Summary: Bella has taken on a new job as a government research psychologist. Her first patient, Subject 342, a vampire named Edward.



I had spent the last seven weeks going through the most extensive government training program. I was fairly new to all the government spook life, but I was becoming all to familiar with the formalities. After all of this, I finally had my clearance for the most interesting project that had ever come across my desk.

I am a research psychologist, about to interview the most interesting subject I think I will ever meet. I'm not a stranger to the unusual. I dated a werewolf after all, but I had never met a vampire. Subject 342, Edward, he called himself.

Edward had been taken into custody three months ago. Other than the fact that he's a vampire and he knows every move we make before we do, we know very little about him. That's why they've finally agreed to let me take a crack at him.

I needed to go over his file one last time before our first meeting. All the usual statistics, height, weight, hair color, eye color. What I needed to know was what made him tick. He hadn't spoken a word since he was brought to the compound. Would I be the one to finally break the silence?

I made my way through the last security check point before taking one last look at myself in the reflection of the two way mirror. My chestnut curls pulled up into a ponytail. My jeans were leaving little to the imagination paired with my powder blue tank top and black hoddie. The atmosphere was very casual and I felt no need to dress to impress, even thought my director, Mike Newton, said it was my most impressive outfit.

I nodded to security and the pressurized door in front of me opened.

I entered the all white room, with blaring florescent lights over head.

"Tyler, can we take these lights down a notch?" Half the light in the room immediately went down. "Thanks."

One table, two chairs. He sat in his with his forehead pressed against the table. As I moved into my seat, the wild bronze mane flew upward. His golden eyes met mine. He stared at me intently, as if he were listening, but I hadn't spoken yet. After a few seconds, he sat up in his chair, the leg and wrist irons clanking as he moved.

"My name is Dr. Swan. I'm here to do your first evaluation. I hear you haven't been talking much. I hope I can change that."