Title: Going Back
Author: Inquisitive1
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Going Back
By Inquisitive1


**** Sunnydale, CA- 2028 ****

"I am to what?!" the girl shrieks stunned as the words slowly sink in.

"Yes, Kieran. You'll need to go back to Sunnydale" the blond confirms to the tall dark haired girl standing before her.

Kieran looks at the blond stunned "Tara, how?! I mean he's going back in time. To when our parents where alive." She gasps clutching her head in pain.

Tara goes to Kieran touching her arm lightly "Kieran I know that its hard for you. But you have to! If you don't he'll die..."

"And so will I" Kieran sighs. "Tara how can I explain my presence to them? And who I am? What I am?"

"I'll write my past self a note. You'll need to explain more of the situation to them. Kieran I know you want him back especially now"

"I do Tara. Not just because of that but I can feel his pain at being trapped. Tara he's scared not just for himself but for me and everyone else." she rubs her temples "If I can't bring him back I want to tell him"

Tara takes her hand comfortingly "You can bring him home. You love him enough to bring him back. He loves you too."

Kieran smiles sadly "Does he? He left me!" she reminds tearfully

"He's too much like his father" she laughs. "Kieran you two are connected. I saw that from the moment your mother told everyone she was pregnant. Even at 5 he felt your presence, your soul. And you felt his. Your connection is even stronger than the connection between either of your parents."

Kieran smiles faintly "What of my mother? I mean he'll most likely go after her first"

"I doubt that he'll try to go after her" Tara answers "I'll also do a protection spell for you."

"How are we getting back?"

"I'll add the return spell to the note to my past self." Tara replies getting her supplies together. "Go rest. I'll get this together and let you know when I'm ready."

Kieran nods and returns to her room she takes a picture of her, a man, and a woman off her nightstand. "Daddy. Mama" she smiles touching the couples features lightly. "I get to see you again Daddy. And maybe meet you Mama." she whispers laying down on her bed she falls asleep holding the picture.

A few hours later Kieran wakes up her body shaking in pain as she cries out terrified "DOMINICK" sitting up she holds herself tightly "Oh god Dom. Please be OK. Please" she pleads tearfully

The bedroom door opens and Tara rushes in "Kieran what's wrong?" she asks sitting on the edge of the bed.

Kieran clutches Tara's hand as she tries to catch her breath "I have to go back NOW." She gets off her bed stripping out of her clothes as she goes to her closet.

"Is something wrong with Dominick?" Tara inquiries as she watches Kieran move quickly through the room pulling on other clothes

Kieran pulls on her leather pants as she talks "He is going to start hunting soon. I've got to get there before he does. Otherwise..."

"Buffy and the Initiative will hunt him down."

Kieran nods "Someone will end up dead..." she wipes her tears away "I can't let anyone die. Especially the innocent" she pulls on her tank top then laces up her boots "Are you done?" she demands

"Yes." Tara answers "I've written the letter." She watches as Kieran grabs somethings shoving them in her backpack. "Now remember you need to be extra careful."

Kieran looks up with a sly smile as she hides her stake in her boot "Aren't I always?" she puts on the crucifix that was once her godmother's. "I promise I'll extra extra careful. I have more than myself to think of now"

"Good. Now are you ready?" Tara asks with a smile

Kieran nods picking up her backpack and her duster. "I guess I shouldn't take this" she chuckles looking at the duster...her father's duster.

"No you shouldn't its familiar to them. I'll take care of it" Tara promises as she watches Kieran put the duster in back in the closet and takes out her black leather knee length jacket.

"Is this better?" she asks. At Tara's nod she pulls the jacket on. "Now I'm ready" she announces following Tara out of the room.

Tara hands her an envelope and a folder. "Okay give this to me when you reach Giles' place. You'll arrive just before nightfall giving them time to call Angel in LA."

"Um should I tell them?"

Tara nods "Yes but do it when your ready."

"So basically wear my sunglasses until they ask me why I'm wearing them"

Tara nods as she finishes the last few details of the spell. "I'm ready." she gestures to the circle on the floor.

"Where will I appear?" Kieran asks entering the circle

"Here. No one but us has lived here since the 40s. Angel bought the place when he and Buffy got back together."

"OK. I guess I'll see you in the past" Kieran smiles faintly

"Oh when I did the protection spell I also did a cloaking spell that will block you from other vampires unless you allow it."

"Will it block..." Kieran trails off

"Yes." Tara answers lighting the candles she begins to chant in Latin. The wind picks up and the candles flicker out and thunder vibrates. As the wind returns to normal Tara notices that Kieran is gone. "Good luck" she whispers in the darkness

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