The Carly



Part Six

If Jason had turned one second later, the bullet would have missed him and he was dead on arrival. HE had taken the business from Sonny, Sonny had him arrested and was planning a hit. Sam hears the news and she broke down in tears. She couldn't stop crying, Carly was hysterical and Courtney was the calm one. Sonny was down the hall and he was heartbroken, he didn't know if it was his guy that killed his best friend. He found out it was, he thought Manny Ruiz but it was the guy that Sonny had paid for. Sam had collapsed and it was Carly to the rescue, she found Sam was pregnant. Sam was In a state of shock, it was Monica who made sure she had no visitors but Carly….Sam told Carly that she wanted her and Monica to planned the funeral. Carly lean on Courtney for support and as Emily made her way to the room, Sam's eyes lid up. "Get out." Sam whispered and then yelled it. Emily did just that and Alexis came in. "You too." Sam said and Alexis slowly told her that she needed a statement. "If you say I told you so, there will be nothing holding be back from ripping you apart." Sam said and Alexis responded, "No Sam, despite what you think, Jason was a good guy and I'm sorry he's dead." "I'm having his baby, isn't this 

the part where you say, it's better off" Sam said and Alexis responded, "no." Carly slammed the door and gave Alexis a dirty stare, Alexis walked out. "Sonny." Carly said and Sam responded, "I'm going to worry about the baby then we're going to get Sonny." It's bad enough that Sam wanted to get Sonny but Carly does as well…

It was January 2008, Carly was not with Courtney anymore, she was Nicholas and Carly was with Jax. Sonny and Kate were starting something, Max had moved to Jason's position. Then there was a knock on the door and Carly saw Sam with a little baby girl. "Aunt Carly, this is Caroline Lila Morgan." Sam said and Carly was actually honored. They became friends and Carly then asked the question, "What are you going to do about Sonny?" Carly asked and Sam smiled, "I know someone."

Claudia Zacchara walked in the bar and just stood in the corner looking at Sonny. What made Claudia want to throw her hat in the ring was that she believed what Jason did was just, nobody should ever lose a father. Sonny mixed business with pleasure and Claudia hates that. "Your ass is mine Sonny; give your soul to the lord." Claudia said and she walked off. Claudia then decided to make a bigger statement, car bomb…..

Claudia went home to her hotel room and yelled, "Desi." The sixteen year old woman who was the prodigy of Trevor and her when Claudia was trying to get Trevor killed. "I want you to watch spy on someone for me, her name is Em-ily and I want you to bat her around like a little mouse." Claudia said and Desi laughed, "We're going to have fun here."