Title: Ghosts in the Force
Rating: Gen/K? What is the "Anyone can read this" rating for fanworks?
Characters: Dean, Sam, Obi-Wan.
Words: 300
Notes: Again, this is aaaall Tony's fault. It's been hiding in my inbox for months and then it reared up last night and bit me in the ass…
Face it. Dean shouting "Oi! Princess!" across a hanger and Leia looking up, only to have Dean follow up with, "Not you! Gigantor there!" would have Han laughing his ass off…
Disclaimer: None of these guys are mine. Still hoping for a Jensen Ackles under the tree this Christmas…


He 'hears' them before he sees them, the odd, familiar, staticky jangle along the edge of his Force-sense that tells him that they're around even if he can't see them. He knows he's only allowed this much, this hint, because they sensed him a while back and they're letting him know "we're here/you know us/friend" in their own inimitable fashion.

It was nice to receive warning this time.

Indeed, as he watches, two figures practically roll in one puppyish mass, from the doorway of the Mos Eisley Cantina, falling over each other with laughter and a reasonable facsimile of inebriation, just enough to make the Stormtroopers overlook them as "too drunk to cause trouble; not drunk enough to cause a problem". They catch his eye fleetingly, offering infinitesimal nudges of greeting, no more than ghosts in the force – and that is what he would have thought they were, if not for the fact that they jostle him on their way past.

Dean and Sammy, he remembers as he mentally follows their retreat. Sons of the Corelian Jedi John Winchester, so inseparable they had been practically treated as one boy by most of the Temple instructors, in spite of the four year age gap.

John had up and vanished during the Clone Wars, taking his boys, eight and four standard years old at the time, with him. It was good to know that the boys, at least, had survived those horrific years.

Shaking himself from his reverie, he continued into the Cantina, intent on his goal of finding himself and his charge passage off this rock.

Whatever it was the taller of the two boys – it had to be Sammy, he decided; Dean was more blatant in his actions – had slipped into his pocket, it could wait until they were space-bound.

The beginning.