Aim with Bella and the Cullens…

Aim with Bella and the Cullens…….

Bella- klumzy/iluvpucca

Edward- edluvsbella/edhatesdog

Emmett- teddybear/gangstaboi

Rosalie- 2hot2handle

Jasper- mistaJ

Alice- born2shop

Serena- vampitude/ abyosgirl

Lucas- lucas+serena

Alexandra- midnarox/iluvgaru

Alexander- goth-a-licious

Jacob- homedog

Esme- mothergoose

Carlisle- operator/jimcarrey

Cristina- imhot

Link- sugardaddy

Midna- princess

Klumzy has signed on…

Vampitude has signed on..

Midnarox has signed on…

Klumzy- hi guys!

Vampitude- hola!

Midnarox- yo!

Klumzy- guess what?

Vampitude- wut?

Klumzy- u know those oversized pixie stix?

Midnarox- OH! I LUV THOSE!

Klumzy- I have a truck coming to drop them off now…

Vampitude- a truck?

Klumzy- ya! I won a life time supply of over sized pixie stix…!

Midnarox- would u by any chance need help getting rid of those?

Vampitude- ya, we could help…

Klumzy- come on over! They're here!

Vampitude- woohoo!

Midnarox- YAH!

Alexandra and serena go to bella's and eat the life time supply in 2 hours and then get back on im at bellas(each on their own laptops…)



Midnarox has changed screen name to iluvgaru…

Iluvgaru- YAH! I LIKED THE NEW PUCCA EPISODE ( runs up to the TV screaming)- I LUV U GARU!

Sugardaddy has signed on…

Goth-a-licious has signed on…

Sugardaddy- I though that u luved me Alexandra? –sniff-

Goth-a-licious- hold up! Forget about link and garu…what about me? Im ur boyfriend for crying out loud! I luv u!

Iluvgaru- I still love u!

Goth-a-licious- good enough for me…luv ya! Peace…

Sugardaddy- and me…-sniff-

Iluvgaru- I still luv too!

Suagrdaddy- YAY!

Goth-a-licious has signed off…

Sugardaddy has signed off…

Klumzy has changed screen name to pucca123…

Vampitude has changed screen name to Abyosgirl

Iluvgaru- that was an awesome whos line is it anyways wasn't it?

Abyosgirl- ya! Le gasp- we should play whos line is it anyways….

Pucca123- ya! And we could get everyone else to play!….

Abyosgirl- to the secret layer!

Puccagirl- yes, to the layer!

Iluvgaru- uh….what layer…..

Pucca123- uh…idk…the kitchen?

Abyosgirl- to the kitchen!

Pucca123- the kitchen!

Iluvgaru- yes!

Abyosgirl- muahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha!


(tbc- to be continued…)

hope u like this chapter, I also wan to the my reviewers, and one in particular, midna3452, she helped a lot with the random ideas for this story!

So thanx!