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Chapter 29

Hermione shut her eyes and took in as many deep, calming breaths as possible. She couldn't loose her cool.

"You will walk from the main entrance and straight through the room. Everyone is to see who you are. However, seeing as it will be a room full of purebloods, try not to put that stubborn head of your's too high. You are a prisoner of war in their eyes and it shall remain that way."

Hermione's eye twitched slightly. She was stood in her room, facing the large enchanted window. She couldn't face Voldemort as he gave her his 'well thought out' instructions for tomorrow evening where she would be humiliated in front of everybody and recieve her mark. According to his highness, this was the best way to insure her safety. He couldn't hide her forever, and he couldn't give her the same privelages as the rest of his followers as it may risk him being questioned, etc, etc, blah blah blah.

She didn't care. She'd pretend that she had no choice. That she had to go along with it. She would do this. She had a plan after all.

"Once you are marked, you shall bow to me, as much as it may pain your pride to do so, then you will thank your lord, I will dismiss you, and then you shall take your seat down on the front row, in between Malfoy and Snape. Any questions?"

She didn't need to be openly nice or be happy about it though. And why pretend to be ecstatic when that would only raise suspicion?

Her eyes snapped open and her arms folded across her chest as she turned around to face him. Voldemort was stood behind her with his own arms folded and was staring at her intently.

"None that Snape hasn't already answered when I first got told of the plan. But thank you. And also, let me express my gratitude at being given front row seats to my friend's deaths." Hermione gave him her best fake smile possible.

Voldemort narrowed his eyes at her whilst releasing a sigh.

"Your defiance has lost it's appeal, Granger. You only irritate me now with it."

Hermione shrugged her shoulders. She moved away from him and went to rest on her bed. Leaning against the headboard, she crossed her feet at her ankles and released a tired sigh. "That's not my problem."

"Granger," He growled in warning.

"If I only irritate you and my blood is so obviously low, then why not just keep me here or throw me into the dungeons? I'm hardly going to be a willing death eater, nor am I ever going to be accepted into your new society." Hermione asked, only a little bit of annoyance showing in her tone.

"Enough, Granger. You are not getting out of it, so deal with it." Voldemort turned towards the door, ready to leave. He had just placed his hand on the handle when,

"You used to love me."

Voldemorts hand clenched tightly around the handle. What was he supposed to say to that? Yes, he loved her once. He still did he supposed. But did she think she could use his newly found emotions against him to let her go? It wouldn't work. Not only did this show her her place and tie her to him securely, it also meant her safety. No one would dare harm what was seen as his. And Hermione was - and still is - his.

"Fair enough, you never said it. But I could still feel it." The sound of a chain rattling signaled that she had moved off the bed and was walking up to him. "Did you really need to take me away from there Tom? We were happy. You could have risen in the ministry and could have made so many changes that way. You could have been amazingly great without all the deaths and the destruction. We could have-"

As soon as she was close enough, in one fluid motion, Voldemort spun round to grip her upper arms and spun back round to slam her up against the door. His nostrils flared angrily.

"Don't you dare try to use the past against me, Hermione. I brought you back because that was how I remembered and that was how it was meant to be. I would not be as nearly powerful as I am now if it wasn't for what had occurred. You are here now and that is what matters. I have the power to make as many changes as I want to, and make them I shall. You will be by my side, only not for people to see. Giving you my mark makes you mine. It will also guarantee your safety! No one harms what is mine."

Hermione's eyes watered slightly. "Good god, this isn't fair. I always played by the rules! Muggle and magical! The one time I decide to just be a normal witch in a war free place, where no one tries to kill me and I decide not to care too much about time, and then you happen! You come and ruin it. I hated you. But no, you made me fall in love and that's not fair! Not when you drag me back to this world where I should want you killed, but can't find it in me to think of you as any other person than the one I got to know so well."

Voldemort couldn't stand this. This is why emotions simply got in the way. His hand wiped one of the tears from her cheek. "This is how it has to be, Herm-"

"No it doesn't!" Hermione shouted at him, suddenly angry all over again. "You could do things differently, but you're so goddamn set in your murdering crazed ways! You think it's acceptable to just-"

Her shouts were silenced by his mouths crashing against hers. He didn't know why, but it was the only thing he could think of at that moment to shut her up. She was getting angry again, and if she got angry then he would get angry, and then she would get furious, so would he, and then it would just go on from there.

Hermione didn't know where the sudden attack of her emotions came from, but they were everywhere at that moment. Maybe she should drop it for that moment and think about the plan. Everything would be fine after tomorrow night once she and Severus carried out their plot. But the more angry she got, the more she thought of the negatives. Maybe if she just thought about how he still felt for her and how he was kissing her then things would be made easier for her. She needed this moment to keep with her tomorrow.

With that in mind, she wound her limp arms around his neck and returned the kiss fully.

It wasn't sweet and gentle; it was passionate and desperate. Voldemort pressed his body against her's, and groaned slightly when her back arched to fit perfectly against his. In one swift movement he had her legs rapped round his waist and was moving them back to the bed.

Their kiss broke as he lowered them down. For the first time since he was 17, he was able to see her looking at him with the love and fire that he'd missed from her eyes. Hermione's head moved up to place a gentle kiss on his lips, then she moved to trail some kisses down his neck, whilst rubbing her hands down his sides.

She was starting something he didn't think she'd be able to finish.

So far he'd been gentle with her, but it was never in his nature to be gentle during sex. And with Hermione being Hermione, he knew the last thing he'd want to be was gentle. He'd want to possess her.. To own her.


"Please," she whispered, leaning back to look at him. "I...I need this. You don't understand. But...this moment..I need it. Tomorrow will be the worst day of my life, whether you care about that or not, so please, just give me this moment of blissful ignorance to what the future holds."

He should be angry at her comments, but knew she would never relent. He knew that as of tomorrow she would most likely never forgive him and hate him fully and always. He was a selfish man, despite the introduction to his healed soul and the feelings that came with it. He was set in his ways. Perhaps he needed this one moment of 'blissful ignorance' to the hate he faced from Hermione during tomorrow's ceremony.

He stroked the hair that had fanned out about her head, despite seeming gentle at that moment, he wouldn't lie to her. "I am not a gentle person, Hermione."

Hermione chuckled softly, "I never thought you would be." She kissed him again. "Please."

Voldemort's demanding kiss was her reply.