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Chapter One -Bonding-

I woke up to the incessant buzzing of the lime green cell phone that was on the nightstand next to my bed; a gift from Edward so I could easily reach him during his hunting trips. Feeling around for it without opening my eyes, I silently cursed the stupid phone with the ridiculously loud vibrate setting. i mean, it was the weekend for goodness' sake. couldn't I sleep in until 10:30?

"Hi Bella!!" The amount of enthusiasm in her voice was horrific. I don't care if she can sleep or not. No one should be so chipper at 6:00 in the morning.

"Alice... Is there a good reason why you called me at SIX IN THE FREAKING MORNING??"

Alice laughed.

"Geeze Bella, you're a total grump in the morning! And of course I have a good reason to be calling you at six in the morning! I need you to go to Port Angeles today"

That surprised me.

"What am I doing in Port Angeles?"

Usually Alice ran all the errands herself, seeing how she didn't have to sleep, AND she had super-fantastic-vampire-speed. In fact, she had run ALL the errands so far, and there were only two weeks until the wedding. I sighed, guessing it was finally time to put in some work for Alice.

"All you need to do is pick up a few things for me"

Hmmm... a few things with Alice is never really 'a few.'

"Alright Alice. I give. What do I need to pick up for you?" I figured I might as well get this done and over with.

"Yay! Thanks Bella!" "You're gonna need a pencil and paper to write all this down!"

I got each and sat down, ready to write. "You'll need to pick up the bowls for the centerpieces at Pier 1, the napkin holders for the wedding party at World Market, the new Taylor Swift CD, the new Tim McGraw Greatest Hits CD pack, the new Garth Brooks Greatest Hits CD pack, and last, but definitely not least, I want you to pick up this new book that came out. Some girl wrote it, Stephenie Mayer, or Meyer, or something like that. but supposedly it's pretty good"

I laughed.

"Alice, don't you know how its going to end anyways"

"Well, yeah... I just don't want to miss out on a good piece of literature, whether i know how it ends or not. so get to it!!"

I was surprised. my list wasn't too bad.

"Um, Alice?"

"Yeah, Bella?" "Why am I buying Taylor Swift, Tim McGraw, AND Garth Brooks Cd's??"

I mean, don't get me wrong, I love Taylor Swift. It just seemed like a country music overload to me.

"Oh! well, you know Jasper just loves country. I think its on account of him being a southern gentleman and all. plus Bella, i think you'd like the Cd's. Later today when you come over after your run to Port Angeles, I'll just burn you some copies! Trust me! You'll like them!" I chuckled. I'd learned not bet against Alice, and i wasn't going to start now.

"Alright Alice. If that's all, I'm gonna get up and ready to leave."

"Wait Bella, before you hang up," she paused, trying to find the right words to say. "I think it would probably be a good thing if Charlie went with you. So you can spend some Father/Daughter time together. Before the big day"

We both knew that she wasn't referring to my wedding. In two weeks i would become a wife. in less than two months, i would become, as far as Edward was concerned, one of the damned.

"Alright Alice. I think that sounds like a wonderful idea. Thank you"

She chirped a final "Be safe!" and blew a kiss into the phone and was gone. I slid my phone open and started to type Edward a message on the keyboard.

Good morning love! I'm heading off to P.A. with Charlie. I should be back and at your house by noon, just in time to welcome you home from your hunting trip. I'll try to pretend I'm not counting the minutes until i see you again. Love, me.

I knew Edward was off hunting, but I couldn't resist sending him a text. He could just answer me back when he was headed home. Besides, now that the miraculous world of technology had been introduced to me, I couldn't help but use it every chance I got! Texting was especially addictive.

An hour and fifteen minutes later...

"Charlie!! HURRY UP!!"

I sat in the driver's seat of my truck, glaring at the front door to the house. Charlie had spent the last 15 minutes PRIMPING himself. When i had told him the plans for the day, Charlie had looked conflicted. Apparently he had planned to visit Sue Clearwater this morning. Not wanting to deprive him of an opportunity to see his lady love. Sue and Dad had just started out with friendly visits; Dad was always going to check up on her since Harry's death and since she seemed to be having trouble with her two werewolf children, Seth and Leah, not that Charlie knew about the wolf part. Eventually, they had moved on to lunch dates, and were steadily progressing. Sue had even come to visit Charlie at the station one afternoon, Starbucks and a sack lunch in hand. I pulled out my phone to let Alice know what was happening.

Charlie wants to stop by the Clearwater's before heading off.

I received a quick reply.

Alright. Keep me updated! i know how much you love to text people now!

I laughed. She was completely right.

Finally i saw movement at the door. Charlie locked the deadbolt and walked the short distance to my truck quickly, as though trying to make up for the time he had lost primping himself. I started the engine and flipped on the radio, waiting for Charlie to put on his seat belt before i pulled out of the drive. Charlie looked nervous. He was red from the neck up, and i could see beads of sweat starting to form on his forehead and upper lip. Even his ears were beginning to turn pink.

"So Dad..." i said, casually, "How have you and Sue been getting along?" I tried to keep the laughter out of my voice.

"Fine, just fine. I'm gonna turn on the radio. I want to listen to some music. Do you want to listen to some music?" Charlie flipped the switch before i had a chance to answer, searching through the channels until I heard a song i recognized.

"Hey! Leave it on this one!!" I started to sing along to the song,


My old gym teacher had always kept the radio on while we were running laps around the gym, and this song always played. I knew the choruses by heart.

"Uh, Bella... Do you know what this song is even about?" Charlie was glancing my way; he had the look of parent who had just caught their child making out on the living room couch.

"Ummm..." i stalled, suddenly not certain " Dancing?" Charlie sighed

"Not exactly Bells. Just forget I asked." He turned his head once more, looking out the window as i drove to the reservation, one side view of the towering cliffs above, the other of the ocean. We were close now.

"Aw, now Dad, that's not fair. Now I'm curious. What's the song about?" Charlie sighed, deliberating on whether or not he should tell me.

"Well... Its..." he started, not quite knowing how to put his thoughts into words, He looked so uncomfortable. Whatever he was going to say was NOT gonna be good.

"Spit it out Dad".

He braced himself, shutting his eyes so he didn't have to look at me.

"Its about that girl 'going down' on that guy!" he almost yelled, quick and fast, trying to get the words out as if they might soil his mouth.


Charlie glanced at me, one eye opened. Clearly this wasn't the reaction he was expecting. I turned the radio to search through more stations before finally resting on a song that I liked. "Realize" by Colbie Caillat. Just before the song was through i turned to Charlie.

"Um, Dad?"

"Yeah Bells"

I hesitated, not sure if I really wanted to know the answer to my unasked question.

"What exactly does that mean? 'Going down' on someone." Charlie paused a second and then chuckled to himself.

"What does it sound like it means Bella? Think literally"

So i did.

And it clicked.

"OH MY GOSH!! ARE YOU SERIOUS?! AAAAHHHH!!" Charlie just let out a laugh at my sudden epiphany.

"Wait a sec, Charlie, how do you know all this?" After all, wasn't I supposed to be filling him in on the teen lingo, not the other way around?

Charlie blushed yet again and turned the volume on the radio up, blaring Shania Twain in the tiny cab. "Shh!! I like this song!" I laughed and decided that I didn't really want to know.

I was definitely going to miss Charlie, so much that it hurt. As I looked at him, trying to hide the fact that he was singing along to Shania, i didn't know how I could ever choose to leave him. But then I saw his face in my mind. The pain of losing Charlie would never compare to the pain of losing Edward. He was my other half, my soul mate, even if he wasn't sure if he had a soul or not. I turned the volume up even louder and joined in with Charlie, my timid alto harmonizing with his deep baritone.

"Who's bed have your boots been under?? And who's heart did you steal, i wonder? This time it feel like thunder baby! Well who's bed have your boots been under?"

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