This story is post-Journey's End, so major spoilers involved! A little look at what could have possibly developed between Captain Jack Harkness and Donna Noble … (She did seem to fancy him, after all!).


"Who – is that?" Donna pointed to the screen, a spark of flirtation and mild lust in her eyes at the sight of the handsome captain.

"Stop it …" The Doctor's voice warned.


"You can hug me if you like …"

Jack laughed and turned back to the moving scene of the reunion of his two friends.

"No, really!"

He laughed again, more awkwardly this time, before the Doctor re-engaged the two of them in matters.


Donna Noble had been working as a secretary for Wards Solicitors, a locally based law firm dealing with domestic matters, for the past five months. The work, although slow and often a little dull, satisfied her yet untried mental capacity and the pay was more than ample. She made good friends with the other 'lower down' members of staff and she enjoyed the routine that her occupation allowed. After all, it was all she was used to, never having been much of a traveller or risk taker, inspite of her granddad's recent and unexplained urgings for her to go out and "see the world" as he put it. Donna, ever perplexed by the musings of her grandfather, had yet to take him up on his advice, but even so she did feel some slight discontent at her everyday existence after he began pestering her to live life more on the edge. Inspite of these feelings, however, she found the pull of the above average salary that came from working for a nationwide firm too enticing to start taking a midlife gap year, and felt like sticking with her career.

She was still, even at the ripe old age of thirty-four, very much dependent on her mother and grandfather. Although she didn't live with them anymore, (residing in a small flat in Fulham since she got her new job), she had most of her meals at her family's house and knew that although she didn't necessarily need them to rely upon, without them she would feel slightly lonely. Her world revolved very much around her family and friends (mainly women, either similar to herself or happily married with young children) and she found it comforting that she always knew whom to turn to when in distress. Therefore, it put a bit of a spanner in the works when she received the email from her boss, Jonathan Ward, apologetic for any inconveniences, stating that she was to be relocated to Cardiff of all places.