Seventy Years Later:

As Esme laid her head in the grass, Carlisle gently secured a little, purple flower behind her ear. "There." He said. His voice held a quiet type of triumph, like maybe he was proud of himself for waiting this long. He took a spot behind Esme, casting a long shadow over her.

The silence was serenity after the complete chaos of their house. If someone, seventy years ago, would have said Carlisle would change two more people, then he would have chuckled politely and ran. Not only was a coven of seven large: it was huge. That would make the only other coven larger than their own the Volturri. And Carlisle was very familiar with the old saying: if you play with fire, you are going to get burned.

"What do you think?" Carlisle asked quietly. He raked his finger through the ends of Esme's hair; just allowing the silken strands to flirt with his fingertips. "Is Alice...?"

Esme's laugh was a beautiful tinkling of bells. "I wouldn't bet against Alice.." Esme allowed with a smirk to Carlisle, then, though, she became abruptly serious. "Relax Carlisle." She murmured to him. Esme rolled over and carefully got to her knees. Cradling his strong face in her palms, she let her thumbs slip to brush against his lips. "I think," Esme began. "That we must let him try for happiness." She sighed, painting his lips with a soft kiss. "We have all found happiness, Carlisle. Why shouldn't he be extended the same offer?"

Carlisle opened his almost black orbs. "I'm thirsty." He mumbled.

Esme's mouth dropped open. Not only was Carlisle the best about getting something to drink when he was thirsty. He rarely waited to the point where his eyes were black. Esme pushed her hands down to his front, cautiously, she asked with her eyes, undoing his shirt, and then sliding it off of his broad shoulders. Esme slipped into his lap, curling up to him like cat. "Carlisle..." she called quietly. Her voice soothed him immensely. Just the softest soprano, but not high enough to be unpleasant. Perfect for all of her faults, Esme was his other half. "Don't worry." Esme let her finger tips to glide over his muscles with an expert touch. "Please... for me?" Turning out her big golden eyes was low, she knew, but this worried Esme. Rarely had she seen him so worked up about something. "Edward is a man, Carlisle. Let him deal with this in his own way." Esme pressed a single kiss to his neck before feeling him fall back onto the grass. Esme spread out on top of him, letting her body align with his. "Do you remember what you told me?"

And he did, all of those years ago. "Forever, Esme."

All she did was repeat it. "Forever, Carlisle."

This is it... the perfect ending, in my opinion, to my perfect little story. Thanks to my beta: Ocean of Dreams. Thanks to anyone kind enough to review. Thanks for everything... I am eternally grateful.