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Chapter 1

"HARRY!" Hermione Granger screamed as she ran towards the fallen body of The-Boy-Who-Lived.

She ignored the curses that were flying towards at her from all different directions. She was running so fast, they missed her, but only just.

Five minutes earlier she had been under the Cruciatus Curse, performed by none other than Bellatrix Lestrange. The feeling of burning needles piercing her skin had been unbearable, however Hermione refused to scream. 'It's just so God damn painful!' She would think to herself furiously. As soon as the was lifted though, Hermione wasted no time at all in taking aim at the unsuspecting woman before she could use the killing curse. Hermione's hex had missed her though.

Bellatrix cackled in glee. "I didn't actually think you were foolish enough to think that you, a mere Mudblood, would have actually had what it takes to beat me. Aw... such a silly widdle gurl." Bellatrix taunted, saying 'widdle gurl' in an annoyingly squeaky and childish voice.

Bellatrix used her wand to shoot a jet of bright pink at Hermione. It hit her dead on in the chest. Hermione expected to feel immense pain at the highly accurate shot but instead felt nothing. "What the-?"

But instead of having the chance to think, Bellatrix's insane laughter rang through her ears. Hermione hated the sound, it always made her cringe. Through the unbearable laughter, however, Hermione saw her chance as Bellatrix dropped her arm to hold her stomach as it began to pain from all her laughter.

"Stupefy!" Hermione shot, this time it managed to hit its target. Bellatrix dropped to the floor with a loud shriek as she became unconscious.

Before she had the chance to celebrate her small victory she heard someone's cold voice, sending shivers up and down Hermione's spine, scream, "Avada Kedavra!"

Hermione twisted her body round to look in the direction the voice came from, only see Harry Potter, her best friend, the wizarding world's Savior, the boy-who-lived, drop down dead onto the stone, cold floor of Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry.

Once she reached Harry's body, almost the entire bloody great hall was practically dancing the salsa.

"No, please Harry, not you." Hermione sobbed into Harry's hair as she cradled his body in her arms.

Once the hall stopped cheering, they all turned and noticed Hermione kneeling on the floor next to his body.

"And who might you be." A cold voice drawled.

Hermione's body stiffened immediately at the voice. It didn't take a mastermind to know who that voice belonged to. "Voldemort." Hermione seethed with as much hate she could muster.

"No, that would be me." Voldemort snickered, causing most of the Death Eaters to laugh at his comment.

Hermione still didn't turn to look at him, instead she remained cradling Harry's dead body but without the sobbing and rocking. She still had a good grip on her wand.

"You seem a bit too young to be fighting in the hall." He added

Too young? He's just killed and fought people the same age as me, some even younger.

"Look at me, you insolent child." Voldemort ordered her, his voice becoming cold again.

Hermione realized that she would probably be better off getting up and facing him, rather than on the dirty floor still covered in mud and blood.

Oh well, I guess it's now or . . . . Now or later, Hermione sighed to herself.

Slowly Hermione struggled to get up onto her feet, her legs were still sore and shaky from the long endurance of the Cruciatus Curse. Hermione, however, noticed a slight problem when she finally got to her feet. As she looked around, she couldn't help but notice that everyone was so . . . . Big.

Once again she never got to ponder the scene, as Bellatrix's laughter rang through her ears. "Look milord." She said gleefully, pointing her finger towards Hermione. "My curse seems to have worked! Miss Hermione Mudblood Granger is no more than six years old!"

With that said, the entire room burst out into uncontrollable laughter. Even Voldemort couldn't surpass the urge to chuckle. Hermione's eyes went as wide as saucers. She looked down at herself and immediately noticed that her Hogwarts uniform had grown ten sizes too big for her, or rather that she'd shrank ten sizes too small. Her hair now appeared bushier, and her wand a bit too heavy for her liking. She didn't even want to think about her teeth.

"Very interesting Bella. Humiliation mixed with defeat." Voldemort said, hardly trying to hide the amusement from it. "Because you are responsible, I shall allow you the task of finishing her off." His voice turned back into that of cold hatred as he stated, "She is, after all, Potter's brains. The only reason he never died in his first year here at Hogwarts."

Oh. So now I'm the cause of all his problems?

"As you wish milord." Bellatrix bowed before turning towards Hermione, wand raised. "Not so big now are you?" she mocked, smirk firmly in place.

"I can assure you, that you're no bigger than me right now." Hermione bit back, although with her high voice it was hard to take her seriously. She was absolutely seething at the fact she now appeared like a bloody six year old.

"Cheeky little runt!" Bellatrix screamed in anger. "Avada Kedavera!"

Upon hearing the two words, Hermione instantly shut her eyes, bracing herself for the impact of the killing curse. She must of stood there for a good thirty seconds, but when nothing seemed to have happened she couldn't help but hesitantly open her eyes, slightly afraid of what she would see. Looking as confused as ever, Hermione noticed the Bellatrix's skin was pale and her body shaking in anger with a look of utter astonishment upon her face. Everyone in the room looked exactly the same; even Voldemort couldn't hide the surprise from his features.

"What?!" Bellatrix screeched, looking back and forth between Hermione and her wand.

Hermione quickly examined herself, padding her hands on random parts of her body, but came to a sudden halt when her hand touched her chest. Hermione looked down to a small lump in her clothing, which was growing a bright shade of gold through her top.

Upon noticing this, Voldemort began to walk purposely towards Hermione, but came to a sudden halt as he saw the rest of Hermione begin to glow gold.

"What's happening, My Lord?" A Death Eater called out from amongst the crowd.

Hermione couldn't suppress the scream from escaping her lips, as she felt her entire body begin to burn almost as if on fire.

Her shattered time turner began to fall out from under her bloody shirt in small pieces. Tears leaked form her eyes. When the pain began to lessen, Hermione pulled at the chain around her neck, lifting it out only to see a small piece was all that remained of the magical glass sphere that contained the time sand. "Oh no." She choked. She looked up fiercely at Voldemort and screamed, "What did you do!?"

Voldemort was at a loss of what to say. Never before had he seen something like this - or even read about. He began walking towards her again this time even more rushed as he noticed her glowing body was beginning to become transparent. "No!" He called, but to no avail.

Hermione started to feel dizzy as the room before her began to spin at a deadly speed. "What the-?" but stopped speaking as the spinning came to an abrupt stop. Suddenly Hermione felt as if she was falling, the room around her becoming a black abyss. Once again Hermione let out a loud scream, the burning had fully left by now and all she felt was complete numbness around her body.