Hours passed and all seemed…back to normal…The Killer Bass won the challenge…Harold is on many medications again…Heather was ticked off…as was right with the world. Courtney walked out of her cabin, slowly taking steps near the lake. She looked at the sand and saw a shadow coming close to her, and she could tell who it was.

"PRINCESS- ouchh!" Duncan yelped, Courtney had stuck he foot out and forced Duncan to crash into the sand. She smiled politely.

"awe, sorry about that." She cooed modestly, and stuck her hand out to help him. He took her hand, but instead he pushed her down with him so she landed on his chest, she sighed and rolled off him, sitting contently in the sand.

"You could have died today Duncan!" She said under her breath. Her eyes where narrowed on her hands, for some reason she found looking at her nails more interesting than meeting Duncans eyes.

"So?" is all he answered, this got Courtney angry. She stood up and looked down at him.

"so? SO? You scared me! I could have lost you! You're a fool!" she shouted this loudly, and Duncan immediately covered her mouth.

"Stop screaming…" He looked around, but smirked at her, letting his hand slip away from her mouth, "'I could have lost you!' well well well, Princess finally admits defeat…"

Her eyes grew large. "WE could have lost you…the team…"

"Now Courtney, is that really what you meant to say?" he smirked even more, coming in closer to her. She looked away, "As much as I hate to say this…no..that's not what I met to say…"

The next words coming out of their mouths, where what either of them where expecting to say.

"Thank you, for saving my life, Courtney" Duncan said quietly, looking at her face carefully, as he said this slowly.

"-And…thank you for saving mine…" Courtney also said n the same pace, looking up to him meeting his eye.

"I guess…I guess things go back to normal now right?" Duncan said, his normal strong voice returning. But his thoughts ran through his head 'Your letting her slip away…'

'It doesn't matter now…'

'Everything matters now!'

"I guess so…" Courtney cooed, nodding her head as both of them stood together in silence.

Duncan was trying to find more to say, but his eyes where closed…all he could hear was Courtney's feet walking away the sand. His eyes opened and turned to her, as her back was to him.

"Princess?" Duncan said, half questioning himself and half trying to seem bold, she turned.

"If…everything is back to normal, then you still go back to hating me…" He started/questioned.

"This…is true."

"And if its back to normal, I still act like a stupid fool trying to get you to notice me."

"This is also true." She smiled, trying to hide it.

"So…" he stepped closer, swaggering a little. "I still get to try to hit on you."

"And," she added, being shrewd, "I still get to call you a Pig and tell you to stop being a perv."

"That's true." He said, after a slow pause. "But…can I be serious with you for one moment?"

This caught her off guard, but then nodded.

"After…after all the stupid things iv done…lied…cheated…stole…almost killed you…" he paused, trying to think of other things he's done, then caught Courtney's look and continued. "After even all that stuff…how do you feel?"

"I feel…fine?"

He stepped closer, grabbing her hand, "how do you feel…about me?"

Her hand slipped away from his, she looked up into his teal eyes, smiled, and shook her head. "This doesn't matter…"

"It matters."


"…Because I'm done with you messing with my head, making me think that I actually might have a chance in all this mess. When you…when you where hurt all that mattered was your safety…I cared about you…and I still do…all I want to know is the truth…all we do is screw with each other…Princess….Courtney…How do you really feel?"

"You want to know how I feel? Angry. Angry that we kept denying this. Duncan it doesn't matter, and it never will. We're to different…we always fight…do you honestly think its best if we just admit we have feelings toward each other? We're. Nothing. Alike. At all. No msatter how either of us change." She took a long pause, covered her eyes with he sleeve, and sigh sharply, "We should just let it all go, and go back to being team mates." She looked up at Duncan finally, her eyes puffy and red.

"But does it make you happy?"

"…Does what make me happy?"

"Just walking away." He suddenly grew angry, his eyes narrowing her as he drew in closer. "forgetting how any of this feels…" he grabbed her hand, holding it tightly, "You might have seemed content, being a leader, having every one listen to you, coming from a strict family, having to keep high grades…but you weren't happy…"

"You don't know that."

"Trust me. I do. I do know that. I can tell when your happy and when your not."

"Then what am I?" she grew as angry as he was, "what am I right now?"

He paused, then wrapped one arm around her and kissed her lips. His goal was only to make it last a moment, but felt her arms swing around his neck, he felt her smile on her lips, but also felt her tears slipping down her face. If they where tears of happiness, or of grief, he will never know, but as the sun kept falling that afternoon, he could only say a few words. He let go of his kiss, resting his forehead on hers.

"I love you Princess…" he finally said, biting his lip. He saw her giggle, not know of what was to come.

"I don't love you…. I merely enjoy tolerating your existence immensely." She smiled resting her head on his chest.

This threw him off, not knowing what most of thoughts words meant, "Huh?"

"IT MEANS SHE DIGS YOU DUDE!" a voice from near by bushes shouted. Followed by an "OW!"

"Geoff! Shut up! They'll hear you!" a girls voice said.

"I think they did Bridgette! Gosh…"

"GAH!! Harold shut UPP!!!"


Courtney and Duncan watch the bushes movie, snap and break. Courtney looks up at Duncan and they both shrug and walk away back to camp to enjoy the rest of the summer while they still can.