Author's Note: I am finally releasing my new story, this is the one that is to replace Naruto Kyuubi incarnate, though the plot differs...alot. I am entirely unsure if this will come to a close in the near future, I have much of the story already written, but I lost my 'funk' at a certain point and started another story, which I'm currently flying through, so once I finish that story, I will probably come back and finish this one up.

On a side note, I hereby dedicate this chapter, no this entire story to my good friend Kyle, who's sister died in a tragic accident yesterday at 12:49 Am. 16 is far to young an age to leave this world, Kelly, rest in peace.

Naruto Uzumaki has never had an easy life, he has been on his own from the beginning, with an entire village tormenting and torturing him. Since the age of 4 he has been living on the streets, sleeping in alleys, and scrounging through garbage to try and get food. No one lets him into their stores, and no one lets him have any food in hopes of the 'demon' curling up in the corner and dying.

But he's never given up, he doesn't know why they hate him, or why no one cares about him. He's been living on the streets for 6 years now, and it's his tenth birthday, though he doesn't know it. He doesn't even know how old he is, after all how would you learn when your birthday is, or how old you are if no one ever cared enough to tell you?

Naruto isn't in the best situation, he's skinny unhealthily so, his white T-shirt with a red swirl on the back is torn and ripped up, and has blood stains all over it from his many beatings. His blue sweat pants are also torn and ripped all over, and have blood stains. His face is dirty, and so are his hands. his old scavenged pair of black Shinobi sandals are tattered and falling apart.

That's how people see Naruto, as he wanders the streets with no goal in mind except to try and tire himself out enough to pass out in an alley again. Being the day that it is Naruto isn't going to get off so easy though, the beatings are always much worse and much more violent on this day, where mobs of villagers gang up on him to kill the demon.

As they always do the villagers work together and herd him into an alley that's a dead end, trapping him for his 'punishment' and they get to work on beating and torturing the boy for his tenth birthday, they kick and punch his frail form, some bringing knives and other weapons to stab and beat him.

Naruto is curled up in a ball every kick, and every stab his vision slowly darkens "Why do they do this to me, what did I ever do to them" he asks himself over and over again, his confusion and anger as to why he is always attacked mounting until something in him snaps.

Red chakra begins to swirl around him rapidly, scaring all the villagers back about fifteen feet, Naruto slowly rises from ground and levels his burning, crimson eye's on them, further terrifying them.

"WHAT DID I EVER DO TO DESERVE THIS!!" He yelled in a much deeper voice.

He then ran straight at them, but didn't stop, he ran straight through the crowd leaving a trail of blood behind him, he ran as far and as fast as he could, anywhere away from those villagers. He didn't know it but he was being followed by someone, the Hokage himself.

Naruto eventually found somewhere he would be safe, an empty dumpster in an alley, he climbed inside and closed it, the red chakra slowly faded and he passed out from blood loss and the built up stress and confusion.

Naruto slowly opened his eyes and looked at his surroundings, he was in a dark and dirty sewer, he looked around, the walls were covered in cracks and scratches there were chunks of rock strewn about in the ankle deep water, it smelled horrible but Naruto was used to far worse and wasn't bothered.

Naruto got up from the water and started walking "Great, looks like they found me and threw me into some sewer, guess I gotta try and find a way out" He looked up and noticed the ceiling was covered in pipes of two colors, half the pipes were a bright blue that looked like they were in good condition, the other half of the pipes were a dark red color, and they were cracked and dented all over, inside some of the larger cracks a red glow was emanating from the pipes, Naruto decided to follow the pipes since they had to lead somewhere right?

After what felt like hours of walking the pipes turned a corner and went into a room, Naruto followed them in and walked into a gigantic room, the red pipes branched to the right and went along the walls and then went back behind an extremely large cage door. The blue pipes branched left and went onto the left wall where they twisted and turned into a giant system of coils.

Naruto went closer to the cage, and when he was about fifty feet from it he noticed the only thing keeping the cage shut was a piece of paper with the kanji for 'seal' on it, right as Naruto was about to turn and leave from the dead end and look elsewhere two very large crimson eyes opened on the other side of the Kage, they were huge and glowed red, and had slitted pupils.

It caught Naruto off guard and he fell onto his backside, the eyes lowered down to about Naruto's level and then a huge maw of shiny white fangs appeared below, pulled into a wicked grin.

Naruto was more then a bit scarred and started scrambling backwards from the giant face, and then it laughed at him, which scared him more

"W-what are you?" Naruto asked

It laughed again "Before I tell you that, you have to come closer to this cage, and sit before me, and promise not to run"

Naruto nodded dumbly, and slowly walked forwards, he stopped about five feet from the cage and sat down cross legged on the floor, The fox mimicked him and layed it's head on top of two very large paws that came into view.

"So, You want to know who I am right kid?"

"Y-yeah, and where the hell are we?"

"Well, first we are in your mind kit, and secondly, I kid, am the Kyuubi"

Naruto's eye's widened "T-that's impossible! The Kyuubi was killed by the Yondaime!"

"Fraid not kid, I am a Bijuu, we are far to powerful to be killed by mortals, the best they can do is seal us, In my case I was sealed into you"

Naruto was dumbstruck "S-so t-then you're the reason everyone hates me?"

Kyuubi frowned "Yeah, I'm the reason those stupid bastards hate you, I'm sorry for the way they treat you, even in the depths of hell people aren't treated as badly as you've been"

Naruto frowned "So...why am I here then, in my own mind..."

"Well, there are things we need to discuss, for one I want you to become a Shinobi kit, I'm sick and tired of you getting beaten, I want you to go to the Hokage and ask to go to the academy"

Naruto grinned "Yeah! Then they wont be able to hurt me anymore!"

Kyuubi smiled, or as best as a fox can smile "Indeed kit, and also it seems you somehow tapped into the seal earlier, and we can speak while your conscious now, using this I'm going to help you with your Shinobi training, help you with chakra control and teach you history and other things"

"Cool, why do you keep calling me kit though? I have a name you know"

"I see you as the child I never had, and since we are now bound until we die, I'm going to refer to you as my kit" Kyuubi stated, smiling

"Right so, is there anything else we need to go over right now, or am I free to go?"

Kyuubi chuckled in a decidedly feminine way "No, you're free to go, I want you to go see the Hokage when you wake"

Kyuubi then dismissed Naruto from the mind scape, and he slowly faded away.

Naruto opened his eyes slowly, and was blinded by the bright lights all around him, then a voice brought him into full awareness.

"Good to see you're finally awake, Naruto" the voice said

Naruto looked over to where the voice originated from and there standing at the foot of the bed he was on, was the Hokage himself.

"Hokage-sama just the person I needed!" Naruto yelled

Sarutobi smiled "Is that so? What would you need from me?"

"I want to join the academy, and become a Shinobi" Naruto stated with a determined look in his eyes

"Really now, and why would you want to do that?" The Hokage asked, with pride in his voice

"I want to join so I can protect myself from the bastards in this village, and become poweful"

Sarutobi frowned, he knew how his life was, but he couldn't help or it would be 'favoritism' "Very well Naruto, I'll enroll you today, be there tomorrow when classes start"

Naruto nodded "Arigato Hokage-sama"

Sarutobi then left to enroll Naruto into the Academy, Naruto put on his clothes, with their fresh blood stains and hopped out the window of the hospital, he went around town and eventually found the academy.

"Hmm, so this is the Academy guess I'll just hang around here till tomorrow, no point in doing anything else, oh wait, Kyuubi you there?"

"Yes kit, I am, and you don't have to talk out loud for me to hear you, just think it and we can talk silently"

Naruto nodded 'Ok so, are you gonna start teaching me today, or what's gonna happen?'

"No, I want you to get settled in the Academy for a few days first, then I will start teaching you next week. Now, I'm going back to sleep, maybe you should find a place to sleep too, you still need more rest"

'hmm, I am still a bit tired, guess so. I'll find a bush near the Academy to sleep in'

Naruto found a place close to the academy and went to sleep for the night, he dreamed of being a powerful shinobi and having the respect of the whole village that night.

The next morning Naruto woke up to the sound of a bell going off, he got up and walked towards the academy "Guess that means that classes are starting or something" he walked through the academy and headed to where he heard noise.


Inside the classroom Iruka Umino was just getting the class settled and quiet to start the day when there was a knock on the door. He yelled "Come in!"

The door slowly opened and a kid that didn't look good came in, his clothes were torn up and bloody and he was dirty. His blond hair had bits of dirt and streaks of blood in it, and the kid was very thin looking.

The kid looked at Iruka "A-are you the instructor?"

Iruka looked at the boy "Yes I am, Umino Iruka. How can I help you?"

Naruto looked around at all the kids staring at him and flinched slightly "Today is my first day here"

Iruka frowned "Ahh, you must be Naruto Uzumaki then, Ne?"

Naruto shrugged "I guess that's me, I never heard that name Uzumaki before though"

Iruka looked confused "How have you never heard your own surname before?"

Naruto looked down "I never get called by name in the village, I've only heard the Hokage call me Naruto, and no one has ever called me Uzumaki before"

Iruka looked slightly iritated "All right then, why don't you introduce yourself to the class?"

Naruto looked confused "Umm what should I say?"

"Well, things you like, don't like, how old you are, when your birthday is things like that"

Naruto looked thoroughly confused "Umm...I like good food...I don't like mean people...I don't know how old I am...and what's a birthday?"

Everyone in the class looked shocked at this, what the hell is with him?

Iruka looked at Naruto's file "Well Naruto, your file says that your ten years old, and that your birthday was yesterday, October tenth"

Naruto cringed then smiled when he mentioned the day before, which did not go unnoticed by Iruka

"Naruto, did something special happen yesterday?"

Naruto frowned "Special? No not really it wasn't to much worse then other days, I mean, I found someone who understands me, so I'm the happiest I've ever been I guess, so overall, the day balanced out"

Iruka shrugged off his statement "Okay then, pick a seat and get settled in" Naruto nodded and went up to the back of the room and sat down in the corner as far away from everyone else as possible.

Iruka cleared his throat and began "Okay everyone today we're going to be studying the history of Konoha!" most of the class 'awwed' or 'booed' but Naruto was very interested, this was his first chance to learn new things and he wanted to learn all he could.

Before he knew it Iruka had dismissed them all for recess and lunch, Naruto shuffled out the door and went over and sat under a tree away from all the other kids, he drew his knees up to his chest and rested his chin on his arms on top of his knees. Though, he wouldn't be left alone for too long, soon enough a kid in a puffy gray jacket with a dog on his head came over and sat in front of him. Naruto looked at him confused.

"Hi, I'm Kiba, so you're the new kid huh?"

Naruto nodded "Y-yeah, I guess so"

Kiba looked him up and down for a second before frowning "What's with the clothes, you look homeless with them on, why don't you wear a different set?"

Naruto looked confused "Homeless?"

Kiba shook his head "Homeless, yeah you know when you don't got a place to live"

"Oh, well I don't wear anything else because I don't have anything else. I'm as you said, homeless"

Kiba looked shocked "Really? How long you been on your own?"

Naruto frowned, "I don't know, ever since I got kicked out of the orphanage...I think I was 4 then"

"Where do you sleep then? And who cooks food for you?"

Naruto shrugged slightly "I sleep where it seems one it's not to bad though I guess"

Kiba frowned at him "If no one cooks for you then what do you eat?"

Naruto shrugged again "Whatever I find"

Kiba was shocked at his answer, how the hell does someone live with no house or food to eat? "So, anyway back to the clothes, why are they so torn up and... who's blood is all over them?"

Naruto pulled his shirt out and looked at it "It is pretty torn up huh? And the blood is mine"

"Okaayy so why is your clothes covered in blood then?"

Naruto mumbled "Villagers"

Kiba's eyes widened in surprise "You're saying that villagers did all that to you?"

"Well, some of it is from Shinobi too, but they don't attack that often"

"What the hell! You've been attacked by Shinobi!? From where?" Kiba yelled

Naruto looked confused at him "What do you mean? From here of course"

Kiba for his part looked furious "It's illegal for a Shinobi to attack members of the village!" His yell drew stares from everyone around, Naruto looked extremely nervous of all the stares

"C-could you go? I kind of want to be alone for now" Naruto asked/pleaded

Kiba frowned at being told off, but left anyway, if he wanted to be alone why should he care?

Naruto was glad that that Kiba kid left, he was making him really nervous, He put his head down and closed his eyes and concentrated on darkness, when he opened them again he was in front of the Kyuubi's cage, he walked up to the cage and looked inside, but didn't see anything

"Hey, Kyuubi you there?" he called. Right after he called two red eyes snapped open in front of him and a deep growl came from Kyuubi.

"Well I was sleeping, what do you want?" Kyuubi growled

"Sorry, I was just bored and since we have two hours of time I figured we or something until recess ends"

"Fine, we can plan what we're gonna have to do, first is we need to get you some new clothes, and a good supply of food, we also need to get you a place to live"

Naruto frowned "But Kyuubi those things take money! I don't have any"

Kyuubi grinned in a very mischievous manner "Don't worry, I have an idea, tonight we will get you some money to get the things you need, once stores start to close"

"I refuse to steal from people Kyuubi!" Naruto yelled

"Good, because it's not stealing I call it unique fund raising" Kyuubi laughed, in a very feminine manner, again.

"Kyuubi, what's with that laugh? You sound like a girl when you laugh like that"

Kyuubi towered over Naruto "What's wrong with being a women!" She roared

Naruto stumbled back onto his backside "Y-you're a girl?" he asked

"So!? Do you have a problem with the most powerful being on earth being a women!?" She roared...again

Naruto stammered "N-no! I just thought you were a guy is all!, with the deep voice and all"

"Figures, a male thinks that only another guy can be all powerful"

"That's not true! You just sounded like a guy! I have no problem with you being a women"

"Good. Because if you did, tough shit, it's true. Now back to the plans you're going to go through some stores and take their money, we need it to get clothes and food, and eventually a place to live"

Naruto frowned at the idea of stealing "Fine, but I don't have to like it"

"Good boy, now get out of here, your classmates are going back in" She then booted him back out into the real world, just in time to see the last kids leaving the field, he jumped up and ran to the building behind everyone else, once inside he went back up to his spot in the top corner.

Iruka cleared his throat and began his lesson, "Ok we're going to start off with the Kyuubi incident 10 years ago." Naruto instantly snapped to full attention, he wanted to know every detail possible about the Kyuubi incident.

"10 years ago yesterday the Kyuubi attacked Konoha, no one ever found out why, but it does not really matter, all that matters is that it did attack, It went on a rampage outside the village killing over half of the villages Shinobi, everyone in the village lost at least one friend or family member, then the Yondaime came into the battle atop the head of the great toad summon Gamabunta. The Yondaime sacrificed his life to kill the Kyuubi and win the fight"

Naruto was down right confused "That's not true" he called out

Iruka was extremely surprised 'Does he know!?' "What do you mean Naruto?"

"The Kyuubi never died" he responded.

Kyuubi noticed what he said "KIT! SHUT UP! Shut up shut up shut up!"

'Wha-why Kyuubi?' Naruto responded more then slightly confused

"You fool, do you want them to know you know about me?!"

'Ohhh crap, you're right' he responded

Iruka was extremely nervous, and everyone else in the room was very confused, "Naruto what are you talking about?" Iruka asked

'Shit what do I say now! Aha I know!' "Umm sorry I must be thinking of something else, the Kyuubi was that fox right?"

Iruka nodded "Yes, Kyuubi was a nine tailed fox, why?"

Naruto nodded "Ohh, my bad yeah thinking of something else" 'CLOSE ONE!'

"You moron you almost got us both nailed!"

Iruka looked very relieved 'Good, he doesn't know'

"Right, now back to the lesson..." The rest of the day continued like that, with Iruka teaching various history lessons, most kids tuning it out, and Naruto soaking it up like a sponge.

The bell rang and all the kids ran out of the building like a bunch of animals while Naruto just slowly got up and left.

'So, Kyuubi how are we going to go stealing, I'm not exactly a master of stealth, and I have no tools'

"Actually, I'm going to have to train you slightly today, to mold your chakra, and one jutsu which should make this much easier'

'Sweet, so what do we do?'

'Okay, first you have to tap into your chakra, to do so, you have a meditate, look deep inside yourself and look for a source of power, you should see two, a blue one, and a red one. Do not touch the red one, that is my power and you aren't ready for it."

'I, I think I see it, it's like a blue glow in my stomach"

"Good! That's it kit, now imagine dragging that power throughout your body, and then out of your body"

Naruto did just that, he concentrated on it and his chakra flowed throughout his body, and then out of his body, basking him in a ethereal blue glow.

"Very good Kit! You did that much faster then I was expecting you too! Now for the second part you have to do some hand seals and bring forth your chakra and mold it correctly for this jutsu, I'm going to give you the hand seals in your mind, practice them until you memorize them"

Naruto did as instructed and practiced the signs until he could do them without any trouble at all.

"You're doing very well Kit, now is the hard part, you have to mold your chakra to your hands and imagine a giant bubble forming in front of you, this jutsu is a sound sealing justu, it will trap any and all sound within a given area via a dome of chakra"

Naruto practiced the ending of the jutsu for hours, right at sundown he finally got it,

"Hibiki kouchisho no jutsu!" A large shimmering dome about fifteen feet tall and twenty feet wide formed in front of him.

"Sweet I did it!" He yelled

"Congratulations Kit, I knew you'd be a quick learner, but remember, think your words don't actually speak them"

'Right, sorry Kyuubi. So what now?'

Kyuubi grinned in his mind "Now that it's dark out we find a secluded store with no one around, you cast the jutsu on the building, break the window and rob them blind as fast as possible, don't steal any merchandise because that could be traced back to you if you use it, but if you take the money from the register, then you're good to go"

'Ok, here we go' Naruto went through the town scoping out stores, he finally found the perfect one, off in the edge of the village. It wasn't near any other stores or private houses, and it had big front display windows.

Naruto crept up to the building and cast the sound proofing jutsu over the window's and front of the building. He then picked up a rock and tossed it through the window, he watched in fascination as the window tumbled to the floor in a shower of crystalline fragments without making a sound.

"Quick, get in there and grab all the money you can, we don't have long before you have to get out of here Kit"

Naruto jumped up through the window and ran across the store, he found the register and started to break into it with various things laying around, he finally succeeded in breaking the draw free and wrenched it open, he grabbed all the money he could from it and went looking for more, in the back of the store he found a large safe.

"Damn, looks like I'll have to teach you a way to break into safes if we're going to have to keep doing this to survive, for now get out of here, tomorrow we will try and get you some clothes and food. You got a good amount of money from this place, more then enough to last for a while"

Naruto jumped back out of the window and ran from the store as fast as possible, letting his jutsu fade as he ran away, he then found a quiet place to sleep, and did just that.

The next morning Naruto woke at the crack of dawn with a little mental poking from Kyuubi

'Ugh, why did you wake me so early Kyuubi?'

"Because, most of the shops are open, and you need some clothes, then some food. And if we don't do it early you'll be late to the Academy, now get a move on it!"

Naruto spent a while going from store to store, getting kicked out of everyone before finally coming to a store that looked like it was made just for Shinobi's. The sign out front read 'Kurasuke Weaponry and apparel' Naruto shrugged and figured he'd give one more shop a chance before giving up, he walked through the door, which gave a light jingle from a bell on the door.

A man that had his back turned to him started speaking "Welcome to Kurasukes, how can I help you today?" He then turned around and saw Naruto, or more accurately saw who he was.

"Ahh, it's you, I finally get to meet this infamous 'demon' eh?"

Naruto frowned, figures just another mean person. He turned and started to leave the store, but before he could grab the handle two large hands grabbed his shoulders and pulled him back into the store, he instantly started to freak out.

"Please don't hurt me! I'll leave! I'm sorry for coming in!" he yelled

Then suddenly the hands spun him around, and there was the man, crouched to eye level, staring into his eyes, his cold hurt eyes.

"You don't look like a demon to me, You look like a hurt child to me" the man said

Naruto didn't trust the man, people had said that to him before, and then stabbed him in the back, literally. "Can I please leave?" he pleaded

"No" was the flat reply from the owner "those clothes of yours are horrible, and you're not leaving until you get new ones"

Naruto got a glimmer of hope in his eyes "R-really?" he asked

"Yes really. Now go ahead and pick out anything you want, then bring it over to me when you're finished"

Naruto went around the store looking through all the different styles of clothes and different pieces of Shinobi gear they had. He eventually picked out a whole new set of clothes. He got new sandals, a new shirt, a jacket, pants, belt, everything. He brought all the stuff over to Kurasuke like he asked him too.

Kurasuke looked over the clothes he picked out "You're training to be a Shinobi, right?" Naruto nodded "Well, your going to need some of these then" he said while bringing out a Kunai and a Shuriken

Naruto's eyes widened at the presence of the blade and he started to back away from the counter,

Kurasuke frowned.

"Stop, I'm not going to hurt you, you need some of these Kunai and Shuriken if you want to be a Shinobi"

Naruto nodded "Good! I'm going to give you a set of 20 Kunai and 35 Shuriken then" he said while bringing out rolls of Kunai and stacks of Shuriken.

Naruto looked at all the stuff in front of him 'I hope we have enough' "Umm mister, how much do I owe you for all this stuff?"

Kurasuke looked at all the stuff and then at Naruto, dirty and covered in blood "You know kid, I know who you are, and I don't see you the way the others do, I think you're a hero for what you've done for this village, tell ya what, if you promise to come back to me for all your other stuff in the future, this stuff here is on the house, how's that sound?"

Naruto almost fell over from what he just heard "R-really?"

"Yes, really. So do we have a deal?" he asked while smiling

"Y-yeah!" Naruto yelled

"Good now, go into the dressing room in the back and change into these, I wont let you wear those rags one second longer"

Naruto nodded and went into the back of the store and changed into his new set of clothes, it felt good, no it felt great his old clothes were itchy and annoying, but these felt great. Naruto stepped out of the dressing room and Kurasuke smiled at him "Now you look like a true Shinobi kid"

Naruto smiled, "Thanks, I guess I'll see you around huh?" he asked

"Yeah, but before you go, what's your name?"

"Naruto, Naruto Uzumaki" Naruto answered

Kurasuke smiled "Well it was a pleasure doing business with you Naruto, I'll see you later"

Naruto left the store and headed towards the Academy, he looked at his new watch and noticed he still had about 45 minutes until school starts, so he could get some food for the first time in a few days.

He walked by a stand and smelled something amazing, "Mmmm That smells amazing, maybe they will let me have some" Naruto walked into under the curtain of Ichiraku Ramen and sat at the bar.

"Excuse me, do you think I could get some food?" he asked

The man in the back poked his head out, he was and older man who looked to be in his mid 50's. He looked at Naruto and immediately knew who he was.

"Ahh, I was waiting for the day you would finally come to my establishment" The man said

Naruto frowned "Does that mean you want me to leave?"

Now it was the mans turn to frown "No no no, My daughter and myself are some of the few people of the village who believe you are a hero for what you've done, I would be honored if you ate here, my name is Tsuchi by the way, and my daughter is Ayame"

Naruto smiled, what was his luck to find three of the only people in the village who liked him? "So what kind of food do you serve here? It smells fantastic"

Tsuchi smiled "Here at Ichiraku's we serve the best Ramen in all of Konoha"

"Ramen huh? Do have anything that's like a deluxe meal with like...everything?"

Tsuchi's smile grew "Do we ever! The Ramen supreme, It's our healthiest Ramen, it's filled with Vegetables, beef and anything else the body needs, it's filled with nutrients and vital minerals the body needs"

Naruto was drooling all over the place, that sounded fantastic "I'll take as much of it as you can make for the next 30 minutes!"

30 minutes later Naruto had cleared through 8 bowls of the 'Ramen Supreme' and he'd never felt better in his life.

"Thank you so much Tsuchi-san, that was the best food I've ever had, how much do I owe you? I really have to get going to the Academy"

Tsuchi smiled at him "Tell you what, you come back here later for dinner and this one's on the house"

'What is it give free stuff to Naruto day? If so, let it stay today forever!'

"Deal! I will definitely be back later"

Naruto got up and ran off to the Academy to start another day of learning, but now he had a very full and very happy stomach and a fresh new set of clothes, but he did still need a bath.

Naruto arrived at the Academy right as the last kids had gotten inside, Naruto walked into the room and went up to his seat in the corner. Stunning everyone in the room, leaving them all with the same thoughts of 'Wow! Is that the same kid that was in rags yesterday!?'

Naruto was now decked out in black shinobi sandals, which the top of was covered with his new pants, Jet black cargo pants with a crimson dragon wrapped around the left leg, on the right and left thigh of the pants were black Kunai and Shuriken holsters. Further up he had a net shirt, over the shirt he was wearing a black jacket with red flames going from the shoulder's down the arms, where they looped around the wrists, on the back of the jacket was a blood red fox head. The whole front of the jacket had pockets and pouches all over it. Around his waist he had a utility belt with pouches hanging off of it, totaling eight pouches, though they were all empty for the time being.

The morning went by without incident with Iruka teaching more about Konoha's history and Shinobi history, it was time for lunch before Naruto knew it, he went outside with everyone else and sat under the same tree he did the day earlier. And same as yesterday, Kiba came over and sat with him again.

"Yo" he said with a little wave as he sat down

"Hey" Naruto responded

"So, those are some pretty nice threads ya got, thought you said you were homeless?"

Naruto nodded "I am, I found a store yesterday who would sell things to me, and he gave me all this stuff for free if I promised to come back to him for the rest of my stuff in the future"

"Sweet, sounds like you got some good luck then huh?"

"You're telling me, I found a restaurant that lets me in this morning too, now I just have to make enough money to be able to eat regularly"

"Hmm, so how you gonna make money then?"

'Shit, I can't tell him I steal it...right!' "Doing a couple little things around the village here and there"

"Cool man, sounds like your life is improving a bit eh?"

"Yeah, I suppose it is, now I just need to try and get a place to live"

"Speaking of that Kit, this week every night after school I'm going to train you a bit, if we plan on getting an apartment we're gonna need more money then we have now"


"So, what you don't have any food for lunch?" Kiba asked

"Nah, but I'm alright I'm used to going for days, sometimes even a week or so without food, so lunch is no big deal"

Kiba gasped slightly "Days, weeks!? I'd die if I didn't eat three times a day at least!"

Naruto chuckled darkly "Hahaha, You would be amazed at what the human body gets used to, Things like hunger, and pain have no meaning to people like me, it's an advantage, being able to turn off feelings like those"

Kiba shivered at the thought of what one would have to endure to be unaffected by pain, but was brought out of his thoughts by a question from Naruto, "Kiba, do you know what I am?"

Kiba cocked his head "huh? What do you mean do I know what you are?"

'Hmm, It seems the kids don't know of you Kyuubi' "Never mind Kiba, I was just wondering something"

"R-right, well I'll see round Naruto, I'm gonna hang with my other friends now" He said while getting up, he then turned and walked off towards a group of about 4 other boys, who instantly started asking him questions once he got close enough.

"So, what's he like?" One kid asked

Kiba shrugged "He's...odd he is distant from life and from what he's said he's been homeless since he was 4"

"Anything else?" another kid asked

"Y-yeah, he asked me if I knew what he was, which really freaked me out"

"What he was? Hmm I'm gonna ask my parents about him tonight" Everybody nodded, planning on doing the same thing with their parents.

The rest of the day went by quickly and eventlessly, Naruto was the last one to leave again.

'So Kyuubi, what are you teaching me today?'

"Glad you asked Kit, First head to a very secluded area that has a tree in it"

'...kay' Naruto ran off to the least used training ground he knew of, he eventually arrived about 20 minutes later.

"Ok, we're going to be working on your chakra control for a few days, it will make breaking into stores much easier with the things we're going to be doing"

'Okay, so what are we doing today then?'

"Today you're going to be climbing trees using chakra. The way to do it is you focus your chakra to the souls of your feet, and then walk up the side of the tree sticking to is using your chakra, I find the easiest way to start off is to place one foot on the tree then channel your chakra to it until you feel it stick, then bring up your other foot and continuing slowly step by step"

'Hmm, that doesn't sound to hard, I'll give it a shot'

Naruto went up to the tree and placed one foot on the tree and started channeling chakra to it, he felt his foot 'glue' to the tree and lifted his other leg off the ground to the tree, he put his foot on the trunk and started to channel chakra to it as well, and lost his hold and smacked onto the ground on the back of his head.

"Ouch" he groaned while he leaned up and rubbed his head

"Ahahahah Kit that was hilarious, but don't be discouraged this trick takes a long time to get, I have confidence in you"

'Thanks Kyuubi' He got up and continued practicing the tree climbing exercise, a few hours later Kyuubi stopped him to go get some dinner, and he had already gotten over half way up the tree.

Naruto walked into Ichiraku's stand and took a seat at the bar "Good evening" he called.

Tsuchi popped his head around the corner and smiled "Ahh, I was wondering when you'd come around again, what can I get ya tonight?"

Naruto tapped his chin in thought "Hmm, I think I'll have 4 bowls of that Ramen Supreme I had earlier, it really does have everything the body needs, which is what I need"

Tsuchi chuckled "Alright then, it will be up in a few minutes. Hey Ayame! Come meet our new customer!"

A girl came in from the back, she looked to be about 4 years older then Naruto, she had long brown hair that went down just past her shoulder's, "Well hello, if it isn't the hero of Konoha" she said while smiling warmly.

Naruto blushed slightly "I didn't actually do anything, I was just born at the wrong time"

Ayame bopped him on the head lightly "Nonsense, you keep the whole village safe with what you do"

Tsuchi walked in with Naruto's food "It's true you know, if it wasn't for you the whole village would have been destroyed, here's your food"

Naruto grunted and took up his chopsticks "Sometimes I wonder what would of happened to Konoha if Kyuubi never was sealed in me"


'Wait what?'

"Nothing would have happened to the 'great konoha' I never wanted to attack the stupid village. I was heading south and was going to go around the village when the morons started to attack me, I just defended myself, now look where we both are, both lives ruined over a misunderstanding, Hahaha"

Naruto sighed "Fucking idiots" He had been siting there staring at nothing for about 45 seconds, so this random statement caught Tsuchi and Ayame off guard.

"Umm you ok?" Ayame asked

"Yeah, I'm fine why?"

"Well, you were just staring at nothing, and then just said 'Fucking idiots' out of no where" she said

"I said that out loud? Crap!" 'Damn it I did it again fuck!'

Now Ayame and Tsuchi were both eying him strangely "I'm ok, just thinking about something" He then went back to burning through his bowls of Ramen, when he finished eating he set out some money for the food and got up.

"Thanks again for the food, it really is the best food I've ever had" Naruto turned and left the restaurant, and headed off to his new found favorite spot to sleep.