Title: Possession
Summary: It was all a matter of possession.
Rating: PG
Spoilers/Warnings: Daniel/Vala. Pre-ship or ship, depending on how you want to read it.
A/N: A brabbit attacked me in class one day, and this is what I wrote down on a napkin at McDonald's afterwards.



Guys kept asking to dance with her, and he couldn't tell them no.

She wasn't his.

So instead he sat, watching her be led around the center of the room, song after song, by men that weren't him.

He couldn't blame them for noticing her in a room full of people. She's always had the kind of electric personality that always turned heads her direction. Add to that a slim-fitting black silk number of a dress, and heels that accented already long, slender legs, and there was no way for men to keep their eyes off her.

She was beautiful - he had realized that he'd always thought so. Yet he wasn't the one holding such beauty in his hands as it smiled and laughed, and twirled around to the music. He merely watched from the sidelines, sipping the drink in his right hand.

It was all he could do because when they asked, he couldn't tell them no.

She wasn't his.

Still, she'd been happy to accompany him to this banquet. The purpose of it really didn't matter, he'd needed a date, and she'd eagerly accepted the invitation. Of course the only one he'd asked was her - she was the only one he'd wanted to go with him.

Had he known it would turn out the way it had, maybe he just wouldn't have asked. He probably wouldn't have gone.

But he had asked, and he was there. He took another sip of his drink as the song ended, and her latest dance partner kissed her cheek.

He put on a kind smile as she made her way back to him. Her breathing came in slightly labored gasps from the excitement of dancing.

The moment she reached him, her hand snatched the glass from him. She brought the edge to her lips and tossed the alcohol back like it was water. It was one of those surprising things about her that made her so unique and loveable.

As she placed the glass down on the table, he waved at the waiter to bring another. Her hand came to his chin and tilted it so their eyes met.

"Take it easy, okay?" A faint smile played on her lips.

He smiled in return. She'd always taken care of him, even when he completely believed he didn't need to be taken care of.

"I will."

She lifted one eyebrow. "Promise?"

He nodded. "Promise."

Her grin was rewarding. "Okay." Her hand on his chin came to brush through his hair. His blue eyes closed at the touch. "You look so handsome tonight, Daniel. Why don't you ask a nice girl to dance?"

His eyes opened and looked into hers. He hadn't failed to hear the subtle hint in her suggestion.

He was about to answer when another man came up to tap her bare shoulder.

"I was wondering if you'd like to dance?"

She opened her mouth to say something, but he shot up from his chair. His arm hooked around her waist and pulled her close to his side.

"Actually, she's with me now." He denied the man's request politely. The man nodded his apology and walked away.

Blue eyes turned to find an amused smile directed back.

"Wanna dance?" Daniel asked with a smile, hand massaging her hip gently.

Vala grinned outright. "I thought you'd never ask." She leaned in to place a chaste kiss to his lips, and he couldn't tell her no.

Because he was hers, heart and soul.


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