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Fourteen Years Later

Bella's POV:

"Anthony, if you insist on learning right now, at least let your father help you!" I called out from my spot on the grass.

Edward was currently playing with Renesmee on the playground but looked over here at the sound of my voice.

"He won't let me help him." He shouted. "Apparently I'm old and lame."

I laughed at Anthony's description of Edward. If only he knew how amazing his father really was. Edward had stopped competing after Anthony was born but we still went every year to watch. Renesmee had actually been born in Chicago when we were there.

Since Anthony had grown up watching the MSD, naturally, he wanted to learn how to skate. He refused to believe that Edward could skate, much less believe that I could.

"Anthony, let your father help. Your never going to get anywhere if you just keep falling on your butt!" I said, making my tone a little firmer.

He pouted and yelled out, "fine."

Edward brought Renesmee over to me and settled her in my lap. She wrapped her arms around my neck and watched Edward walk to Anthony. She was a daddy's girl. Edward was nuts about her. I remember when Renesmee had first met Elias, Gabriel and Catie's son, Edward had gone haywire.

Elias and Renesmee had been playing all day, and when we left, Renesmee hugged Elias and he gave her a little kiss on the cheek. Edward had swooped Renesmee up in his arms instantly glaring at Elias, which caused him to start crying. Gabriel smacked Edward upside the head and teased him into believing that Elias and Renesmee would one day get married.

"My daughter is going to grow up a nun! She will never be subjected to your son's impure thoughts!" He had yelled out. It was a hilarious sight.

We had all had our little rascals and gotten married about two years after high school. Gabriel and Catie were first and they had one son, Elias. Then Alice and Jasper, who had a huge wedding since Alice had become a well known fashion designer. They had twin girls, Andrea and Haley. Emmett and Rosalie had two boys, Joey and Lucas, and one little girl, Lily.

Edward and I had gotten married last and had a small wedding. He became a pediatrician and I became a journalist for the local paper. We had Anthony first, then four years later, we had Renesmee.

While Renesmee was all over her dad, Anthony preferred me. It wasn't that he was a mommy's boy, we just understood each other more. He liked to stay inside all day reading a book or listening to music. The boy was only ten and he was acting like me when I was fifteen.

Anthony handed his skateboard to Edward and came to sit next to me with a pout.

"This is so embarrassing." He grumbled. I laughed.

"Why is it so embarrassing?" I asked.

"Cause Daddy's not cool!" He whined. I rolled my eyes.

"Just watch." I told him.

"What is daddy doing, mommy." Renesmee asked.

"He's going to show your brother how to fly." I told her.

Edward took a deep breath and turned to look at me.

"Let's hope I don't break a hip." He said, smiling and winking.

Anthony and Renesmee watch in awe as Edward pushed off and ollied over a grind rail. He still had the talent, all right. He did little things, like grinding rails and skating on the quarter pipes. This skate park didn't have any bowls so he wouldn't be able to really show off.

"Whoa." Renesmee breathed out when Edward finished.

"That was so cool." Anthony whispered. I noticed him slightly scoot away from me. I narrowed my eyes.

"Where do you think your going, Anthony?"

"Uhm…" He stuttered trying to get out of the situation. I rolled my eyes, knowing exactly what was going on.

"I'm way cooler than daddy." I said dramatically.

Renesmee turned in my lap and looked at me as if I had three heads.

"Don't lie, mommy." She told me. My eyes widened as I thought of where my six year old daughter could have learned such a come back. Emmett, of course.

I smiled and motioned for her and Anthony to lean in. Edward was walking back to us and narrowed his eyes when I winked at him.

"Can you guess why I'm cooler than daddy?" I whispered.

"Because you cook better?" Anthony offered.

"Cause your prettier?" Renesmee guessed. I giggled at their way-ward assumptions.

"No. It's because I have….a super power." I said, widening my eyes a bit and leaned in closer, causing them to believe it.

"A superpower?!" They both exclaimed.

"Shh!" I whispered hurriedly, covering their mouths. They nodded furiously with wide eyes.

"What kind of super power?" Anthony asked, his ten year old mind getting the best of him.

"I can make your daddy do anything." They both gasped.

"Anything?" Anthony asked. I nodded with a smile on my face. Edward was standing five feet away with narrowed eyes.

"Anything Anything?" Renesmee clarified. I nodded again.

"Can you make him let us sleep over at Elias's house?" Renesmee asked quietly. I laughed to myself. Edward hardly let Renesmee play with Elias after the hugging incident, much less sleep over.

"Sure." I told them with a smirk. I rolled up my sleeves and stood up. "Watch me work my magic."

"What are you up to?" Edward asked me suspiciously when I reached him.

"Nothing, Edward." I said innocently. I put my arms around his neck and leaned in so my lips were at his ear.

"I was thinking…we haven't had a night to ourselves in a while." I whispered in a breathy voice and ran my fingers over the back of his neck, causing him to shudder.

Ah, the powers of seduction. I loved using it after our honeymoon, when I found out that I could bend Edward to my will with just a bit of persuasion. I knew it would work right now, because Edward was a little,uhm, frustrated. Having children really limited our…late night escapades.

The kids didn't even suspect a thing right now. To them, it just looked like we were hugging and talking.

"We could drop the kids off at Emmett's and Rosalie's?" He suggested, his voice an octave lower.

"They're going out tonight. They're dropping the kids off at Gabriel's."

"Alice and Jasper?" He suggested, starting to sound desperate. I smirked to myself, knowing I had him exactly where I wanted him.

"Are still in Seattle with Carlisle, Esme, and Charlie."

"Gabriel and Catie?" He suggested afterward.


"Sure." I breathed out.

"Kids, your going to sleep over at Elias's house tonight!" Edward yelled out, rushing to get them in the car.

"Yay!" They exclaimed, looking at me with a secretive smile that I shared.

"When we were driving to Gabriel and Catie's house, I heard Anthony whisper to Renesmee.

"Mommy is way cooler than daddy."


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