" Ryan!" I yelled sitting up right.Everyone seemed startled by my out burst.

"What's going on?" he said concerned.

" I just had a bad dream is all sorry I woke you guys up."

"No problem Spirit anytime you need me let me know."

" Gotcha." I rolled back over and found that my head hurt not like a small little head ache but as a serious migrain.It made me sick to my stomach I found that out by...well by throwing up my food!Derron and Ryan ran over to me. Ryan got me some water and Derron dug through the backpack to find some tums or coughdrops. He came out with some tylanol.I drank some down and threw it at a tree. It bounced off the tree and hit Sokka on the head. He is so cute when he is furious but I didn't have time to ponder that becaue I was running to the trees and pukeing my guts out. What's in that hospital food??I I put my hands on my forehead and found that there was nothing there. The scar was gone!! Completely gone..I felt all out of sorts, There was no way to ...ohhhhh yeah!

" Darrion!!" Ryan yelled behind me.

" Huh...!!" I yelled behind me. I looked and saw averyone racing towards me. I stopped someone put two swords up against my neck. I know this may sound weird But I fell to sleep.


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