cringed away from Karbunkle's disgusting smile as he stood next to her, eyeing her body clad only in underwear and bra. He ran his hand down her neck, between her breasts, further down lingering on her stomach, where he stroked her skin lovingly. Charley felt bile rise up in her throat and tried not to throw up at the feel of his boney, slimey fingers touching her skin.

"Why with martian DNA of course," he walked up to the jumbo screens on the wall of the laboratory and that's when Charley noticed the pictures and physical profiles of Throttle, Vinnie, and Modo as well as their DNA signatures. The last screen showed a DNA signature that was comprised of all three with 'successful' blinking at the bottom of the screen.

"Oh my god…" feeling all the blood drain from her face, Charley felt like she was really going to be sick. Turning her head to the side, she did her best to lean over the operating table as she retched.

"Now now… you musn't stress my dear. You might miscarry. We wouldn't want that now do we. Karbunkle will have to make another mixture of those retched rodents' DNA,"

"Yes, and it was pure luck that I managed to make a fetus with a combination of all three mice's DNA," Karbunkle walked over to his cooling unit, removing the empty bags of blood he'd collected from Throttle, Vinnie, and Modo when he had them under his knife, before they had come to Earth a few years before. "And it looks as though we have no more reserves to create another fetus my Reeking Cheesiness,"

"But why?" Charley manage to choke out when the retching had stopped.

"It's really quite simple. If I could have just one of those mischievous mice fighting for me, I could conquer this putrid planet easily. However, each of them share different strengths and weaknesses, not to mention that we share a, shall I say, unpleasant history. My plan is to gather the strengths of all three mice in one single martian. A martian that I can raise and mold to be the perfect henchman. I will be unstoppable!"

"You're sick,"

"Thank you. It's something I was hatched with," brushing off his jacket he looked at Greasepit, "lock her up. Make sure she doesn't try to abort the fetus. I will have my martian Ms. Davidson. You will deliver me my mouse."

"Why me?"

"Well Ms. Davidson, you would be the only female on this planet who wouldn't die of fright if you gave birth to a martian."

Numb with fear and shock, Charley lay limp as Greasepit undid her restrait… now's the time Charley-girl… she could hear Throttle's voice in her head…hit him where it counts babe!... Vinnie's voice echoed and she smiled, remembering what he'd taught her.

Sitting up, she took a deep breath and lashed out. Driving her heels into his rib, she jumped down from the table as Greasepit took a few steps back, recovering from having the air knocked out of his lungs.
"Get her!"

Hearing Karbunkle's hasty steps behind her, she grabbed the tray with his surgical equipment. Whipping around she swung the tray into his face, knocking him right off his feat. Grabbing it with both hands she lifted the tray high above her head and brought it down hard on his ribs, and kicked him in the side when he tried to get up. Smiling at the sound of his head hitting the concrete floor, Charley ran for the lab door.
Arms like bands of steel around her waist stopped her as they lifted her off the ground.
"I don't think so honey,"

"Don't call me honey oil face!" lifting her foot up behind her, she kicked him where it counted most with her heel. Hearing his "Oof!" as he fell to his knees, clutching his groin, Charley turned around and brought his head down on her knee hard, rendering him unconscious.

Running for the door, running harder and faster than ever, Charley brushed the tears away from her eyes, trying concentrating on getting out of the complex.
Stopping for a breather once she was out, she leaned against the wall of a building and put her hand to her stomach. Kidding herself when she thought she felt a heartbeat, she leaned her head back against the wall and looked up at the stars, a lone tear making its way down her cheek,
What the hell do I do now?...smiling to herself, she rubbed her stomach and gave a little laugh.

"You know what... you might just be the push I need to keep going little one," whispering low as though her baby boy could hear her, "I'm going to call you Phrixus... " Somehow she could feel that her baby was male. Like she could feel him smiling back at her with the name she'd chosen for him... almost like he liked it.

Laughing through her tears, Charley slid down the wall until she sat on the ground, and hugged herself. For the first time in almost a year, Charley was happy again.
Limburger will never get you... I'll fight to the end to keep you safe... my baby love...