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Full Plot: Now that her best friend Torrie Wilson, is set to get married to John Cena, Melina finally believes its time for her to find someone of her own, can a certain Mr. Xtreme Hardy be a help, and what kind of drama will it bring when she finds that he has a girlfriend of his own.

Chapter #1: Head to Heart

Torrie and her best friends Melina, Kelly, Maria and Ashley were in the car on the way to a live taping of Raw.

"So have you decided what color dress your wedding dress" Melina asked Torrie sitting in the passengers' seat as her and some of the other divas were in the car heading to the arena

"No" Torrie simply answered sitting behind the wheel

"Well what about the location" Maria asked another question

"Nope" Torrie smiled

"The theme" Kelly asked

"No" Torrie answered

"Types of food" Ashley continued with the questions

"Nope" Torrie replied

"Torrie are you crazy your wedding is in a 2 months and you haven't decided, none of this stuff" Melina asked

"Well I know, its just me and John have been really busy, and when we do get around to the wedding plans we can't decide on nothing" Torrie told the girls "Everything he wants I hate and everything I like he don't" Torrie explained

"So you're the bride" Ashley told "The bride should make all the decision when it comes to the wedding"

"Yeah, but me and John both agreed that planning the wedding, should be a team effort" Torrie told the girls as they were pulling into the arena

"But, what does he care" Maria asked getting out of Torrie's all black Mercedes Benz "He's a guy, he should just be happy with just showing up on time and saying I do" Maria finished

"Yeah, let him plan the honeymoon" Kelly added getting her duffle bag out of the trunk

"Look, I appreciate the advice, but let us handle this" Torrie reassured her girls

"Alright, you better plan something soon" Melina replied putting her arm around Torrie's shoulders as they were walking into the arena

"So at least tell us, who you picked to be your bridesmaids" Ashley smirked, as all the divas surrounded Torrie in the girls locker room

"You guys, I still haven't decided yet" Torrie smiled as all the other girls sighed

"Torrie, you promised you'd tell us today" Maria replied sitting on the nearby chair

"And the day isn't over yet" Torrie told the girls who nodded "A promise is a promise, and I promise I will tell you before the day is over" Torrie smiled as all the girls nodded "So ladies if you don't mind I have to go see if my fiancée' is here yet" Torrie giggled rubbing her fat ring in her friends faces, who just laughed


John, Randy, Jeff, Matt, Shannon, Shawn, and Hunter were all sitting around in the men's locker room

"You guys, I'm telling you I will be so happy when this whole wedding crap is over" John told the guys rubbing his head in frustrations

"Why" Randy asked "You're not having second thoughts already"

"Of course not" John told his friends "Its just that Torrie is so crazy about these wedding plans, every word she says to me these days is about the wedding" John explained

"Yeah, I know what you mean, Steph was crazy when it came to planning the wedding" Hunter told John

"Yeah, John get use to it, because when it hits that 5 month mark, she's going to go bananas" Shawn replied as Hunter and Randy agreed as they were the only married ones in the room

"Well, we past the five month mark, the wedding is in two months" John told the guys

"Oh, well what have you guys decided on so far" Matt asked sitting alongside his brother Jeff

"Um…I'd say…Nothing" John informed his friends

"Whoa your wedding is in 2 months in you haven't decided on anything" Jeff asked

"We can't agree on nothing" John told

"How long have you two been engaged" Randy asked

"About a year" John simply replied as all the guys stared at him in shock

"John, you two have been engaged for a year, and you two haven't made any plans" Jeff asked

"Well we decided on a date, were getting married on Christmas" John defended as all the guys stared "Yeah, I know it's not much, but don't worry we will get there" John finished as all the guys sighed "Speaking of which" John smiled seeing his fiancée walk in

"Hey baby" Torrie smiled going up to John, giving him a kiss "Hey guys" Torrie greeted everybody who greeted back

"Hey" John smiled "When did you get here?" John asked Torrie who was sitting on his lap

"Oh, about 10 minutes ago" Torrie answered "Me, Melina, Kelly, Ashley and Maria drove together" Torrie finished "So what's up" Torrie asked looking at all of the guys who stared back at her

"We're just sitting around talking about the wedding" John answered

"Oh, about that I've decided we're going to get married, on beach in the Bahamas" Torrie replied with a smile

"Whoa, a beach wedding" John frowned at the idea "I told you I hate the beach, and I hate that idea" John finished

"Well, our wedding is in two months and we need to start making plans now, So I finally made the decision for us" Torrie replied standing up, and folding her arms, as all the guys just watch on the growing argument

"Look if you expect me to walk down in isle, on a beach you crazy" John stood up as well

"Uh-oh" Shawn whispered to Hunter, who was trying not to laugh

"Excuse me" Torrie replied giving John a look

"You don't run me… last time I checked I'm paying for the wedding" John started to yell

"Whoa" Jeff whispered to Matt as they to were enjoying the show

"Is he crazy" Shannon whispered to Randy

"Who knows" Randy answered "All I know is he not getting none tonight" Randy laughed along with Shannon

"Well, John last time I check you're not the only one that makes money, I can pay for it my damn self" Torrie showing her independent woman side

"Hey, what is going on in here" Melina replied running into the guys locker room as Kelly, Maria, and Ashley followed behind her "We can hear screaming all the way down the hall"

"Shhhhhh!" all the guys replied together directing the divas attention to the arguing couple

All the divas stared at Torrie and John, before going to sit down on the nearby chairs. Jeff's heart skipped a beat seeing Melina sit near him

"When Cena, I'm not about to have some crappy wedding we just throw together, in a matter of days" Torrie yelled

"Who says you have too, I'm just saying I refuse to walk down on some beach" John stated aging

"Well, you won't have to worry about that because the groom doesn't walk down the isle" Torrie replied making a slick remarked,

Everyone laughed; John gave them a look that made them look down

"Look, I don't care I'm not having no beach wedding, and that's final" John yelled as everyone stared at him

Torrie look at John as a moments of silence slid by tears started to form in her eyes "Fine, fine, we will do whatever you want to do" Torrie sobbed, as John rolled his eyes "But, if you really loved me you would do anything for me but that is not the case" Torrie replied putting her face in her hands

"Man, she is good" Hunter whispered to Shawn who nodded

John stared at the show his fiancée' was putting on, then sighing "Fine. Fine, we'll do the beach wedding" Torrie jumped up and smiled

"Thank you" Torrie smiled giving John a kiss on the cheek, as he shook his head "Now if you don't excuse me…" Torrie spoke as she was going through John duffle bag "I have a match" Torrie laughed grabbing her ring wear

"Man, years after knowing that girl, you still don't know how to defeat her fake cry" Melina told John padding him on the shoulder, as everyone including him laughed

"Tell me about it" John replied

"So, now that we are all here, how about you guys decide on a maid of honor, and a best man" Matt suggested as every looked at the future newlyweds

"Yeah, please Tor the suspense is really killing us" Melina begged Torrie for the second time today

Torrie and John looked at each other

"Okay, fine" Torrie smiled as all the girls jumped up in excitement and waited for the results "I choose…." Torrie hesitated looking at all of her friends

"Come on Tor" Kelly replied

"I choose all of you" Torrie smiled as everyone stared at her

"Tor, you cannot have four maids of honor" Maria replied

"I'm not silly I'm going to have six" Torrie smiled "Duh! Shawn and Hunter has to have somebody to walk down the isle, so I have to add Stephanie and Rebecca" Torrie smiled as everyone continued to stare "Come on guys I can't choose, I love all of you just as equal"

"Tor they are right you can't do that" John told his fiancée who began to stare at him with the puppy dog eyes "Yes you can" John put on a fake smile seeing Torrie about to put on another show

"Fine" Melina smiled as all the divas gave Torrie a group hug

"So, what about you John, who's going to be you best man" Shawn asked

"Well, all of you" John simply stated

"Aww, you couldn't choose either" Hunter asked with a smile

"No, I could have, I was really just going to base my decision off of Torrie's decision" John told the guys who stared

"What do you mean" Shannon asked

"Well, say for example if Tor would have picked Ashley or Maria… I would have picked Matt or Shannon" John stated

"Well this still kind of sweet" Shawn stated as all the guys headed to hug John

"Please don't hug me" John stopped the guys who all laughed

"So its, set Matt will walk Ashley, Shannon will walk Maria, Randy will walk Kelly, Hunter and Stephanie, Shawn and Becca, and Melina…" Torrie started but stopped when she noticed Melina didn't have a boyfriend to walk he down the isle

"Oh its okay, I'll just sit in the audience" Melina told with a fake smile

"Melina you are my very best friend, you need to be up there with me" Torrie told Melina

"Well, what about Jeff" Randy replied as everyone stared at Melina and Jeff

"Yeah, Jeff will just walk Melina" Matt suggested as Torrie and John nodded

"But, wait I have a girlfriend and she will flip" Jeff told the whole gang

"Jeff we're asking you to walk her down the isle, not have sex with her" Shannon stated

"Yeah, Jeff and you are one of my best friends, you should be up there too" John stated as Torrie nodded

"Yeah, and Torrie don't know Beth well enough to let her be a bridesmaid" Matt told referring to his brother girlfriend

"She can still come to the wedding" Torrie told Jeff "Please Jeff do it for me" Torrie replied staring at Jeff with her big green puppy dog eyes

Jeff smiled "Alright" Jeff gave in as everyone smiled

"So it's, settled" Torrie smiled jumping up and down

"And hey you two agreed on something without fight" Randy told John and Torrie who smiled

"Guess we did" Torrie replied smiling at John "Now I need to go get ready for my match" Torrie stated leaving the room with her attire in her hand as John followed behind her

"Damn!" Shawn replied as everyone stared at him

"What" Jeff Asked?

"What are we going to do for entertainment now" Shawn replied as everyone laughed

"We can watch T.V" Shannon suggested looking at the nearby television

"But, it's not the same" Shawn whined, as Maria padded him on the shoulder in comfort

"Well, we don't have time anyway we have to get ready to make an appearance" Hunter told Shawn

"Aww" Shawn continued to whined

"Don't worry we'll come up with one way to start an argument between Torrie and John again, another day" Hunter replied making Shawn feel happy

(Later that night)

Jeff was walking down the hall before spotting Melina who was sitting in the corridor alone, and looking down at the ring her ex-fiancée' gave her, while getting teary eyed

"Melina" Jeff replied going into the corridor

"Oh hey Jeff "Melina replied wiping away her tears and putting the ring in her pocket

"Hey are you okay" Jeff asked sitting next to her, seeing her cry

"Yeah, I was just thinking" Melina answered putting on a fake smile

"No you aren't, do you want to talk about it" Jeff asked looking at her with concern

"No, thanks, I'm just tired of living in the past" Melina replied "Why can't I just move on and get over him" Melina continued

"Over who" Jeff wondered

"Dave" Melina stated "We broke up, and since its been a whole month you'd think I'd be over him" Melina stated

"You and Batista broke up" Jeff replied "I'm so sorry to here that" Jeff lied

"Yeah, but its okay' Melina replied wiping his last bit of tears "I'm okay, I'll be fine" Melina stated taking a deep breathe

"You sure, because we can talk about it anytime" Jeff assured her

Melina smiled "Thanks" she replied as Jeff gave her a hug

"Anytime" Jeff smiled

"I better go get ready for my match" Melina replied standing up

"Oh, me too" Jeff told, as he and Melina exited the corridor and went their separate ways


"Man where is" Jeff we need to be at the curtain at any minute" Matt replied pasing back and forward, in the locker room

"Man I have great news" Jeff replied running into the locker room where is brother was

"About time you got here" Matt replied "Where were you?"

"I was with Melina" Jeff smiled as Matt stared "I just fund out that her and Bastista broke of their engagement" Jeff smiled "She was crying her eyes out, isn't that great" Jeff smiled

"How's that great, she's hurt" Matt told his brother

"No that's not the great part, the great part is, she is single" Jeff jumped up and down like a five year old "Do you know how long, I've waiting for my chance with her"

Matt stared at his brother

"I know you have been waiting for a long time" Matt nodded "But there's just one problem" Matt stated

"What" Jeff Asked?

"Yeah she may be single, but you're not, remember Beth" matt smiled as Jeff frowned "Just face it Jeff you and Melina is not going to work" Matt replied leaving Jeff alone in the locker room