'Something's coming' Angel had told her

Chapter 1


She was a sixteen year old girl from Holland who wanted to take an exchange program in America. When all other programs were full, there was only one option left. It was in this town called Sunnydale.

From the moment she had arrived in Sunnydale, people were questioning her. What business had a girl her age there? Why not another place? She would have been so much better off elsewhere

Phoebe was a stubborn girl who wasn't easily influenced.
She was strong. Which you better had to be in Sunnydale, she would learn later.

She felt there was something about Sunnydale that had brought her there. Some kind of force or however.

Her guest family was the Oborn family. They were barely ever home, so that often made her have the house to herself.

After a week of settling down in the little town her first day of school was coming. Paula the girl in her guest-family was her age. She was posh and popular which she bragged about to Phoebe.

They were walking to school together. Paula avoided eye contact. Phoebe knew Paula felt too good for her.

"So, what's Sunnydale High like?"

"It's a weird school. With lots of doofus people" She answered snobby.

"Ok.. that sounds er.. strange."

"It is"

"Can you show me around?" Phoebe asked. She could see that Paula wasn't happy about that question because she rolled her eyes.

"Only until my friends are here" She stated as they entered the school building. Phoebe was smiling to herself. Real American culture. Cool. With the lockers and all. They didn't have lockers at her high school or a cheerleader team.

"Do you cheerlead?" Phoebe curiously asked as she was getting a quick tour in the school.

"Nope. Cordelia does though" Paula answered shortly. She pointed out to white doors. "There. Ladies room"

"You got your books yet?" Paula asked.
Phoebe shook her head. "Noo"

"Then you can get some in the library over there, and the gym is the to the left."

In the hallway some girls were heading their way. "Need to go. Tata!" Paula ran off and Phoebe was left behind. She only carried a notebook and pen in her pocket so far. A cute looking guy was passing her by.

"Hi" She shyly said, looking a bit down. The guy was smiling at her. She looked at her schedule. She was in group B2.

The classes were boring that day. Science and math didn't really interest her. It took her ages to understand any of it. Patiently she kept on reading the same math task over and over again. They had made her some copied pages of the book.
"You need some help? I kind of saw you struggling there" A gentle voice offered. It was a girl with red, long hair. She looked a bit hippie which Phoebe could relate to. She was a bit alternative herself.
"Oh er.. I just finished it." Phoebe replied, smiling at the girl.

"Ok, but if you need any more help then just give a scream. I need to go." The guy she had run earlier into was waving the girl to come. The girl with the long red hair turned around one more time. "You should get some books at the library. It's right around the corner from here"

"Hey thanks!" Phoebe said. She felt a little disappointed that the guy seemed to be taken though.

After class she wandered around a bit in the school. It wasn't really anything bigger than her school still there was something so different. And it wasn't only for the American culture. She could sense something she couldn't really explain.

Back home at night she opened her laptop and started to type out her adventures so far for family and friends to read in Holland.

When I had heard about the name Sunnydale I pictured a cute little town with warm-hearted people. It sounds Sunny after all.

But truth is that the people are pretty closed here for as far as I can see. They ask me questions. "What's a girl from the Netherlands gonna do in a town like Sunnydale?" They just don't seem to understand why I want to take my exchange programs here. It really doesn't matter though. Just wanted to taste a bit of the American Culture.

And yes it's really like how I imagined. They really do have these cheerleaders. It's a whole pretty-girl culture that makes me kind of laugh on the inside. I can see the joke of it, while they take these things damn seriously. In a few months this winter queen fest is coming. It's like a home-coming thing with all the fancy dresses and competition, but then a winter version. It's gonna be fun and I'm gonna be writing about it then.

American guys are also as cute as I hoped. I ran into this guy at school, but I think he is taken since I saw him later on with a red-haired girl. I didn't meet a lot of people yet except for Paula in my host family. She's ok, but she's got an attitude problem. She belongs to the popular group. I hope I get to meet this cute guy and this red-haired girl more often. They seem cool.

Phoebe stopped when she heard a sudden sound that made her heart skip a beat.