She leaned against the cabin, starring at the midnight sky

She leaned against the cabin, starring at the midnight sky.

I have been distracted all day to day! What's my DEAL? She thought silently to herself. She felt the night time breeze softly flow through her hair.

"Courtney? What are you doing out this late?" a voice said behind her, she turned to see Bridgette and her surfboard.

"Nothing, I wasn't tired so I just came out for a walk. Are you going surfing THIS late?" she asked, eyeing her board. Bridgette laughed a little.

"Nope I just got back, I know it's kinda late but I stopped and talked to Duncan. He was sitting at the dock of shame so we talked for a few minutes, he seems to be in a foul mood." And with that she shrugged and walked away.

Duncans all ways in a foul mood. Courtney thought as she kept on with her walk.

She walked along she beach looking over at the water; she stopped dead at her tracks to see a duck with a can wrapper around its neck. Before she could blink a shark jumped in mid air and ate it.

Courtney twitched at that sight.

"Didn't see that coming." She said and shivered at the thought.

"It's the circle of life princess." Some one said behind her, she didn't even need to turn around to guess who it was.

"What do you want Duncan?" Courtney asked rolling her eyes, she had better things to do than talk to such a pig…and then again…she didn't.

"Don't half to get defensive princess."

"Who's getting defensive?"

"You are. I think I just said that." Courtney still had her back to him, but she could tell he was smirking. She turned on her heel, as if to say some thing, but stopped before she said a snappy remark to rouse him up.
"Your such a child Duncan." Courtney finally said.

" I've been called worse." He laughed a little, she just then realized he was standing next to her.

They both just looked at the water for the longest moment.

"You seemed pretty distracted today princess, something bugging you?" Duncan asked, breaking the silence. She was quiet for a moment, then kicked the sand into the water.

"Why should you care?"

"I'm your teammate, and if something's bugging you, then it might make you lose focus in a competition."

He was right for once.

"It won't affect my focus, I promise."

"Sure it wont."

"I said it wouldn't."

"And that's why I said 'sure it wont'"

"Duncan, I'm not in the mood for your sarcasm!"

"What kind of mood are you in then."

"I'm in the mood to kick your ass. Now shut up and leave me alone." Courtney finally remarked and walked away from the spot they were standing.

Duncan was in shocked, and impressed. No one has EVER talked to me like that, especially not a GIRL!

He ran up to her and pushed her into the sand. Pay back, can't punch girls? Push 'em

"AUG! DUNCAN YOU'RE SUCH A-" Courtney screamed, getting up from the sand and seaweed.

"Pig? Child? Delinquent? Idiot? Jerk?" Duncan threw words left and right, she grinned her teeth.

"How about all of the above?"

"Sure let's go with that."

"Why the hell would you push me?"

"To wake you up, come on princess seriously! Get out of your little mood and get your head back in the game." And with that Duncan smirked and walked away, leaving Courtney to think about what he said.

He thinks he's so smart, well, HE ISNT! Just another smart alek, brainwashed hottie at this camp!

She walked back up to the campsite and stopped in her tracks, openmouthed.