Hello all this is my first fic on the site

Hello all this is my first fic on the site!!

Xela:Just to let you know this will be slightly AU as current manga chapters have revealed things that weren't known when I started this. I started this around the time Sasuke killed Orochimaru so that gives you a good idea.

Tsuki:Jaraiya is still alive, and Naruto has just finally retrieved sasuke who has not yet killed his brother, but willingly returned.

Kitsu:Fa- uh… I mean Naruto has yet to be told of his heritage. Instead of sixteen he was to be told at eighteen.

Disclaimer: I don't own Naruto (but I do own all the OCs)

Chapter One: Gone??

Tsunade noticed a scroll on the outside of the door to her apartment. It had a kunai holding it in place, which she pulled out. As she was about to open it Shizune came running down the hall. " Tsunade-sama!" she shouted. "Sasuke was captured trying to leave the village. Two ANBU have him apprehended in your office."

Tsunade groaned and stuck the scroll in her pocket, she could read it later, before heading down to her office. Sure enough, there was the Uchiha looking extremely pissed. "Damn it! Maybe you'll listen. I WASN'T leaving the village!"

"SHUT UP!" snapped one of the ANBU who prevented him from moving.

"You idiots Naruto's gonna be long gone by now!" shouted the enraged Uchiha. Tsunade froze and sat down.

"What did you say?" Sasuke sighed.

"Naruto RAN AWAY! Do I have to spell it out for you as well?!" He was cuffed in the back of the head for his outburst.

"Don't you DARE talk to our Hokage like that!" Snapped the ANBU that hit him, "You're lucky she didn't have you killed for what you did, you traitorous scum!"

"Out you two I would like to speak with him alone." The ANBU left, Tsunade indicated Sasuke should sit so he did, tensely.

"So will you listen?"

"I am"

"You have a scroll in your pocket, is it from Naruto?"

"How do you know what's in my pocket?"

"My eyes don't miss much…" he muttered, "and Naruto was acting odd. He seemed… hurt…" Tsunade leapt in.

"Is he okay?! Was he injured badly?! Who did it?!"

"Damn it! Not that kind of hurt! He seemed… I don't know… heartbroken. Anyway, I tailed him for a bit, but when he got close to the gates he used that damn flash thingy of his-"

"Hiraishin?" asked Tsunade interrupting.

"Yeah, Hiraishin, Whatever, as I was saying, he used that to get over and I got intercepted by the current guard!" Tsunade nodded idily.

"So, you let him leave." Sasuke actually growled in annoyance.

"I wasn't allowed outside! Weren't you listening! I was only ten meters from him when your dumb ass ANBU bastards intercepted me!" he had leapt to his feet and slammed his fist onto the desk in anger. Tsunade pushed him back into the chair.

"Calm down alright, or I'll knock you out myself" she warned.

"Calm down! I can't cal-" Tsunade knocked him out his a sleep genjutsu. She sighed and took out the scroll. It was indeed from Naruto, the handwriting was unmistakable.

Dear Baa-chan,

If you're reading this then I'm already gone. I'm sorry; I didn't have time to inform you. Don't worry I'll be fine and don't try to look for me. I just need some time away. I don't know where I'll be going or how long I'll be gone but I'll be fine.


Oh and by the way in case you didn't already get it, DO NOT try to find me. Don't even think of looking for me cause if I don't wanna be found I WILL NOT BE FOUND.

She let the scroll roll back up and sobbed quietly before calling Shizune back in.

"Tsunade?" Tsunade looked up and handed her the scroll.

"Find Sakura, Kakashi, and Jaraiya now" Shizune finished reading the letter and nodded.


"What was the gaki thinking?!" roared Jaraiya after reading the letter, "Why would that ungrateful little-"

"Jaraiya!" shouted Tsunade.

Kakashi sighed, "This is just perfect…" he leaned back against the wall, "Why now? Of all times." Sakura looked down guiltily; it was her fault he left…


Sakura entered and saw Sasuke slumped in a chair.


"Sakura leave him!" snapped Tsunade before turning to the two others she had summoned, "Now have any of you seen Naruto recently?"

"Like I want to see him!" hissed Sakura, "He never leaves me alone! I wish he'd go away!"

"Well, you got your wish then Sakura 'cause he's gone." ...

End Flashback

…She couldn't stand it anymore, she broke out in tears.

"It's my fault!" everyone stopped and looked at her.

"What? Of course it isn't" said Kakashi.

"Yes it is! He-he… tried to propose to me!" she sobbed, "I turned him down!" Tsunade put a hand on her former apprentice's arm comfortingly.

"I doubt That would make him run away Sakura."

"NO! you don't understand, I ridiculed him." Sasuke, who was awake now, glared at Sakura.

"You BITCH!" he raised his hand to slap her but was caught by Kakashi.

"Sasuke… calm down. I'm sure Sakura regrets her actions."

"I hope she does, if not she's gonna regret it" he tensed and tried to break away but was held firmly.

"Sasuke stop!" shouted Kakashi, "We're all angry with Sakura for being heartless but you have no right to attack her for what she did." He narrowed his eye as he looked at Sakura, who flinched, "I hope you know what you've done Sakura, 'cause it's gonna be hell to track him down" 'If he's anything like his father, which he is, it will be impossible' "You are sending a team to retrieve him aren't you?" Tsunade nodded "okay, well you should know he can create gaps in his path a kunai's throw apart…" he trailed off

"Do you think you could find him if you leave now?"

Kakashi visibly stiffened as he heard the Hokage ask this. As important as Naruto's safe return was he couldn't leave the village at this time… He had other responsibilities now. And Naruto could look after himself.

"I uh…"

Tsunade sighed, "Kakashi I know you have a duty to your girlfriend and unborn child but you also have a duty to Minato don't you?"

Kakashi sighed and hung his head "But Anko… I need to be there for her and the baby."

"I'll have Kurenai look in on her, so can you leave now?" Kakashi nodded and with one last defeated sigh, vanished in a puff of smoke.

"I-I didn't know Anko was pregnant" whispered Sakura, "How far along is she?"

Tsunade sighed "Oh, she's a little over five months now."

"I had no idea."

"You obviously don't pay much attention to anyone but yourself" snarled Sasuke, "It was obvious she was pregnant last time I saw her."

"Sasuke shut up! You're giving me a headache and no, it isn't that obvious. She hasn't really started showing until recently and she wears that jacket which covers up her stomach." Tsunade looked up and frowned,

"Jaraiya why are you still here?"

"I…" he was flung out the window before he could give his answer.

"I should get going too" said Sakura getting up.

"No!" shouted Tsunade, "You've helped quite enough Sakura just go home. Sasuke, escort her would you."

"Can't, I'm under curfew now. I've gotta go home." He walked out and met the ANBU waiting in the hall and allowed himself to be escorted home.


Kakashi knew he was supposed to start searching right away, but instead he went home first. Anko sat on the couch waiting for him.

"So? What did she want?" she asked getting up. She was ready for bed, wearing a pair of pajama pants and a large T-shirt. You could just see the outline of her swollen belly under the material. She snuggled into his arms for an embrace before expecting his answer.

"Naruto ran away. I've got a mission to find him and drag his ass home."

Anko frowned "How long will that take?"

"Well…" he sighed, "Naruto's just like Sensei was, so it'll be near impossible to find him… Three weeks."


There was a knock on the door. Kakashi opened it to find Shizune standing in the doorway.

"Tsunade said you'd be here." She sighed handing him a scroll. "Here's the mission. Find Yamato and Sai as well, they'll be joining you."

"I'm going too." Stated Anko "Since all we're doing is looking for the gaki I'll be fine."

Kakashi rolled his eyes.

"Not happening Anko, you stay here and take care of yourself." He ordered.

Anko responded by digging her nails into her boyfriend's arm. "I'll be fine. Its only a recon mission."

"Anko I will not allow you to endanger my unborn child. The two of you are my responsibility and I will not take any risks. Do you understand?"

A staring match ensued until Anko finally looked tearfully away from his stern gaze. He was not backing down.

"Fine!" She snapped shoving him away before storming out of the room and slamming the bedroom door. Kakashi felt a hand on his arm.

"She'll be fine. Kurenai and I will look out for her 'kay." Shizune said with a reassuring smile.

"Aren't you coming?" Kakashi asked in surprise. "Naruto is important to you too."

She shrugged and patted her belly lightly. "I might be pregnant so I can't."

"Might be?"

She nodded "Too early to tell, but I hope so, as does Iruka."

"Well good luck." He stepped outside.

"You too, I'll stay here for a bit, Just in case she tries to follow."

"Thank you." And with that he left to find the rest of the tracking party.

Xela: Well thats the first chapter. I hope it's okay. Till next time -bye bye