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Chapter #3: Plans, Plans, Plans

It was the next morning and everyone were in the hotel rooms, still asleep, due to it was there day off and 6 a.m. in the morning.

"I'm getting married in the morning…" John rolled over and looked at the time before putting the blanket over his head, as he heard his fiancée' singing horribly and loud in the shower

"Ding, dong the bells are going to CHIME" Torrie screamed as John groaned as he tried to get back to sleep

"What have I gotten myself into" John replied to himself, as he was still under the blanket

"Mr. Cena, time to get up" Torrie replied coming out of the bathroom in a cotton robe in her hair roll up in a towel, as her feet were cozy in fuzzy slippers "John wakie wakie" Torrie replied tugging on the blanket but couldn't get it form over John due to he was tugging it as well

"Jonathan come on its time to get up" Torrie replied opening the hotel curtains, revealing a not so sunny sky

"Chick you are crazy" John mumbled to himself

"What?" Torrie replied hearing John

"Nothing" John hopped up but Torrie gave him a look "Babe look the sun isn't even out yet, lets just go back to bed" John whined

"No, we have so much to do for the wedding" Torrie said sitting on the end of the bed

"We'll do it later" John replied

"No I'm tired of putting stuff off till later" Torrie yelled getting John's full attention "Look, I was up all night thinking, we have 6 weeks to make my dream wedding happen, and with the kind of wedding I want 6 weeks isn't enough, but we're going to have to make it enough, we have so much to do in so little time, so its not going to be later anymore its going to be now" Torrie finished standing up and folding her arms over her chest "Now Jonathan Cena if you have any intentions in on marrying me in six weeks, you better get your but up now and get dress, because, we are leaving in 30 minutes"

"Fine, fine" John replied getting out of bed seeing the seriousness in Torrie's face and hearing it in her voice "I love it when you get mad" John replied slapping Torrie on her butt and walking to the bathroom for a shower

Torrie smiled "Alright, I'm going to wake everybody else"

"Why" John replied before walking into the bathroom

"Because they are our bridesmaid, and groomsmen, and we need them to help make decisions" Torrie told as John shrugged

"Don't get mad at me, when they ignore your ass" John replied

"Oh, please they wouldn't dare" Torrie replied as John smiled as he finally went to the bathroom

Torrie opened the door to reveal Shawn Michaels with a plastic cup to his ear and pressed to the door

"Shawn, what are you doing" Torrie replied folding her arms

Shawn hesitated thinking on what to say next "I um…. I heard something so…I thought I'd come and check on everybody" Shawn lied as Torrie frowned

"Whatever get dressed, we are all going wedding planning and shopping" Torrie told Shawn

"Yeah, I heard" Shawn replied back "But sorry I can't I have to go back to Texas…you know Becca is pregnant with out third child, and I really don't like leaving her alone, for more then a couple of days" Shawn said as Torrie nodded

"Fine, well on your way back to your room, can you knock on Hunters door and tell him" Torrie asked

"Can't he's gone back to Stephanie as well" Shawn informed Torrie "They're on their second child"

"I know that…Ugh! What's with all the children" Torrie replied walking off, as Shawn went the other way

Torrie walked and stopped in front of Shannon and Maria's door, and knocked but they didn't answer

"Ok, I know you two are in there and I know you here me" Torrie yelled banging on the door

Shannon and Maria both put their pillows over their head

"Maria, make her stop" Shannon whined

"Why do I have to do it" Maria asked as the banging on the door got louder

"Because she's your friend" Shannon replied

"Duh! She's your friend too" Maria defended, as her and Shannon sat up

"You have got be kidding me, its 6:20" Shannon replied looking at the clock

Maria sighed "I know, but you know she's not going to stop unless we open the door, and she going to play the guilt card with use, and somehow trick us into going with her and John out to plan the perfect wedding" Maria stated hearing Torrie

"Yeah, I know" Shannon groaned "Let's just go" Shannon replied as him and Maria got out of bed, and headed towards the door

Maria opened the door to reveal an aggravated Torrie

"Okay Torrie we're up" Maria said blinded from the light in the hallway

"Good, you have 20 minutes to get dressed and be outside by the cars" Torrie informed the couple "Oh, and next time, lets not waste time just open the door" Torrie replied before walking off to the next door

Shannon and Maria stared at Torrie as she walked to Matt and Ashley's door, which was across the hall from Kelly and Randy's door

"Okay you two couples, you have a choice, you can get the punishment Shannon and Maria just got or you can, just open the door and say we're up and will be ready and no time" Torrie yelled, as she stood in the middle of the hallway at the two rooms

"We're up, we'll be ready in no time" Torrie smiled as she saw Randy, Kelly, Matt, and Ashley come into the hall and saying together all at once

"Thank you" Torrie replied about to knock on Jeff's door but Jeff had already came out

"I heard you too" Jeff moaned, still tired

Torrie then walked to her best friend Melina's door, and softly knocked on it

Melina was on her bed watching TV. When she heard the knock

Melina looked at the clock which read 6:30, and sighed as she headed to the door knowing it was her best friend Torrie, coming to bother her about the wedding

"Hey Lina" Torrie replied as Melina opened the door, before going back to sit on her bed

"Hey Tor" Melina replied flicking through the channels

"Why are you up so early" Torrie asked coming in and sitting on Melina's "I know I could've have been that loud, where even you heard me"

"A yes you were and B its not you… I just couldn't sleep" Melina replied "To much on my mind"

"Like what" Torrie asked

Melina sighed "Don't worry about it we have a wedding to plan" Melina jumped in excitement to change the subject, as Torrie stared

"Melina…" Torrie was interrupted

"Tor, I'm fine, and I will be ready in 10 minutes" Melina quickly replied before running into the bathroom, as Torrie sat on the bed looking down, upset at the fact that her best friend was hurting on the inside and she couldn't do anything to help

Melina stood in the bathroom with her back against the door, keeping Torrie from coming in

Torrie sighed "Alright Lina, just be outside by the cars, by 7" Torrie yelled to Melina in the bathroom before walking out of Melina's room

Torrie walked into the hallway to see Jeff still leaning in his hotel room door way, as he seemed to be in a bit of a daze

"Jeff are you okay" Torrie asked snapping her fingers in his face

"Yeah, I'm alright, just have so much on my mind" Jeff replied

"Gosh! What is with you and Melina, ever since last night you two have been..." Torrie was cut off

"Have been what" Jeff stated "Did she say we did something, because we did nothing, absolutely nothing…I mean I have a girlfriend how can I do something with a friend if I have a girlfriend" Jeff stated quickly as Torrie stared as she could barely make out what he was saying

"Um, ok" Torrie replied "Just get dressed" Torrie smiled looking at how nervous Jeff was before walking back to her and John's room

Jeff sighed as he looked down at Melina's door which was shut, before walking back into his room

"Okay, John everyone is up and almost ready to go" Torrie replied heading to her suitcase to pick out something to where

"Cool" John simply stated as he was sitting on the bed tying his shoes. John was in his normal three quarter jeans, and tall black t-shirt, and a black fitted cap

"Told you, they'd listen to me" Torrie replied taking off of her robe and putting on her dark blue boot cut jeans

John stared at Torrie hot body as he layed back on the bed and watched his fiancée get dress

"And I didn't have to break a sweat" Torrie continued pulling out her nice white halter to match

"Oh, please I heard you yelling at everyone down the hall" John told as Torrie smiled

"Fine, maybe a little sweat but nothing to get worked up about" John smiled at Torrie's comment now watching her as she was in the mirror styling in her in a half ponytail, and the back hanging down, before she put on her long white boots

"All ready" Torrie replied

"Yep, and with time to spare" John smiled looking at the clock that read 6:55

John grabbed Torrie by her waist and pulling her in for a deep kiss


Melina was standing outside by Torrie's black Mercedes all by herself

"Ugh, how is she going to tell me to be on time and she's running late" Melina replied talking to her self staring at her watch the read 6:57 as she was walking back and forward "I should just go back in and go back to sleep, because I really don't feel like being here, and its going o be a little awkward with Jeff" Melina continued to talk out loud to herself "But, Torrie is my very best friend, I should be there for her …right that's it I'm going to put aside all of my personal problems for Torrie, this is suppose to be the happiest time of her life, I don't' want her to spend that time worrying about me…" Melina was cut off

"Lina" Melina heard a voice behind her, and turned to find Jeff

"Oh, hi Jeff" Melina nervously replied

"Who are you talking to" Jeff asked

"Um, no body…myself" Melina answered "Um, how much did you hear?" Melina asked

"Not much I just got here" Jeff assured Melina who nodded

Melina and Jeff stood there in silence as awkwardness filled the air. Jeff and Melina continued to stand there looking in every direction trying to avoid eye contact, with each other

"Umm…So…"Melina started but was cut off

"Okay let's get this show on the road" Torrie replied loudly as everyone was finally at the cars,

"Oh thanks god" Both Jeff and Melina replied to themselves

"Ok here's the plan…Torrie is going to put aside her paranoia, and trust that all of you know us well enough, to pick out stuff for the wedding, that you know we would like" John stated as everyone stared in shock

"But, don't get it twisted, if you mess anything up or pick something I hate, I will track all of you down" Torrie replied wickedly "I know where all of you live"

"Ok baby calm down" John stated pushing Torrie to the side

"This is crazy why won't you guys just get a wedding planner" Matt asked being blinded by the rising sun

"Because this wedding is already going to cost us millions, being that its all at the last minute and people are going to work, twice as hard to get it done on time, and we don't have time to meet with wedding planners, and we don't know one nor trust one that knows us like all you guys do" Torrie answered as John nodded

"So, Randy and Kelly, you two are going to be in charge of the cake plans, we want big we want extravagant…Shannon and Maria you two are in charge of getting the flower arrangements together, we need lots and lots of flowers colors lime green, white and yellow" John finished as the two couples nodded about to walk to their cars, but was stopped by a screaming Torrie

"Wait!" Torrie shouted

"What's wrong babe" John asked

"Nothing, I just need to make an announcement" Torrie smiled as everyone gave her their full attention "Alright, I know we had plans on having a beach wedding, but once again I changed my mind"

"Yes" John said aloud as Torrie stared

Torrie rolled her eyes before smiling "I still want to have my wedding in the Bahamas, but we are going to rent out a mansion and have an extravagant back yard wedding" Torrie jumped with excitement "I want big pretty tents, and just more extravagant then possible"

"No" John happiness went away

"Told you, always be careful for what you wish for" Randy smiled

"Now you have to pay more" Kelly laughed with everyone else, before her and Randy, walked off to their car, followed by Maria and Shannon who went to their separate car

"Okay Matt and Ashley, I am going to trust you two to get all the hotel rooms, booked in the Bahamas, we need at least 250 rooms, in the most expensive hotel you can find…also be sure to tell them we may need more rooms, because John and I haven't really made the invite list" Torrie stated as Matt and Ashley left before she turned to Jeff and Melina "Now Jeff and Melina…" Torrie was cut off

"Wait if you are having the wedding at a mansion, why do we need hotel rooms" John asked Torrie

"Because, some people are going to stay in the mansion and some in hotels that's why I said 250 and more" Torrie smiled, as John stared in confusion "You don't think, we only have 250 plus guest coming…do you" Torrie laughed "So back to what I was saying Jeff and Melina" Torrie rolled her eyes as she was being cut off again

"Wait I have to spend the day with Jeff" Melina asked as Torrie, John, and Jeff stared at her

"It doesn't have to be all day, just the amount of time it takes you to get the work done" John answered

"Yeah, don't have to get so depressed about it" Jeff stated as Melina stared

"I didn't…" Melina started but stop and spoke to herself "Mean it like that"

"Ok…Now you two have an important job, you two are in charge of food" John stated as Jeff and Melina nodded, "We need lots and lots of different kind of food"

Melina and Jeff took a deep breath before walking to Jeff's black corvette

"This is going to be so awkward" Melina and Jeff both said inside their head

"Okay, baby its our job to, go pick out invitations, pick out bridesmaids and groomsmen outfits, your tux, my wedding gown, and we need to somehow get online and look for locations in Bahamas, visit the location when we have time, and make the list of people we want to attend" Torrie said in one breath as John stared "Why are you looking confused" Torrie asked her man

"Because I could make out nothing you said" John stated

"What part didn't you here?" Torrie asked

"Everything after okay baby" John replied

"Ugh! Just come on" Torrie replied grabbing John's arm as they got into Torrie car

(Melina and Jeff)

Melina was sitting, in the passenger's seat looking out the window as silence filled the car, as Jeff continued to drive

"So…what are we in charge of again" Jeff asked Melina trying to make small conversation

"Um…Food" Melina replied pulling out of a sheet of paper, that had their topic on it

"So, all we have to do is eat all day" Jeff asked

"That's a good way of looking at it" Melina smiled as well

"I mean, how will we know if they'll like it, if we don't try it ourselves" Jeff smiled

"Exactly" Melina replied slapping hands with Jeff, figuring they had an easy job

Melina and Jeff's laughter faded, as they could feel the awkwardness re appearing

"Um, do you mind if I…" Melina replied pointing at Jeff's radio

"Oh no sure go ahead" Jeff told as he continued to drive

Melina smiled before pushing, the on button on Jeff's system. Melina then heard a song that sounds alike like Jeff's voice

"Whoa" Jeff replied as he pressed the off button in a frantic "You turned on my CD, the radio button is right there" Jeff pointed

"No, I want to hear, that" Melina replied turning it back on.

Melina smiled at Jeff

"You can sing" Melina asked

"Um, a little" Jeff stated "I'm kind of in a band"

"Whoa, how come you never told me" Melina replied hearing Jeff "And this is more then a little, this is really good"

"Thanks" Jeff smiled

"You're welcome" Melina smiled back

Another brief moment of silence past

"You know it weird…" Jeff confessed

Melina stared at him "What?"

"Us…we haven't spoken to you in a long time, you'd think we'd have plenty to talk about" Jeff was interrupted

"A year and two months, and still counting, because though we are hanging out again, we still aren't saying much" Melina replied as Jeff stared at her, smiling at the fact that she count the days they didn't talk

"I know…and its not that I don't want to talk to you, its just when, we're around each other I just feel awkward…and I hate it" Jeff continued with the confessions

"I know what you mean" Melina agreed

"I don't think you do… It's weird because I have no problem with talking to Torrie alone, or being with Maria alone, or Kelly or Ashley…its just something about you that makes me feel so awkward" Jeff told as Melina gave him a glare

"Well excuse me…" Melina replied folding her arms

"You know what I mean… not in a bad way in a good nervous way" Jeff told as Melina smiled

"Its funny I thought I was the only one between us that felt this way" Melina looked down

"Gosh! I just remember we use to be such close friends" Jeff replied taking glances back and forward at Melina and the road

"I know…what happened" Melina asked

"Love…" Jeff answered as Melina quickly looked at him

"We were both so wrapped up in finding true love, that we abandoned our friendship to do so…" Jeff explained, as he in Melina both feel into deep thoughts


Jeff was in his room, at his North Carolina home getting ready for his annual Friday night outing with Melina.

Melina and Jeff had been really good friends for years, and though Melina wanted nothing more, Jeff wanted plenty more

Jeff always had plans to finally ask Melina out on a real date, but he always got nervous and never did it

"Whoa you look nice" Matt replied entering his brothers' room

"Yeah, I have to because tonight's the night" Jeff smiled "I'm finally going to ask Melina to be my girl" Jeff replied as Matt rolled his eyes

"Oh please you've been saying that every Friday for the past year and a half" Matt told "Face it man you just don't have the guts"

"Yeas I do" Jeff defended, before hearing a knock on the door Jeff then took a deep breath "That's her"

"Alright man good luck" Matt yelled as Jeff rushed to his front door, and opened it

Jeff's smile soon became a frown, when he opened the door to find Melina standing there with Dave Batista

"Hey Jeff" Melina smiled

"Hey…" Jeff continued to stare

"I know this is a surprise, but Dave asked me out on a date for tonight and I didn't want to break our tradition with you, so I just invited him to come along" Melina simply replied

Jeff continued to stare, as if he had seen a ghost

"Jeff men… are you okay?" Dave asked

"Um..Yeah, so you two are dating now?" Jeff asked

"Yeah, I wanted it to be a surprise, aren't you happy for me" Melina replied hugging Jeff with excitement, who just stared there

"Yeah it is" Jeff lied

"So lets go guys" Melina replied

"Um, no this is you guys date and I don't want to intruded" Jeff told

"Don't be silly you won't" Melina assured

"No its okay, I'll just talk to you later" Jeff replied shutting is door as Melina and Dave stared before leaving

"Are you okay" Matt asked his brother as he heard the whole conversation


"You're right…How dare she not wait for you anymore" Matt sarcastically replied

"Good take her side" Jeff whinned

"Look, you know I'm always on your side…I'm your brother, and best friend meaning I'm going to tell you what you need to hear and not what you want to hear….It's your fault you waited too long" Matt finished as Jeff stared down, knowing his brother was right.

"I don't want us to be like this anymore Jeff" Melina told staring at Jeff "I mean we are just friends' right nothing more, and never had been, so why can't we just get things back to the way they were?"

Jeff smiled "You are absolutely right"

"I am?…" Melina replied "I mean… I am!"

Jeff smiled "I mean you are just as much as my friend as Kelly, Torrie and the other girls are if not more, why do I have to be nervous around you"

"Exactly" Melina smiled "Let's just pick up where we left off…"

"I agree" Jeff finished

"So…" Both Melina and Jeff said at the same time

Jeff and Melina laughed

"You go" Jeff replied

"Ok, so how long have you been in this band" Melina asked as the music was still playing

"Um, a little less then a year, but it's not my number priority yet, we haven't even decided on a name yet" Jeff simply stated

"Cool," Melina replied

"So what about you, what other things you are doing besides wrestling" Jeff asked

"Well, its not official yet, but me and Torrie are thinking about coming out with our own line of clothing" Melina answered as Jeff smiled

"That's cool, and we are here" Jeff replied pulling into a catering restaurant "Let's go try some food" Jeff replied, taking off of his seat belt about to exit the car

"Jeff…" Melina called before Jeff got out


"I'm glad we're back to normal" She smiled

Jeff smiled back "Me too…"

Jeff and Melina then, exited the car and headed into the restaurant


Don't worry we have more to come…next chapter everyone continues to get their duties done, before returning home, where we all meet Jeff's girlfriend, who isn't so happy with the news she receives!!