SasuKarin - He Cares, He Cares Not

The team, now called Team Hawk, decided to take a break in a highly densed forest. They would get peace there, now that they were Akatsuki members. They were making there way to the Hidden Cloud Village to retrieve the "Eight-Tailed Beast", if only it didn't take so long. The three other members slept, while Sasuke Uchiha was staring at the campfire, while drinking some water from a small flask. Using his fire skills, he played around with the embers, making fireballs, dragons and other flame-shapes. He was about to take a swig of his flask when he remembered, he was all out, even seeing if he had any left by tipping it over. He didn't care, he wasn't thirsty anyway, but then another flask caught his sight, held by one of Sasuke's teammates: Karin. She smiled as he took it.

"How do I know this isn't drugged?" Asked Sasuke in his calm and collective voice. Karin gave a small laugh.

"Oh no, my plans to take advantage of Sasuke are ruined." Said Karin sarcastically. Sasuke couldn't help but smirk, and took a sip.

"You shouldn't be awake. We got to have all our energy for taking down the eight-tailed beast." Sasuke said.

"I don't like sleeping." Karin replied. "I get the feeling stuff are happening while I sleep." Sasuke was knew what the cause of this was.

"I guess being a former-jailer has it's downsides." Said Sasuke.

"Yup. But that's past now. Now I'm somewhere better." On these words, Sasuke peered to Karin, before focussing back on the campfire. "What about you, Sasuke? How was your past...besides the whole brother stuff." Sasuke paused.

"Nothing to tell." Sasuke said.

"Not even a first love?"

"I had plenty of girls love me. But I don't have any feelings for them, nor did I ever. Especially that annoying brat, Sakura. I still don't understand why she loved me. Hmph. Maybe it was to get on my nerves."

"Girls often do that with guys." Sasuke looked to Karin, who seemed to be prettier without glasses.

"You aren't." Karin flinched and gave a small blush.

"Oh, you're just saying that. I mean, who would be attracted to a teeth-marked, Suigetsu-whacking Kunoichi like myself?"

"I don't see you chase me all the time." Begun Sasuke. "You're a valuable asset to the team. And you don't go to extreme, yet worthless, attempts to show you love me." Karin blushed heavier at the last statement.

"I-I don't love you, Sasuke!" Karin almost screamed. "I..."

"Karin." Sasuke started, while figiting with the campfire with a twig. "It doesn't take my Sharingan to know the way you act in front of me. You worship from afar, defend my honour whenever someone attacks it, and you covet the moment when we're in a room by ourselves." Karin couldn't fight back these facts. For someone who was tough-edged, she was outmatched in a battle of wits.

"Yes...I do love you Sasuke." Karin started. "You were a sight to behold when I first met you with Orochimaru. Everytime you trained in Orochimaru's Sound lair, I would take the time to watch you train, hoping that you would at least notice." Sasuke continued to watch Karin. "I take it I'll be another addition to your collection of professed loves."

"No." Sasuke said. Karin flinched at this. "The girls I've met in the past were tenacious and obnoxious when it came to love. But looking at you, you're not like those girls. Girls like Sakura, only liked me because I was appealing. Yet you love me because I'm an expert ninja. I would die first before I would let those girls recieve the Uchiha name. Yet, I'd be honoured if you would." Karin heard enough, and lanced forward to Sasuke, locking lips with him. He didn't resist or struggle, if he did, she'd be dead with one Chidori Current. Sasuke merely wrapped his arms around Karin, and pleasured the moment. As soon as they unlocked, Karin saw that Sasuke was grinning smoothly, an event which only occured when he learned a new Jutsu.

"Wanna do it?" Asked Karin softly. Sasuke knew what she meant and nodded. It was his first real love, so he might as well enjoy every minute of it. She slowly began to remove her Akatsuki coat, revealing her traditional clothing. She took off her small jacket revealing her tender breasts. To Sasuke they looked beautiful, only adding to Karin's beauty. Sasuke then proceeded to making love to her breasts, which made Karin gasp in pleasure. "Ohhhh, Sasuke!" She couldn't find a way to describe the ecstacy she was feeling, and let Sasuke continue. Afterwards, Sasuke removed Karin's short mini-skirt-height shorts and underwear simultaneously. At this, he marvelled at Karin's really tight vagina. Sasuke guessed she was still a virgin, which would change by the end of the night. He licked Karin's vagina, only making Karin moan greatly, arching her back to take in the full pleasure. She reduced the moaning slightly, as to not wake up Suigetsu or Juugo. Sasuke was doing something he would never have done to any of the other girls back at Konoha, and doing it with a girl he was attracted to felt good.

"You come too fast." Said Sasuke with a smirk, after Kain had ejeculated, and had her vagina covered with her juices. Karin pushed Sasuke back, so he was lying down.

"You should be the same." Replied Karin. He took off Sasuke's Akatsuki coat, and silky smooth top, revealing his tough torso. She never had the chance to see Sasuke bare-chested, and her expectations were defeated ten-fold. Before she could marval Sasuke's biceps, she worked her way down to his abdomen, slowly removing his black pants and underwear, revealing his king-sized penis. Karin gasped at the sight, and played around with it, by licking the tip and blowing it, giving Sasuke chills down his spine. When she decided to stop tormenting Sasuke with sexual pleasures, she stuck the penis right into her mouth. Sucking Sasuke's hard penis was truly an amazing experience. She would always dream of having sex with Sasuke, even pleasured herself over Sasuke, while nobody was around, but now her dreams were coming true. Sasuke groaned after the first few seconds of Karin's intense sucking. And with one last suck, Sasuke sprayed the inside of Karin's mouth with his semen. She slowly drank the whole load, making her cringe with pleasure. "You taste sweet."

"You were right. I do come too quick." Karin giggled and kissed Sasuke, playing around with his penis, getting it back into action. When the two disconnected, Karin lay down on her Akatsuki coat and spread her legs wide. "You don't waste any time, do you?"

"Hm! A Kunoichi always has to capture her prey as quickly as possible." Sasuke smirked, and lay on top of Karin, and slowly stuck his penis into her vagina. She screamed at this penetration, drawing a small tear. Sasuke smiled and continued thrusting it in. "Ohhhhhh! Sasuke!!" Karin wrapped her legs around Sasuke's back, as his thrusts became deeper and more aggressive. For being a first-timer, Karin enjoyed Sasuke's rough assault on her vagina.

"Ugghhh! Karin!!" Groaned Sasuke at the immense strain of the sex-giving.

"Ahhhh! Do it, Sasuke! Fill me up with your cum!!" Karin screamed. And with a few more thrusts, Sasuke was ready to fill Karin up. But, in the nick of time, he released his penis out of Karin, and the semen flowed like a tidal wave out of Sasuke, on to Karin's stomach and face. "What's wrong, Sasuke? Too afraid to go all the way?" Sasuke rested next to Karin, too tired and worn out.

"No." Sasuke replied. "Your not ready." Karin looked confused. "Like I said earlier, you are a vital asset to the team. We can't afford you spending a vast majority of your life raising a child, when we have business to handle. There will be a time for child-raising. But now's not the time." And when he finished his speech, Karin pulled his face forward and kissed him passionately. The two released.

"You're sweet." Karin said. And after licking up Sasuke's discard semen, she lay on his chest. "D'ya think your precious girls would satisfy you better?" Sasuke grinned.

"I doubt even Sakura would've given me half the pleasure you gave me." Sasuke replied. Karin blushed and snuggled into her new boyfriend.

"Achoo!!" Sneezed the young Kunoichi named Sakura. She resided in Naruto's bedroom, in the latter hours of the morning, getting dressed after the both had done their business in the latter parts of the night.

"Bless you." Called Naruto, while getting dressed also. "You think someone's talking about you?" Sakura giggled.

"Nah. Besides, even if they were, they'd be saying how lucky Sakura was in doing it with Naruto." Naruto smiled, as the two kissed sweetly.