Hello there, this is the sequel to, yes Trying. I hope you all enjoyed Trying and are gonna love this also. It's about Haiden and Katheren's life's when they are older...much older. I hope you all will enjoy this.



"Would you give that back!"

"Why should I?! It's basically mine anyway?!"

"How the hell is it basically yours?!"

"I'm older! Everything is basically mine!"

"Oh so where going by age then huh?! If your actually counting that then I'm older!"

"Stop it both of you!" I yelled at Kat and Haiden. They wouldn't stop fighting over a CD. "Your both fighting over something as trivial as a CD for crying out loud!"

"I just wanted-" Haiden started, but I cut him off.

"You both have ipods! Don't fight over a CD! And watch your language Kat." I warned her.

"Why do I have to watch my language? I'm over sixty years old." She said back.

"And I'm your mom and no matter who old you get that is not going to change and you still have to listen to me." I told her strictly.

"How do still have to listen to you?" She asked her eyes narrowing.

"Because, your seventeen." I said coolly.

She just stuttered then humphed and sat back in her seat.

They both put their ipods in and shot each other death glares every now and then.

I looked over at Edward. He was trying to contain his smile and he kept looking at the road.

I shot a death glare at him. He got a small frightened look in his eyes. "You could have said something." I told him with a pleasant anger in my voice.

"You were doing fine, I didn't want to interrupt you." He said nicely going to take my hand. I pulled it back.

He sighed. "Bella they are well old enough to do what they want." He said calmly.

"Thank you Dad." "Thank you Daddy." Haiden and Kat murmured quietly looking out the windows.

I glared at Edward and let him into my mind with my power. I made it so he could hear my thoughts and I could hear his right back. In the time we've been together I was able to experiment with my power and found out that I could share anyone elses power, I just have to concentrate and I can keep it for a while too.

"Can't you side with me more often." I said calmly, to calmly. It sounded like I was gonna kill him.

"Bella really, it wasn't anything to complain and yell at the kids about." He said trying to calm me down.

"Edward if you keep doing that the twins are gonna see me in a bad light or something. I don't want them to hate me..." I trailed off sobbing in my head. I made sure that my face was smooth of emotion though so the kids wouldn't notice.

Edward reached over to take my hand. I didn't pull away and let him hold onto it.

"You know and I know for a fact that they both would never hate you. Ever. They're growing up Bella. Just let them be sometimes." He said softly.

"I understand, I just don't want them to grow up." I said sadly.

"Well they wont, remember?" He said smiling at me.

I couldn't help but smile back. I let go of our connection and went back to looking out the window into the rainy place of Port Arthur Texas. We chose it because it was very cloudy and very rainy. It would be easy for us to live here.

We've been living in a small town in South Dakota for a little while, but Edward found someone getting suspicious of us. Jasper choose for us all to come here. Alice was just ecstatic that we were coming to live here. We're all not sure why and she does her best to keep everyone from finding out.

We were living somewhere close to the seawall and Rose Hill. The house was far away from other houses.

This was a small own but it was so wonderful all the same. There was a huge refinery in one part and then there was a deserted part near the post office. There were a houses in parts of the town. I knew this was a small town 'we know everyone' deal. I don't mind it at all.

Before I knew it we were at the house. It was Victorian style house made of brick. There was a long brick covering that reached all the way around the house. At the front door the covering made an archway opening. Above the archway was a small balcony. There were red shingles on the roof and on top of the covering.

The second floor was above the cover so it look connected. There were two windows in the front and one door to balcony, two windows on each side of the house and a giant glass Casita in the back. There were two openings at the roof with windows and a chimney on the right top of the house.

The front of the house had beautiful trees surrounding it. There was a huge garage off to the left nicely hidden by trees. I'm pretty sure the garage came wasn't here to long before we came.

Edward drove my car, I wanted us to go in mine I still have my lovely dark blue XB, up to the garage and we were the first one here. As soon as the car stopped Haiden and Kat were out in a flash and in the house.

I looked at Edward and we both laughed and got out of the car. The kids wanted first dibs on rooms. We made sure that all the rooms were two person so it would be fair. Edward and I dashed up the steps and into the house. We ran through a few rooms only taking a quick glance at them. It only took the second room to know that everything was already furnished and the rooms were chosen.

"Alice." We both muttered at the same time.

Haiden and Kat chuckled.

I sighed and then we walked through the rest of the rooms to see which one was ours.

I was surprised when I saw the room. We never had one like this one in over sixty years.

Edward looked just as surprised as me. But we both smiled when it sunk in.

The room walls were painted gold and the carpet was also gold. There was a bed in the middle with soft gold sheet and matching pillows. CDs filled a wall and there was a stereo, a black couch was off to the wall and a huge glass window was almost covering the wall.

Why would Alice give us a room that was just like the one we had in Forks?

I looked at Edward again. He smiled but still had no idea why she would do it either. I just shrugged my shoulders and sighed. I walked out of our room as Edward went to get the things from the car. I walked over to Haiden's room first sense he was the closest but she was still far from mine and Edward's room.

The door was open but I knocked on the frame.

Haiden turned around and smiled at me. "Come in Mom." He said with a calm happy voice.

I smiled. He was sitting on a window seat and looking out the window. He looked like Edward so much, he had some traces of my face and that was the only thing keeping Haiden and Edward from looking like twins.

I walked over to him and said "Do you like your room?"

His eyes didn't move from the window but he was still smiling when he answered "Yeah its cool. Aunt Alice did a good job."

My smile downed a little and I said softly "Are you alright? You seem a little distant."

He looked up at me and rolled his eyes. "Mom I'm fine. Just because I'm looking out a window doesn't mean I'm distant." He said just like he used to, obvious and like I should have known.

I smiled and said "Okay honey. Your dad is gonna bring in your animals. Keep them in their tanks please." I said the last part sternly but still nicely.

"Of course Mom." He laughing.

I went down across the way to Kat's room. I knocked on the door first like I did with Haiden. I looked in and saw Kat moving around quickly and fixing her plants up around her room. She didn't seem to notice me. I knocked again louder. Her head shot up but she still kept moving her plants around. "Hi Mom. Daddy brought in my plants." She said her as brow furrowed trying to decide where to put the plant she had in her hands.

"Thats good. So are you excited to start school?" I asked her with Small excitement in my voice.

She nodded her head enthusiastically. "I really am. I like meeting new people. It's fun." She said excitedly but still had some stain in her voice due to her unsureness of where to put the plant.

"How about over there." I said pointing to a place on the long row of plants she already had.

She look up and thought for a second. Then she ran over and put the plant there. "Thanks Mom. Thats the perfect place to put it, I can get the perfect amount of sun to it and get water to it quicker there." She said looking up and smiling at me.

"No prob Kat. I'll see you later." She 'Mmmm'ed back and I walked out of the room and went to the garage to where Edward was at.

He stopped pulling stuff out and pulled me into a hug. I hugged him back tightly. I pulled out our connection.

"I feel so sad sometimes, watching them growing up. I feel like they don't need me anymore and that they'll just up and leave in a second." I sodded slightly in my head.

"Bella you know that will never ever ever happen. They both love you so much. They are old enough to make their own decisions and if they want to leave they would tell us and we would talk about it. They would never hurt you. And they will always need you no matter what." He said firmly and lovingly.

"Your right. I just feel like that sometimes. I'm over emotional." I sighed in my head.

"I love you Bella." He said when I broke the connection.

"I love you too Edward." I said going up on my toes to kiss him.

The kiss didn't last long as we heard the horns honking and making us break apart.

"You haven't even been here for thirty minutes and the both of you are going at it." Emmett said, his voice booming loudly.

I sighed. And heard two loud "To much information!" Yells from the house. We all started laughing as we all started unpacking and moving everything into our new house.

Hope you enjoyed, I'm going to make longer chapters so it might take me some time to put the up I have a link on my profile so you can see the new house I had to make up the rooms and the garage but go with it everything shall come out more and you'll know the whole story also I did all my research and Port Arthur is the eighth rainiest town in America thats why I choose it, more to come.