Alright, I am so, so so so so, very sorry for keeping all of you waiting so long. A lot has happened to me in the past few years. Unfortunately the spark I had for this story has gone out. I don't know how to execute my ideas for the story. I feel terrible for making you all spend time on this story just for me to not finish it. I do hope some of your time was worth it though, I know I am very grateful for it. I won't be entirely cruel by just leaving an Author's Note telling you I'm done. Here is where I was going with the story:

Kat and Connor were going to live happily ever after very quickly. The family would be very accepting and happy about it. Kat would feel as though her life was whole and complete. Well until she saw what Haiden and Andy had what she and Connor didn't. So they almost lived happily ever after.

Haiden was going to learn all about Andy's sad past. Her parents were addicts, her mother did show her the only comfort she ever knew but wasn't good all the time, her parents fought most of the time, her mother died of an overdose, and she took care of her father even though he treated her like she didn't exist. Haiden found all this out over time, but Andy told him all of this while they were laying in her bed and she just needed to let out her emotions.

She'd start kissing Haiden and all of a sudden things got out of hand and they both forgot the word and meaning of, "responsibility". They both lost their virginity's and Andy tried very hard to distance herself from Haiden, despite his attempts to stay in her life. He would still watch her while she slept. Also she only finally relaxed her tense body when she slept next to Haiden.

After a few months Andy would burst into the Cullen home and tell Haiden she was pregnant. She would freak out, he would freak out, the whole family would freak out. Kat would realize that something was missing from her life, being a mother.

I would have put in some kind of comedy of Andy's progressing pregnancy, her having mood swings, having to quit smoking, moving into the Cullen household, and finding out about vampires. Kat would have breakdowns because she could never be a mom, Connor and Bella would comfort her.

Andy would come around to accepting the fact that she was having a baby and that the father was a vampire, as was his entire family. Andy and Haiden would have a baby boy and live happily ever after. I didn't know where I was gonna go with her father.

Kat would find out that she was pregnant. It would be a very long and slow pregnancy. Her and Connor would have a girl. Andy would turn into a vampire, her change would be just like Bella's was. The vampire's being able to have babies gene would spread through to their children and grandchildren and so on. But everyone will live happily ever after.

I am very sorry to those who didn't enjoy this ending, especially since you've been waiting so long for it. I must thank every one of you that review, alerted, and read this story. You gave me support and happiness when I really needed it. Thank you so much for enduring my bad writing and silly Author's Notes during the middle of the story. Once again, I apologize for not finishing this Fic. I am very grateful to all of you because you made it possible for me to use my imagination. Thank you.