Title: Thoughts on a Thief
Author: Pip (dannysgirlsg1)
Summary: It was a side of her that he scorned, yet understood, loathed and loved all at once.
Rating: PG
Spoilers/Warnings: Prometheus Unbound, any episode that involved Daniel and that cream sweater.
A/N: Written for mission-insane, table 07 - Fluff, prompt 09: Heart.


Thoughts on a Thief

He'd always known she was a thief – had since their fateful first meeting aboard the Prometheus. It was a part of her character that Daniel loathed and loved, scorned yet understood just the same.

Scorned because he'd always believed that, no matter what, a person should be able to get by without resorting to such things as stealing, lying, and cheating. It was a part of his character that had stuck since his early days of going through the Gate. There was a small part of him that just couldn't condone such behavior.

Yet, after years of struggling, fighting, and dying, Daniel had come to understand why she'd fallen on such ways in her former life. It just wasn't probable to get through without a little deceit – not out in the galaxy. Not even his conscious was clean of those crimes. He'd lied, cheated, and stolen a few things himself over time while working for the SGC. They'd even relied on her expertise in said ways to get out of a scrape or two.

Still, Daniel couldn't help but loathe that flaw of her character. It marred her reputation and put her under a microscope of those even he'd yet to escape from. Because of her less than stellar past, she'd been ridiculed and stereotyped in ways much more different than what he'd had to go through at the beginning. It'd taken a lot less for him to prove himself, even though she was a lot like him in so many ways – better ways, he would say. He loathed the thief in her, simply because it brought out the worst in her some times.

Other times, though, it brought out the very best of her. And that's what he loved most, for it wasn't just her it brought the best out of.

The way Mitchell smiled when she'd walk in wearing his old baseball jersey from high school. At first, he'd promised the Lt. Colonel that he'd make her give it back, but the southern man had waved it off. He said he liked seeing her in it – made him feel a 'special kind of love' to have a chick take his old clothes.

The utter look of shock on Jack's face as she'd emerged from his room wearing his favorite hockey jersey. It'd quickly melted into glee, for the General had never found such an avid supporter of ice hockey from the opposite sex until her. She'd forgotten to take it off that night – a slipup Daniel attributed more to the copious amounts of alcohol consumed that evening than anything – and Jack hadn't even mentioned getting it back.

Even he wasn't immune to the joys of watching her take something of his and make it her own. Actually, she ended up wearing most of his wardrobe soon or later. He had to admit, his favorite was the cream sweater he'd thought had been lost years before. She would always wear it the same way, one sleeve hanging down over her right hand and the other sleeve pulled up near her elbow.

Daniel would never doubt he'd never looked half as good in the damn thing before.

Though, out of all the things he felt about her thievery, he really had no place to tell her off about it. For if she'd never been the saucy pirate she was, Vala would never have stolen his heart.

And Daniel would never even dream of asking it back from her.


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