It was cold and dark. It didn't look like any place Phoebe could recognize. Knowing she was dreaming she walked the place. After walking in the endless darkness for ages, she was in the middle of a grave yard. She was standing on somebody's grave. She studied the stone to find out the person had recently died.

David Rinsy

01/03/1980 – 01/09/1999

We loved him like a brother, lover and son

All of a sudden Phoebe heard ruffling sounds from below the surface. She swore that a hand made it's way through the mud, and just seconds later another hand. A body was pulling itself up from the earth. Phoebe hid behind the stone.

She couldn't believe what she was seeing!

The man who had come out of the grave stumbled around. He had to get used to his surroundings. Then all of a sudden a girl her age jumped him, put a wooden stake into his heart and the man turned to dust. Phoebe's eyes grew big as the girl noticed her and helped her up.

'Who are you?' She asked flabbergasted. It was like there was a voice from the sky.

'In every generation there's a chosen one. She alone…'

Phoebe woke up covered in sweat.

The dream felt real. Very real. Like it was true.

She told herself to calm down and put her feet back on the ground. She was a dreamer and her fantasy sometimes got on the run with her. She walked downstairs and filled a glass with water. She didn't dare look out of the kitchen window though in the middle of the night. Nights were something that scared her. You couldn't see what was going on in the dark, and if something happened, how would you be able to fight something or someone you could barely see? The guy from earlier in the tree popped into her head and she tried to forget about it since it scared her.

She closed the curtains of the kitchen window and flicked a light on to comfort her.

The next day at school she spend alone. She decided to get some of the schoolbooks from the library Paula had referred to. It had big doors that had to be pushed open.

The man that she took to be the librarian, was talking to some students. The red-haired girl, and the cute guy were there. Also some other blonde girl.
"Come on, Giles would you give this sixteen year old a break? I want to go out tonight to do something else for a change."

"Buffy, you must understand it's your duty to do…"

The cute guy coughed. It made the man turn around.
"Hi there, how can I help you?"

Then Phoebe's eyes grew big. This girl…

She pointed out to her. "I… I… you were in my dream last night!" Realizing what she just said, made her embarrassed.

After all it couldn't be. She felt a blush creep up her cheeks. She clinged her notebook to her chest.

"I'm I'm sorry…" She stuttered.

"That's ok. Some people just get weird around me," Buffy smiled.

"You're that exchange girl right?" the red-haired girl said.
"My name is Willow. Think I forgot to mention that earlier,"

"Yes." Phoebe shyly said. "My name is Phoebe."

"And I'll be Xander" The cute guy stick out his hand to her. She took it, shaking it gently going even more red in the face.

"Buffy." The blonde-haired girl said. "This is Giles."

"Is he your dad? Just overheard a bit…"

"No, just a very… worried librarian. He gets his nose into my study all the time. He really wants to promote studying and gets freaked when people don't. Issues…" Buffy answered. Giles rolled his eyes, but confirmed when Phoebe gave him a questioning look with: "Yeah, something like that" He appeared to feel uncomfortable.
"So… you needed anything?" Shaking the weird situation of, Phoebe answered.
"Yeah, just some schoolbooks"

"See, that's a score Giles. Didn't she just make your day?" Xander joked. Giles addressed him a warning look.

"You'll find them on the first floor section to the left, categorized on subject" Giles pointed out.
"Thanks," still feeling a bit weird, Phoebe followed directions. The conversation between Giles and Buffy continued on a low volume. Sometimes she could still hear a few words, but feeling rude to ear-drop she tried to shut it out.

All of a sudden it was the sight of her eyes changed. Like being drawn into a movie, she saw the man she saw the night before, together with a woman, then the blonde girl, her friends captured…
It was right there. Like she could touch it. She groped with her hand to her head, trying to shake the images of.

A hand on her shoulder made her jump and scream.

"Are you ok? You just kept mumbling things," Buffy asked her.
"He wants to get rid of you," Phoebe said. "It's there… It's no dream. It's real." She concluded out loud.

"Who?" Buffy asked in confusion.

"The platina blonde guy"

"Spike" Buffy stated. "How could you know this?"