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Pairings: {This will be updated at a later date when I figure it out.}
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- Eventually a threesome relationship between Severus Snap and two male OCs. Won't be too detailed.

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- At least SOME slash/yaoi.(Male/Male relations) Maybe even more. Get over it and enjoy the awesomeness that surrounds it.
- Death, I'm sure. Hopefully not any main characters.
- As I am American... there will be some americanisms in here because I don't know how to not be... American...

Story: Wanderings From Durmstrang (Subject to change. Any suggestions?){Previously know as 'Lonely Is Life When Hurt Is Always Around'}

Summary: Selene Borisalv, a muggle born witch, is accepted to Durmstrang, a school known for only teaching pure-bloods. Friends are made and things come to light. Her first few years take place in Durmstrang itself but she transfers to Hogwarts for her sixth and seventh year and changes the outcome of both books. Can't really give away too much. Some yaoi WILL take place.

I don't know how Durmstrang works so I'll be making most of it up as I go. I hope you like it. ^.^ It goes by MY rules now. Tehehehe! ... Is it just me or did that sound like a half evil laugh? o_o t might have been... =P

AND! just so we all get this straight, according to wikipedia (Which I know can be wrong) there is at LEAST one girl mentioned in the book who attends Durmstrang. We're going to pretend that it is correct because I don't feel like searching the book to figure out if it's true or not. And if it's not then that's okay, we're going to pretend it is either way. ^.^ =P


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