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Down the garage...

Vinnie and Modo quietly made their way over to where Mitch was still tied, fidgeting like mad in his chair to get free. Gripping the back of the chair, Modo tipped it back towards him making Mitch yelp in surprise.

"Good mornin' good mornin'! It's great to stay up late. Good mornin' good mornin' to you!" Vinnie sang at the top of his lungs, grinning when Mitch scrunched his eyes shut in pain at his loud and unmelodious singing voice.

"Jesus Christ somebody shut him up!" Mitch tried to kick out at Vinnie and missed only to have his chair slam back down to the ground with the force of Vinnie's boot between his legs, making him bite his tongue. Howling in pain he spat out the little bit of flesh he'd bitten off at the mice, a drop of blood ran down his chin.

"There ain't nothin' like a good song first thing in the mornin' before some good old fashion ass whoopin'," Vinnie grinned at Modo waiting to see when Mitch would catch on. His grin spread wider across his rugged face when the man's eyes widened and his face paled.

"That's right Mitch-my-boy," Modo grinned at him from over the back of the chair, "pay back's a bitch ain't it." Both mice left him, chuckling and betting on who would have a piece of his 'ass' first. Mitch could feel beads of sweat on his forehead, slowly making their way down to his mouth, where his tongue still stung like hell. Not wanting to scream in fear at the thought of what the giant mice would do to him, he sat quietly, trying to figure out why in the world he'd taken that job. Limburger had never told him about giant mice. Limburger was going to get a piece of his mind when he got out of this. If I get out of this… his hands were shaking, but he'd be damned if he'd show fear to those giant rodents.

"Fuck them," he whispered to himself, unaware that Modo had been behind him the entire time gauging his reaction to what his fate was going to be.

"Well I love ya too darlin'," he slapped Mitch on the back of the head before walking over to Vinnie, "let's go," he said through clenched teeth. He's stayed behind Mitch to see if the bastard felt any kind of remorse to what he'd done to Charley in the past or now, and all he could read off the sack of shit was irritation and rage at having been caught.

At those words, Mitch shook the ringing out of his ears from the shot he'd taken to the back of the head and tried to turn his head to see behind him. What the hell is going on?! They must have been bluffing.

"I knew you rats were nothing but a bunch of puss-" his words were cut off by chains flying out the back of both motorcycles and circling around the back legs of his chair, jerking it down on its back.

"What the fuck?!" Mitch screamed in pain and tried in vain to get the chair to stand up or flip over, his tied hands crushed beneath the back of the chair.

"My momma didn't raise no stinkin' rat!" Modo's eye shone a deadly crimson as he revved l'il hoss' engine. Laughing like a madman, Vinnie revved sweetheart and pulled a wheelie right before the two of them took off at full speed dragging Mitch behind them down the backstreets and alleys of Chicago, his screams muffled by the sounds of the morning rush.

Charley's bedroom..

"No!" Charley held Phrixus tightly to her breast, not wanting Stoker to come any closer with the needle.

"Charley, we need to take a blood test to make sure he's okay," Stoker sat on the side of the bed and sighed when the woman wouldn't relinquish the baby.

"Guys, you gotta help me here," Stoker got up off the bed and gave both Lara and Throttle an exasperated look.

"Charlene, we need to make sure Phrixus isn't still affect by the accelerant. Imagine if he grows up as fast as your pregnancy was," Throttle left his words hanging there, knowing it was upsetting her but they had to make sure.

"You're right," sniffing, she gave Phrixus over to Throttle. He looked so tiny in Throttle's big muscled arms. He sighed in comfort, surrounded by the warmth of Throttle's fur. Smiling at the little baby in his arms, he turned to Stoker who tried to make it as quick as possible. Phrixus cried out when the needle pierced of his skin, kicking his feet in distress. Once Stoker was done, Throttle cuddled the infant in his massive arms, talking to him in Martian, and touched antenna to his Phrixus' little ones to let him know he was safe.

Stoker left to go test the blood sample, bringing Lara with him to give the couple some privacy with the newborn. Or as Stoker put it, "It's too bad you've got your sights set on the big guy beautiful. I consider myself a prime example for experimentation, if you catch my drift." Stoker grinned when Lara's face turned a bright red, and then laughed harder when she punched him in the arm.

"Dirty old mouse,"

"Yep, that I am," grinning, he slipped his arm around her shoulders and guided her out of the bedroom.

Charley chuckled as she watched Lara and Stoker leave her apartment. As much as Stoker was the flirt, she knew where his heart lay. He was just too shy to call her mother. She looked across the room and her breath caught at the sight of Throttle holding a fidgety Phrixus. The baby quieted almost immediately at the sound of Throttle's gentle soothing voice.

"You'll make a wonderful father," bringing her legs over the side of the bed, Charley stood up on unsteady legs and slowly made her way to the bathroom. At her words Throttle looked up and smiled, but when he saw her making her way across the room with the help of her furniture, he frowned in concern and put a now sleeping Phrixus in the crib Charley had bought not long ago and helped her across the room.

"Throttle, I need to learn to do this on my own," she tried to shake him off without success and finally gave in when her grip on her dresser slipped and she her legs gave out beneath her. She'd have fallen in Throttle hadn't caught her in time.

"You can learn to once you've eaten something and had time to rest," turning in his embrace, Charley looked up at the handsome of the mouse she loved and smiled.

"You know I love you right?" she laughed when he flashed her a brilliant grin,

"Sure do babe, but I love hearin' it," he captured her lips in a breath taking lips, conquering her tongue with his own. Watching her give birth to their child reminded him just how amazing their girl truly was. Pulling away, both their breaths were ragged, Charley leaned her forehead against Throttle's chest and smiled up at his handsome face, "what was that for?"

"I need a reason to kiss my girl?" he chuckled at her blush, "I just wanted to tell you how amazing I think you are but I couldn't find the words."

Feeling her heart swell at his words, she fought back the tears she felt coming on and hugged him tightly to her. "How did I ever get so lucky?"

"You had a garage we could crash into," Charley laughed at his words and hugged him once more before pulling away.

"I'd love to show you how amazing I truly can be, but I really need to use the bathroom,"

Once she'd shut the door, Throttle leaned over the crib and looked at Phrixus who was still sleeping soundly. A loud crashing noise came from the washroom jerking Throttle out of his reverie. He looked back at Phrixus once more to make sure he was still sleeping before he ran to the bathroom.

"Charley?!" he tried the doorknob only to be met by resistance; she'd locked it. He could Charley moaning in pain on the other side of the door.

"Charley! Answer me Charlene!" he rammed the door, mindful not to put too much force behind it since Charley was more than likely right behind it. Her bathroom was fairly small, so if she fell, without a doubt she'd hit something on the way down.

"Th- Throttle… something's AH!" her scream sounded through the door and some sort of clawing sound. "Something's happening to me!" there was that clawing sound again. Images of Karbunkle and his twisted dead body after he'd beat him to a pulp for what he'd done to his girl came to mind.

"Charley I need you to move from the door!" another painful moan followed by a barely audible "okay" told he was in the clear to demolish the door. Stepping back from the door he rammed it once more but this time with all his weight, ripping it right from its hinges.

Charley was sitting in the tub a large gash on her temple where she'd undoubtedly hit her head on the sink where he found more blood. Her robes were soaked in blood and something that he realized was the placenta was between her legs. Her body was jerking with the force of her spasm as she kept losing blood.


On their way back to the garage...

Vinnie and Modo were on their way back after having dropped off their load at Limburger Tower, broken, bleeding and very contrite.

Earlier that morning…

"Too little, too late," were Modo's words just before he slammed his metal fist into the man's face, caving it instantly. Modo shook off the bits of bone and flesh stuck to his hand and looked down at the mess of what once was the man who'd caused their girl so much heart ache. Normally Modo was a gentle mouse, never one to be overly violent, but he drew his line at murderers, rapists, and men who were physically violent to women.

"Now that'll be one hell of a message even Limburger can understand," Vinnie's usually high spirited voice, was now solemn and almost lost amidst the loud nature of Chicago. Removing his bandana, he had wiped the blood off of his white fur before it stained and mounted sweetheart.

Grumbling an agreement, Modo, still silent after his kill, had mounted l'il hoss and revved her, heading back to the garage.


"Whatcha thinkin' about?" Modo's voice broke the eerie silence.


"Like what?" Modo had only ever seen Vinnie as serious as he was now one other time; when he lost his family on Mars.

"Like where Charley's gonna stay with Phrixus. I mean she can't stay here, it's too risky," Vinnie looked up at the sky, like he could see Mars through the clouds and clear blue sky.

"She'll come back to Mars with us," Modo's gaze was straight forward and unwavering.

"You sound real sure about that big guy,"

"I am,"

"What if our people don't accept her, 'cause she's human and all. And Phrixus, that's a whole other story right there," sweetheart kept her speed constant with l'il hoss as her master and Modo continued to talk.

"They will, anyone who stirs up trouble will have to answer to me," Modo's eye shone crimson at the thought of his own people rejecting the human who'd taken care of them all these years.

"I hear ya bro. Me too,"

A few minutes earlier at Limburger Tower...

"Hey boss, do yous think that little lady did that to Mitch?" he pointed to the corpse at the front of the door. What was left of Mitch's tied hands had been ween worn off at the elbows by the pavement and hung on the front door like a Christmas ornament.

"Of course it was you nitwit. Obviously that human was able to inject our little concoction in Ms. Davidson or else she wouldn't have been able to decapitate the man," tapping his index finger against his lips, he frowned in disgust. "If that retched female has given birth as the good doctor says she has, then that means all the final modifications are complete. However if she's done this, we are in greater trouble than I imagined." Turning quickly on his heels, Limburger made off to his elevator with Greasepit hot on his heels looking very confused.


"Dear boy, let me put it in a way even you can understand,"

"Yeah boss,"

"We are in deep trouble!"

Greasepit's eyes grew round as saucers at the very real look of alarm in his employer's eyes. Swallowing nervously, he followed his employer out of the elevator and into Karbunkle's lab. If a man like Limburger was this nervous than it really must be bad.

Limburger walked up to a nervously sweating Karbunkle and grabbed him by the color, glaring dangerously into his beady eyes.

"Tell me doctor, was it part of your plan for the Earthen female to be unresponsive after the injection?"

"N-No it wasn't your cheesyness, I swear. It appears that when the Earthen male injected the female, he agitated my mixture, rendering the Plutarkian mind melder useless. However, with the mind melder being ineffective the physical advancements were enhanced, making the female much stronger,"

"How strong,"

"I used part of Maasdam's genealogy,"

"Maasdam? The Maasdam?!"

"The very one sir," Limburger palmed his face in irritation and spoke in a very low and menacing voice.

"So what you are telling me is that we have an uncontrollable woman enhanced with Martian vital organs and genes of one of Plutarkians most decorated war heroes?"

"Yes sir,"

"KILL HER NOW!" Karbunkle did now hesitate to run to his computer and bring up the program of Project M. Without any hesitation he clicked on 'terminate' and sighed at another failed experiment.

Back at the garage...

"Hold on Charley!" Throttle had gently lifted the human with one arm and placed towels under her waist and between her legs .

"Stoker where the fuck are you?!" Throttle yelled out.

"I'm here, I got the re – what the hell happened?!" He rushed next to Throttle's side and saw the human still in the bathtub. Her eyes were rolling in the back of her head.

"Charley? CHARLEY!" Not caring about the blood that covered the bathtub, Throttle picked up the woman he loved and held her tightly to his chest.

Stoker took her wrist and tried to feel for a pulse. There was none.

"I – I'm so sorry Throttle but-"

"NO!" he brought Charley into the bedroom and put her on the floor and performed CPR like he'd seen on TV. Lara came running at the sound of Throttle's pained scream and gasped at the sight before her. Freezing for a moment she remembered her training and ran down to retrieve her suitcase. Coming back up the stairs she urged Throttle aside. The Martian had to be pulled away from her friend by Stoker.

"I can help her Throttle! I was trained for this. Trust me," she brushed his bangs away from his face like she'd seen Charley do so many times and smiled when he seemed to calm down.

"O- Okay," hanging his head down she could hear him sniff, "please Lara, bring her back to me,"

"I'll do my best Throttle," swallowing the painful lump in her throat, Lara put on a mouth to mouth mask on Charley and began performing CPR.

After almost five minutes, she was about to call it quits when Charley began coughing and vomiting with the force her convultions. Smiling through her tears, Lara turned her friend on her side allowing Charley to breath clearly without choking.

"Charley!" Throttle ran over to his beloved woman and drew her up into his strong arms, brushing her bangs and sweat away from her eyes. Kissing the bridge of her nose he smiled through his tears. "Oh thank the Gods you're alive. I love you so much"

Charley's breathing evened out and she turned towards the smell and voice of the mouse she loved.

"I love you too," feeling the tears burn behind her eyes, she faught in vain to keep them from falling but failed at the thought of her baby growing up without his mother. "I can't thank you enough for bringing me back."

Lara went down on her knees in front of her friend and Throttle and smiled tenderly, "no thanks needed sweetie. We love you too much to let you go,"

"We would have found a way. I'd never give up on you babe, no matter what," nuzzling his muzzle into the curve of her neck, all of them looked up at the sound a soft snore coming from the crib.

"Well," Stoker leaned against the wall, a gentle smile playing at the corners of his mouth as he attempted to lighten the mood, "it's good to see he's picked up one good trait from his fathers. The boy seems to sleep like a rock."

Laughing softly, Charley laid a hand across Throttle's arm as he held her closely and her other on Lara's shoulder, "thanks Stokes, we needed that,"

"Any time gorgeous," Stoker's smile broadened at the sound of two motorcycles rolling into the garage. The thumping of heavy footfalls and victorious whooping stopped when both biker mice came to the arresting sight of Charley still caked in blood, vomit on the floor and medical equipment all over the floor.

"What'd we miss?!"

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