Xirysa has offered a challenge: Any pairing, any fandom, written with the five senses. I've decided to take it up and write out five of my favourite couples from Fire Emblem 7 into five chapters with one sense more in depth then others. If you want an idea of what couples to expect, they're listed in my profile.

(Yeah, the title kinda sucks. Ugh...)

Sensing You

Written by CeleBaby20

First Sense: Sight

Couple: WilxRebecca

It was more then just the element of surpise, it was overcoming shock. To see her there on the field of battle...and she isn't even a proper mercenary! Wil knew this right away, from seeing her shaky hands, her unsteady grip on her bow and the way she bit her lower lip to surpress tears. She was afraid to take lives.

Oh yes, he could see everything. Especially her fear. She was only fifteen and she was fighting for a cause that even she didn't even know. The thought had struck him: why? Why was she here? Why was she fighting when the only experiance she had with a bow was by hunting?

And most of all, why was she not looking at him?

He decided to go over and speak to her. It's one thing to fight with fear, but it's another when a comrade in arms just ignores another. There had to be some support.

"Hey, Rebecca!" Wil called.

Rebecca turned and saw Wil coming towards her. It had been five years...and he looked no different. His eyes still sparkled and his hair was still earthly brown. He had grown a bit taller, but that's all she could say about it.

But was he completely oblivious? He had left her! Sadness welled in her eyes...

"Hey...what's wrong? Aren't you happy to see me?" Wil asked.

"Wil, you...it's really you?" Rebecca asked.

"Yeah. How about that? I didn't imagine we'd see each other in battle..." Wil said. "So? Are you happy to see me? You haven't answered me yet."

Rebecca hated his ever-so cheeky and happy grin. "Wil, you left the village with my brother. No, I'm not so happy, in case you couldn't see! You're just like Dan! Left and never came back!"

"Wait, Dan never came back?" Wil's grin vanished and he looked confused.

"No..." Now it was Rebecca who was confused. "Why?"

"Because...Dan and I had parted ways at Badon...only a few months after leaving the village. He never went home?" Wil asked.

"No...did you think he had?" Rebecca asked, curiousity etched on her face.

"Yeah, actually...that's exactly what I had thought..." Wil cut himself off when he saw Rebecca's facial expression change. Confusion, betrayal, hurt...and finally a small smile.

"At least you're here now. That alone makes me happy."

"I'm sorry I left, Rebecca..." Wil said, putting an arm around her. Instead of wretching away, she sighed and got closer to him. Wil...her childhood friend, close companion and she was so glad to see him.

"Wil, after this battle...will you come back to Pherae with me?" Rebecca asked.

"Of course. And you know what?" Wil said, a thought occuring to him.


"We've got a lot of planning to do."

"Wil? Planning for what?" Rebecca was very curious now.

"Ahahaha! Sorry, Rebecca, but let's wait until after the fight's done! And I don't mean this one battle. I mean until the lords say we can all go home. I'll go back with you. And I promise I'll surprise you," Wil said, laughing. He let go of Rebecca and flung an arrow at a Pegasus Knight. Rebecca turned around and flung an arrow at a sword bearing mercenary. They slapped a high five and continued on. Wil's happy expression never changed. His thoughts rested on one thing.

"Rebecca...I can't wait to see you in your wedding dress."


I have to admit, sight was a bit of a hard one. But I had fun writing this. Probably because I was listening to Avenue Q while writing. But I had the urge to write. Mwehehehe.