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Sensing You
Final Sense: Taste
Pairing: EliwoodxNinian

Setting: After Nergal's defeat, Ninian is living with Eliwood in Pherae

Tears and memories are one and the same: both are bitter and salty.

Ninian could never forget the sadness that her brother left behind when she said she wanted to live with Lord Eliwood. Even today, the sadness lingered like the dryness of the desert had. The memory would not leave her.

She had spoken of this to her love, Eliwood. After much thought, he had an idea that might cheer her up. So Marcus, Lowen and the lord himself rode away from the castle, and Ninian was left with Isadora and Eliwood's mother.

Thinking of Elenora, Ninian smiled a little. When Eliwood announced his bride to his mother, she had clapped her hands with happiness and told Ninian that she was now her daughter. Since then, Ninian felt like a princess.

Now if only Nils' face would stop haunting her sleep...

"Ninian!! Ninian? Where are you?"

"O-over here, Lord Eliwood!" Ninian called. She was in their bedroom, sitting at the desk and just writing whatever came to mind on the paper in front of her. Eliwood entered the room, smiling and carrying a small box. He planted a kiss on Ninian's cheek and sat on the chair next to her.

"Ninian, how many times have I told you that you don't need to call me Lord anymore? We are going to be married. You are going to be my wife soon."

"I'm sorry. I just haven't gotten used to this life yet," Ninian answered. "Everything is so new to me..."

"I'm very certain you will soon. I brought you a gift. Two, in fact," Eliwood said. "Have you ever tasted baked goods or sweets?"

"No..." Ninian said, shaking her head. "Are they good?"

"They're a delight. Here..." Eliwood opened the box he was carrying. A sweet scent wafted from the box and Ninian peered inside. There were breads of strange shapes and they had odd coloured spots on them. One of them was covered in a milk white substance, which Ninian had never seen before. One of the breads was brown.

"What strange bread!" she exclaimed.

"It's not bread, Ninian," Eliwood said. "These are called cakes. They all are very sweet and one of my favourite things to eat. And I bought them for you."

Ninian clapped her hands together happily. "My lord! Thank you so much!! Will you eat them with me?"

"That's a wonderful offer. Let us go to the dining hall and eat them together."

Within minutes, the young couple were seated at the grand Pherae dining hall with forks and a plate in front of them. Merlinus placed the cakes on the table and left the lovebirds alone. Eliwood pierced a brown cake with the fork and lifted a piece up.

"This flavor is chocolate. Here," he explained, feeding Ninian the piece. She chewed and swallowed, a smile creeping across her face.

"That's delicious! What do the others taste like?"

Eliwood pierced another cake with the odd coloured spots. "This one is vanilla, and it has candy cooked right into the cake. That makes it sweeter," he said, feeding Ninian another piece.

"I like this one," she said after chewing. "It sort of reminds me of a rainbow."

Eliwood smiled a handsome smile and pierced a third cake. This one was covered in the strange white substance. The cake itself looked like it was vanilla without the bits of candy.

"This one is covered in an ingredient called 'icing'," Eliwood said. "Don't worry, it's not cold, it's just a name for it. It's made from milk, sugar, butter and a bit of cocoa," he added, seeing Ninian's face change at the mention of the name.

She bit it hesitantly and chewed slowly. Her face soon changed from surprise of the name to one of joy.

"This one is surely my favourite. It's so good!"

"Did I make my lady happy?" Eliwood asked.

"Yes, my lord, you have made me very happy. Thank you," Ninian replied. She leaned forward to kiss Eliwood on the lips and they shared a deep moment in a swirl of past memories, love and the sweetness that was still on Ninian's lips. When they pulled away, Eliwood had one last surprise for his soon to be bride.

"I didn't only go to the Bakery in the village, Ninian, I sent Lowen to Ilia a few days ago."

Ninian's curiosity perked up. Eliwood knew she was born in Ilia, but why did he send Lowen to go there?

"And I had him bring back this. For you." Eliwood reached into his clothing pockets and pulled out a rare Ilian flower. The petals were a shimmering crystal white colour with a beautiful teal center that matched Ninian's hair perfectly.

"An Ilian hibacus! Oh Eliwood-!" Ninian's joy peaked even higher. Her crimson eyes were sparkling with tears again, but this time, they were tears of happiness. "Thank you so much!!"

"Ninian, I would do anything to make you happy and smile...you don't have to thank me," Eliwood said. Ninian didn't listen and threw her arms around her future husband.

"Anything for you, Ninian. I would do anything for you, so you would never have to taste despair again."


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