Chapter Two
To The Starting Line, Please


After reading and re-reading the bit of information, many arguments from all three of the Borisalv family, and more odd occurrence than had previously been known, David figured that it could hardly hurt to check into this more. It was finally decided that he would send a note with the owl, who had give more than one dead rodent to his daughter, to this Grigoriy guy that if he could prove that this all was for real and he had no doubt with in his mind then he would agree to allow Selene to go. Once the poor girl FINALLY figured out what had happened she wouldn't shut up about it. How could she?

It had been a week decisions needed to be made so that if she did go it would be on time and there would be no worries. It would seem that this... this whole other world known as the wizarding world had everything figured out to a 'T' Her future schooling in the muggle world would be taken care of with no questions asked by them and all problems that would normally have popped up for anyone who dropped out would never have to be taken care of but for a few papers to be turned in to the officials of this new world they had been thrown into.

And so, Gleb Grigoriy appeared from thin air out side the door of the Borisalv residence. It was Eve that answered the door. David had been asked to work later than he had planned since someone didn't show up and would be unable to make it for the first half and asked his sister to take his place. Eve, who was just as interested in the whole thing, agreed immediately. First thing on the agenda was to pick Selene up from her young ages karate class.

Luckily Grigoriy had thought ahead and wore a robe like coat that allowed him to fit in while in either world. When the two walked into the building and found the correct room they sat off to the side designated for waiting parents and watched as the class went on uninterrupted. It was only the last few minutes before they were to be let out so the teacher allowed them free time which consisted of going over moves with one to three others. Seleve was third best in her class. Only behind because the highest was the next color up and the second had one more strip on his belt. (I'm going by how my karate teacher had done it. I don't know if this is the usual or not.) Grigoriy was slightly impressed. Mostly because they did not have this certain type of fighting at Durmstrang. She would still have quite a ways to go. She'd probably be in the lowest rank in school.

After the teacher called them all back into their rows and the leading boy completed the ending bow of thanks to the teacher they were dismissed. On the way to the changing rooms Selene saw her aunt and ran up to her for a hug. She then recognized the man next to her and jumped.

"Oh! I remember yoouuu! Hey, how did you do that thing you did last time? That was so cool! How'd you do it?" Her eyes got big as she stopped jumping waiting in earnest to know his trick.

"If you attend Durmstrang you will learn how to do it yourself. Until then all you need to know is that it is possible and no one who doesn't already know of this is allowed to hear of it. So, please, lower your voice. It is of the utmost importance that no one else knows. Do not talk to anyone beside those who I say it is safe to do so. You endanger a lot of people otherwise." Selene just cocked her head to the side in a confused manner before her face lit up in a wide grin and shouted 'OTAY!' With another hug to Eve the bouncy girl ran off to change.

A single wall separated the boys changing area from the girls and once Selene had come back out she hid just far enough away that if someone was walking out of the boys area they wouldn't see her. This seemed to have been on purpose because when one of the boys had, indeed, walked out she jumped on his back and ruffled his hair, laughing the whole time.

"I haz you now, Ivan! Haha!" Her grin grew as he jumped around trying to pull her off his back. Finally he tripped over the bag he dropped in surprise and landed on his face. Selene sat straddling his back, arms up in the air laughing in victory.

"Selene, you know there is no rough housing allowed here." The teacher came up to them, and Selene turned around to look at him. "Do you want me to take away another stripe?" He raised an eyebrow. Selene shook her head. "Then you might want to get off poor Ivan's back." With an over exaggerated sigh Selene got off and apologized, unbelievingly, to Ivan.

"You must tell me how you do that." Eve walked over to him. He chuckled.

"Would it help?" he asked, his american accent showing it sparse little head. They laughed together.

"No, I suppose it wouldn't. Come on Selene, we have places to be."

"Aww. Okaaayyy." There was a pause before her grin was back full force. "Well! What're we waiting for?" She grabbed Eves purse and began pulling her out the door. "Bye Weiss-Sensei!" Gleb gave the man a wary look and followed the two females out the door and on to the street.


They had been walking for nearly ten minutes before Selene gave up and shouted out. She was not happy about this.

"Where are we going? I thought we were leaving somewhere."

"Since neither of you can... aparate we have to walk to a certain point. Just a few streets away and we'll be there." Gleb sighed in a frustrated manner. Children, it would seem, just weren't his thing. Another three minutes of walking had led them down an ally way. Eve, for good reasons, was more than a little cautious. Gleb kept walking ahead of them a bit and abruptly stopped and faced a blank expanse of wall where a seemingly random panel of deformed wood was leaning upward. Gleb took what the girls thought might be his wand out of his left sleeve and poked the wooden slab and precoded to walk through it. Eve and Selene stared at the place he once stood.

They were startled out of their stupor when the upper half of his body popped back through.

"Are you two coming or what? You only need to walk through it." He disappeared again. After a second Selene ran up to the board and touched it with her finger. It went through. With a squeal she jumped through, leaving Eve behind gaping.

Selene jumped back out again and pulled on Eves arm.

"You has to see this Mom-mom. It's really cool... if a little weird. Come on!" She pulled her harder and through the 'portal'. The edge of Eve's coat got caught on the way in and wouldn't pull through.

"This is why we do not dawdle. It closed." He took his wand out again and taped the coat. It tore from the place stuck closest to the wall. With a lazy flick tear fixed itself.

"Wait, wait, wait. Did we just walk through that?" Selene nearly yelled pointing at the wall they had come through. From this side it looked to be a bricked in doorway.

"Yes. Now come one. Neither of you should be in these parts for longer than absolutely necessary. This is the... seedier side of this place. But it's the closest entrance to the nearest wizarding place. Walk quickly and ignore everyone." He turned around and began walking at a fast pace. The girls followed.

'Okay,' Eve thought to herself, 'This has been kind of weird ALREADY! We just walked through a wall and now... Now... I can't even...' "Oh my god what was that?" She walked up to Gleb and grabbed his arm.

"I believe that it was an enchanted memo. I don't know why it would be flying around out here though. They are normally only used in large business buildings." He paused. "If you don't mind too terribly... My arm is losing circulation. Thank you." He continued walking again.

"Auntie Ev! Auntie Ev! Look it!" Selene was pointing at a woman who was walking around a corner with what was probably a wand held over her shoulder. Trailing but a foot behind her floating in the air was what looked to be a tall stack of news papers. Eve whispered 'Oh my' once more and nearly fainted holding onto Glebs arm again.

"Geeze. Just can't please people anymore." He pulled a face. "Come on."

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To Be Continued...

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