Four weeks after Bad Wolf Bay, Rose found her Doctor in the kitchen. Starkers.

"Ah, good morning Rose! Fancy a cuppa?"

She gaped.


"Cuppa. Good old British tea, you know. I drank a lot of tea in my 900 years of Time and Space but nothing can beat a cuppa of English Earl Grey. Mind you, the spiritual drink of Nakra 5 came pretty close, but I could do without the illusions, thank you very much. Especially while trying to communicate with a Blob like... Ehm, what are you staring at?"


"Seriously Rose, what is wrong with you today? Did you eat something strange?"

"Wha- oh, to hell with that! You are naked! In our kitchen. Making a sandwich and tea. NAKED!"

"Oooh, that's why you are acting so strange?" Rose nodded. "I'm just trying to adjust to your little ape customs."


"Well, I found this article in one of your magazines, '30 things you can do while naked', and thought I try it out. I have to act all human like now, after all. Experience all sorts of things."

The Doctor turned around to finish his sandwich, but stilled when he heard the rustling of cloths.

"I see. You also want to participate. That's great, you can explain some of these things to me. I don't get what's so great about running naked on a football field or driving naked in your car. It may be convenient on a very HOT day... When you are sweating all over your body but rather uncomfortable when you have leather seats." He heard a strange noise.

"Rose, did you just growl? Ah...AAAH! I don't think that was on the list. Oh... OOOH! Now, THAT definitely wasn't on it... Ehm, what are you doing down there? Aaah...Rose? ROOOOOSE!!"