Title: Going Back
Author: Inquisitive1
Rating: PG 13 for language and implied violence
Disclaimer: I own only Dominick and Kieran and the plot
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Chapter 9

Kieran looks around sniffing the air. "We're being watched"

"I know" he nods releasing her hand

"So what now? We fight them or leave 'em"

"Its a small groups 3 or 4 at the most" Dominick answers "I can take who ever they are. Why don't you head inside" he suggests

Kieran shakes her head "Not gonna happen." she grins at him "We've always fought together why stop now"

"Kiera" he protests

Kieran glares at him. "Sorry I'm not letting you have all the fun. I'll be careful" she promises

"fine but if you aren't you are going to be grounded when we get home"

"I hate being grounded." she grumbles

"Well boys look what we have found." Forrest says walking out of the shadows holding his taser on them "Why am I not surprised that we found you here? Maybe its because you're involved with those civilian demon hunters."

Kieran shrugs "Maybe maybe not"

"Lets go" Forrest orders

"Sorry we aren't going back there" Dominick retorts

"You have no choice" Forrest states

Kieran glances around her surroundings trying to find a way to distract the soldiers "You know I once dated a guy like you" she says to Forrest "The thing I hated most about him was that he was too cocky. He always thought he deserved things" she smirks "You know what happened to him?"

"What you drained him" Forrest remarks

"Hey I resent that." she protests "I never drained anyone" she says defensively "I have no need to. I don't need blood" she tells him "See he pissed me off and I rammed his head into a wall."

"So why do I care?" Forrest demands

Kieran shrugs "Maybe its because thats what I'm gonna do to you" she says as her eyes change and her canines lengthen. "Or maybe I'll just take you to the nearest group of vampires and let them have you for breakfast"

Dominick takes a step forward holding his wrists out "Go ahead give it a try." One of the soldiers moves forward to take on Dominick. "Sorry man I lied" he growls vamping he does a roundhouse kick to the soldiers face knocking him out. Within seconds more move in to take them on.

When one of the soldiers holds a taser on Kieran she shakes her head in disbelief "You never learn do you" she kicks the weapon out of his hand then sweeps his legs out from under him.

After a few seconds Kieran and Dominick see that only Forrest and Graham are left standing. Dominick looks at them his eyes cold "Two against two. I'd prefer more interesting odds but oh well."

Forrest rushes Dominick causing the two to bring their fight into the courtyard of Giles apartment building. Kieran is distracted momentarily as she watches her lover move away that Graham tries to aim a kick at her head but she sees it coming moving out of the way it hits her shoulder as she sweeps his leg out from under him she brings her leg down on his stomach knocking the wind out of him as she taps him across the jaw. "Night" she remarks standing she wipes her hands on her pants. She walks to the courtyard to find Dominick still fighting Forrest both going all out. She joins Buffy and the others in the entryway of Giles' apartment watching the fight.

"Hey are you OK pet?" Spike asks standing beside Kieran

Kieran nods "I'm fine" she smiles slightly her attention on the fight "This is gonna be a long fight" she sighs sliding to the ground watching the two fight "Hey Xander got any Cheetos?" she calls

"Why are you thinking about food at a time like this" Buffy demands concerned

Kieran shrugs as Xander hands her a bag of Cheetos "Thanks" she replies "I'm hungry so sue me" she growls opening the Cheetos bag she shoves a handful into her mouth

"Willow, Tara I think its time to begin the spell" Giles suggests wincing at the punches thrown and the sound of flesh being hit

"Uh sure" Willow agrees the two heading into the apartment

Xander sits beside Kieran "Hey share those Cheetos"

Kieran hands him the bag "Dominick are you gonna be done soon?" she whines

"Uh" Dominick grunts "I'm in the middle of something" he replies

"Well I'm bored hurry up" Kieran calls annoyed

"Like its my fault your bored" he retorts

"Oh shut up" she remarks watching the two fight. Kieran is amazed at the strength Forrest shows. She laughs

"What's so funny?" asks Spike

Kieran chuckles "This is like the only time I've ever seen someone best Dominick"

Dominick glares at her annoyed as he flips Forrest onto his back "He isn't besting me" he growls at her

"Hey don't growl at me" Kieran shakes her head

"Letting a chick tell you what to do?" Forrest smirks wiping the blood

Dominick winces "You shouldn't have said that" he shakes his head

Kieran cocks her head her eyebrow raised "Did he just call me 'chick'?"

"Uh yeah" Xander replies

Kieran glares at the soldier "Be glad I'm too tired to hurt you" she looks at Dominick "can you please stop playing and knock him out" she requests "I'm getting bored with this whole 'I'm a guy so I'm gonna hit' mood. Normally I'd be having fun but I'm getting tired. When I'm tired I get weird." seeing Xander is about to make a smart remark "One word and you'll learn why the school bullies are scared of me" she frowns "Hey Xander got any Twinkies?"

"Xander if you give her a Twinkie I'll pound you" Dominick threatens as he finally knocks Forrest out

"IF you don't give me a Twinkie I'll hang you upside down" Kieran remarks

"Sorry I'm out of Twinkies" Xander apologizes.

Kieran sighs regretfully then frowns "I wonder if I have any in my backpack"

"What are you going to do with Forrest?" Xander questions looking at the unconcious soldier

"Ohh I know" Kieran smiles evilly "Lets hang him by his toenails over one of the pits in the caves then play country music until his ears bleed" she pauses "I got a better idea tie him to a chair and force him to watch every episode of Baywatch and 90210 until he goes braindead."

"That is wrong. Just plain evil" Buffy shakes her head "I wouldn't even wish that kind of torture on Spike"

Kieran smirks "and where do you think I got all my torturous no killing ideas from?"

"so what are you going to do with him?" Angel asks

Dominick looks at the fallen soldier thoughtfully "I'll go dump him in an alley. He'll be out for a while"

"I still say we should go with the torturing" Kieran grumbles

Dominick rolls his eyes "I'll go dump good ol' Forrest" he picks up the still out soldier over his shoulder. "Back in a few"

"He always gets the fun" Kieran grunts standing she follows the others into the apartment. She sprawls out on the floor with one arm behind her head the other laying across her stomach.

"So what did they do to you?" asks Anya

"Drew some blood thats all" she replies with a slight wince "I hate needles" she mutters

"At least they didn't put a bloody chip in your head" Spike snorts

"Nope I just got blood drawn." she replies

"And amazingly she took it like a big girl and everyone is still alive" Dominick chuckles as he enters "Last time they drew blood from her I had to chase her throughout the hospital." he sits by Kieran's head

"Where's Forrest?" asks Buffy

"You didn't kill him did you?" questions Xander "Because I think killing military guys can get you life"

"No its 20 to 30" Kieran answers the others all stare at Kieran who shrugs "When you've been arrested as many times as I have you learn"

Dominick chuckles tugging on a strand of her hair "No I didn't kill Forrest. Killing's never been my thing."

"No kidding." Kieran snorts "He won't even kill a spider for me" she shudders "I hate spiders"

"What's it like in the future?" Willow asks curiously

"Pretty much like it is now. Things won't change drastically." Dominick replies thoughtfully

"What about the Hellmouth? Is like it is now?" Angel asks

Kieran shakes her head "Not really. In a way its gained power and populatrity as a vacation spot"

"Why?" asks Xander confused "How does the Hellmouth gain power?"

Dominick and Kieran look at each other silently

What do you say baby? he asks

I guess we'll need to explain. Not like they'll remember. Your older you tell 'em

"Chicken" Dominick taunts

"Am not." she protests flinging her arm across her eyes

Dominick shakes his head looking at the others he begins to explain. "Our births were prophesied centuries ago. It was said that where ever we were born would bring a balance of power both good and evil to the area. So since we just happened to be born on the Hellmouth it gained power. When Kieran was born the Hellmouth reached full power"

"Like always he blames me" Kieran mutters

Dominick ignores her remark and continues "Full power of both good and evil"

"So your saying that Sunnydale became some sort of neutral territory?" Willow asks thoughtfully

"You mean Sunnydale becomes Switzerland" Buffy muses she frowns looking at Willow "Is Switzerland still neutral or should I go back to high school"

"Still neutral" Willow replies

"High school is over rated" Kieran mutters in annoyance sitting up she leans against Dominick's side

"Sunnydale is now considered to be a haven of sorts for both sides. The Initiative does rule but they learned early on what we want we get. We still get the demons bent on killing and destroying. Mostly its calm."

"Sunnyhell calm" Spike groans "I may hate this place but its at least good for some laughs"

"Still is" Kieran replies "Fledglings are getting dumber every year so once every six months we have the Olympics"

"What's that?" Buffy asks

"A game we made up when we were able to patrol on our own. We set up kind of an obstacle course. The more each of us stakes the more scores we get. The highest score wins" Dominick explains

"Its fun cause its the only time I get to make up fun ways to beat up demons or vampires." Kieran grabs her backpack and unzips it in search of Twinkies

"What are you looking for?" Dominick asks amused

P Kieran pulls some things out "Twinkies. I coulda sworn I had some in here" she muses pulling out an envelope she hands it to Dominick "Oh yeah Prinicpal Dumbass sent this" she frowns returning to her search

"What is it?" he asks

"Its either my report card. A letter saying I'm expelled forever" she sighs "I wish. But I think its one of those 'we request your attendence to discuss Kieran Addington's recent behavior' or its 'the cops want talk to you' letter."

"What did you do?" Dominick demands annoyed

She shrugs "I dunno. You know how much fun he has getting me suspended." she pulls out a set of handcuffs "Why did I put these in here" she muses

"I don't want to know" Dominick remarks

"I do" Xander says

"I'd tell you why if I could remember" Kieran says continuing her search

"Why are you searching for Twinkies?" Buffy questions

Kieran looks up "I'm having one of my Twinkie cravings." she returns to her search "Oh here are your car keys" Kieran says handing Dominick a set of keys

"What were you doing with keys to my car?" he demands

"Don't worry its still in one piece" she assures him

Dominick rubs his hands over his face muttering obscenities under his breath.

"And the Initiative is one of the bad powers" Giles muses

"No way" Kieran says excitedly. She looks up to see the others staring at her confused "I found a candy bar that I thought Brent jacked" she explains she rolls her eyes "Yes the Initiative bad. Evil. Up there with the Spice Girls" she shudders in revulsion

"That's cold" Xander remarks

Dominick rubs his hand absently "They are among the bad. Even the new generation that went hardcore."

"And even more slutty than the original if that's possible" Kieran mutters still searching through her backpack. "Where are those fucking Twinkies" she growls in annoyance

Dominick reaches over smacking Kieran on the back of her head "Watch it"

She glares at him rubbing her head "That hurt" she grumbles

"good" he retorts

"For that I'm keeping your credit card" she smirks

"How the hell did you get my credit card" he demands

"Hey you left it in your desk with your car keys" she shrugs "Fair game"

"Hand over my credit card" he holds out his hand


"At least tell me how much you charged so I don't have a heart attack when the bill comes" he begs

"Uh" she scrunches her nose "A couple hundred. You won't have a heart attack." she shrugs then "Ah ha I found you" she pulls out the mushed package of Twinkies "Oh how I love Twinkies" Kieran says happily

"See what I deal with" Dominick says sarcastically

"I got it" Willow says excitedly causing everyone to look in her direction

"Got what Will?" Buffy asks

"Who they remind me of" she answers looking at Kieran and Dominick

"Huh?" says Buffy

"They argue like Cordy and Xander" Willow remarks

"Huh?" Xander says looking up at his best friend surprised "Say what?"

"How do they remind you of her" Anya says looking at Cordelia in disgust and then finishes "and my Xander"

"In high school Cordy and Xander argued all the time" Willow answers

"Heard stories of your fights" Kieran remarks leaning back on her hands

"Ah yes the famous fights." Xander muses

"You know I think those fights are the only thinks I miss about living here" Cordelia remarks

"And the time they got caught in the janitors closet by Snyder" Buffy laughs

"I got detention for that" grumbles Cordelia "I missed out on a shopping spree because of Nerdboy"

"That's it" Kieran remembers

"What's it?" asks Dominick confused

"The letter from Sir Dumbass." Kieran replies

"A shopping spree?" inquires Spike confused

Kieran shakes her head "I wish. Last week I got caught sleeping in the boys locker room" she says sheepishly

"Again?" Dominick groans

"Why were you even in the boys locker room?" questions Buffy

"Yes do tell" Dominick requests sounding annoyed

"Waiting for Brent. God he takes forever to change. Who woulda thought it could take a teenage guy 20 minutes to change clothes" she shakes her head in disbelief. "And don't start with the lectures OK" Kieran glares at Dominick

"Who said I was going to?" Dominick questions

Kieran rolls her eyes "Cause I got them the last two times" she stretches her arms above her head then to her feet

"What of the demon population?" inquires Wesley curiously

Dominick looks at the British Watcher "Its somewhat the same. We still have the same demons some are dying out."

"Any of them extinct?" asks Angel

You gonna tell him about the Mohra demon? Kieran asks

Yes. I really want to tell Mom about his day as a mortal. She deserves to know.

I know love but to tell her now? What good will it do? I mean she'll forget about it when we leave. Angel will tell her baby.

Maybe I'll hint about that day.

"Uh why are you two so silent?" demands Xander

"Its creepy" Anya states

"Uh sorry." Dominick apologizes "Its habit"

"What type of demons are extinct?" Angel asks again

"The Mohra demon is extinct" Dominick tells his father watching his expression

"Mohra demon?" asks Buffy confused

"The one Dad killed over Thanksgiving" Dominick answers vaguely

Kieran watches Angel's expression seeing the pain flash through his eyes

"Oh yeah the one that you hit with the clock" Buffy remembers

Angel nods silently

"How's it going with the spell?" Kieran inquires looking over at Tara as she works

"The..there's a slight problem" Tara stammers

"Why am I not surprised" Kieran grumbles

"So what's the deal?" demands Dominick

"It needs to be cast at night" Tara answers looking at the windows "and dawn will be here in about three hours" she looks at her notes "plus there are a few ingredients that I need to find"

"That is a problem." Giles states rubbing his forehead

Dominick glances at the clock "Damn. Forrest will wake up soon. He'll start his search."

"We could head to the mansion. They never check there during patrols" Buffy remarks glancing at Angel who nods in agreement

"We should go now." Angel stands he looks at Spike "Spike go pick up some blood from Willie"

"Can't we just have him deliver" he whines

"Spike you know how easy it is to beat information out of Willie" Buffy admonishes "How do you think I always seem to know when you try to do something?"

Spike stands muttering under his breath "Fine Peaches but I'm broke" he holds out his hand

"As always" snorts Buffy

"Tell Willie to add it to my bill" Angel replies

"Bloody hell Slayer what do you expect. I can't go out and eat for free anymore" Spike grumbles pulling on his duster "See ya later" he says strolling out the front door

Dominick stands looking down at Kieran as she stares at the wall thoughtfully "Come on midget" he prods kicking her leg lightly

"Don't call me that" she retorts snapping out of her zone out.

"Stand up we're going to the mansion" he replies

"Not moving" Kieran whines

"I know your tired but when we get there you can go to sleep" Dominick promises

Kieran nods reluctantly and stands "All right. There is a good part about not heading home" she grins

"What's that?" Dominick asks warily

"I won't have to spend the weekend studying for that biology test. So get ready to write me an excuse"

Dominick smirks "Willow by any chance do you have a biology book Kieran can borrow?"

Kieran glares at him "I hate you right now" she growls

"Uh sure I have one somewhere. I'll bring it this afternoon" Willow says nervously

"Willow can you bring me my homework and a change of clothes" Buffy requests

"Yeah I will" Willow promises

"I'll let you know about my progress" Tara nods to Kieran as she gathers her notes and books

"You two ready?" asks Angel

"Yeah" nods Dominick

"Will if Riley calls tell him I'll call him back."

"Will do" Willow nods

"You guys be careful" Giles nods at the four

"We will" Buffy assures her Watcher

"Cordy, Wesley can you do a grocery store run" Angel requests

"Not a problem. Is there anything specific any of you shall want?" questions Wesley

"None for me" Buffy replies

"Creamy Peanut butter and honey" Kieran requests "Can't survive with out my peanut butter and honey sandwich"

Wesley nods

Angel opens the door allowing the others to exit before him. Angel sees Kieran and Dominick's hands brush lightly. He looks over to see Buffy watching Dominick puzzled. "What's wrong love?" he asks softly

Buffy smiles at Angel "Just trying to take this all in"

"It is amazing isn't it" Angel smiles back

Dominick looks around "Hey Kiera race ya" he grins

"Sure" Kieran agrees I need your arms around me.

"We'll meet you there." Dominick says to his parents

"Sure" Angel nods knowing what his son means

"Ready?" Kieran asks

Dominick nods "Lets race" he says the two take off in the direction of the mansion

"Angel what's going to happen?" Buffy asks softly

"What do you mean?"

"Between us" she clarifies

"I'm not sure baby" he replies