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It took every bit of effort Hermione had not to look like a deer facing an ongoing car, as all eyes in the room turned to look at her.

With a firm tug, Snape led her into the room and down the small isle that led up to the stand where Voldemort stood waiting for her.

Her eyes darted about frantically, taking in all the different expressions of those who continued to stare at her. Many of them looked at her with disgust or lewd expressions, making her feel slightly sick to her stomach. Some of the people she had went to school with that had remained loyal to their parents' cause stared at her with triumphant looks on their faces, feeling like they were finally getting one over the girl who had bested them for so many years.

Her eyes caught those of her friends. They were all lined up and chained to the wall on her left hand side, looking just as beaten and bloody as when she'd last seen them. She wanted to reach out to them and comfort them, telling them all how everything would be alright. She needed their strength, and when Remus looked at her with that small reassuring smile, she knew right then that she could do this.

Her gaze turned to face ahead of her where she looked her captor dead in the eyes. The walk towards him seemed to be taking forever, but she would continue the rest of the way with her head held in a stubborn way. She could see his eyes had narrowed in on her change of color scheme.

"Defiant till the end," Voldemort muttered to himself.

He had finally had the witch in his arms the night before, and seeing her then and as she was now, he knew he could never let her go. She would never leave his side. It was just unfortunate that she would forever be marked as his slave. He didn't want to see the regret in her eyes that morning, so he had left to complete the preparations for her friends deaths. To be fair, he was sparing her McGonagall, surely she would be pleased with at least that. The others, if they chose not to side with him (which he knew they all wouldn't), simply had to die instead. He could not appear to be weak at the beginning of his new rule.

He had warned her not to act defiant in front of his men, but of course such a rule would go in one ear and then out the other. He could let the gold dress slide, seeing as no one knew the original color. He had to give her pointers for her gall.

If she did anything else to openly defy him, that his followers could pick up on, then he would be forced to deal her a public punishment. After the effects of last time, he was already reluctant to do so.

He watched as Snape allowed her to use his arm for support as she took the step up to face him.

He met her eyes which stared back at him with determination. He knew and hated that look, it meant she was going to do something to piss him off.

He raised his chin in a superior manner. Pointing to his feet, he ordered, "on your knees, Mudblood."

He saw the fire flash in her eyes, and he waited with anticipation for her to do something stupid.

Her eyes flickered briefly towards her friends before she swallowed the new lump in her throat. He met her gaze once again and he saw the sorrowful look in them this time, and then watched in astonishment as she did what she was told, and lowered herself down on to her knees, her arms falling to her sides limply, her fingers brushing the floor and her head bowed before him.

He made a show of sneering at her submission, as the rest of the room laughed at her humiliation.

Deep down he couldn't quite believe he finally had her in his grasp without a fight.

He should have known then something was off.

"My Lord."

Voldemort turned around to see Snape standing a few feet away from him.

"This had better be good, Severus," Voldemort snapped.

Snape's wand then slipped from out of his robe. "I recall you suggesting we have a duel. Just for fun of course."

Voldemort's eyes widened when he heard the rattling of chains and saw the prisoners were without their chains and were all standing with their wands at the ready, glamour charms quite clearly taken off to reveal not so beaten and bloodied figures - as had been presumed.

He would seriously need to teach his followers a thing or two about observance when moving prisoners around.

As soon as Hermione had lowered to her knees she began chanting under her breath, using the ritual Snape had told her to use before performing the spell she would need to use later in order for everything to go as planned.

The ritual involved drawing the magical energy from others from within the room, adding to her magical strength.

Snape had begun the distraction process and she could hear her friends standing, ready to fight. She wished she could join them, but she was not to break concentration no matter what, Snape couldn't have expressed the importance of that more clearly to her.

"You filthy little traitor," she heard Voldemort hiss in anger. "Never the less, you are vastly outnumbered and this wont take long at all."

With that said, she could hear as instant battle broke out around her.

Whilst Snape was forced to block some spells coming his way, Voldemort took that opportunity to turn and check on his witch. Looking down, he frowned when he saw her still on her knees, but then growled low when he noticed the ground below her fingertips glowing brightly.

With a sharp tug on her hair, he had her stood up and forced to look him in the face.

"You dare think you can escape me? Best me? You are mine, little mudblood, never think to forget or fight it."

He watched confused as Hermione smiled at him gently, "I know."

He felt something slice at his arm and was forced to let go of her as he turned and faced the opposing Snape. He had concocted a mass sheild around them, blocking any interference to their fight.

"About that duel?"

Voldemort raged at the man's smug smirk and quickly took aim and started a fight that would surely go down in history.

Hermione used the opportunity to back away quickly, Snape quickly taking break from his fight to make a small gap in the dome for her to escape through. The only way the dome would be destroyed would be with his death, and she hoped furiously that that wouldn't happen.

She looked around her, their side was completely outmatched, only really serving the purpose of distracting those who would prevent her from her task.

"Hemrione, get started already!"

Ron shoved Hermione out of the way, thrusting a wand into her hand in the process, and continue to duel three death eaters at a time.

She would save them all.

Running out the Great Hall, she darted as quick as possible to the front doors. Once she had them open, she made to leave but found she couldn't get through due to an unseen force.

"Fuck!" Hermione screamed as she bashed against the invisible force and tried every spell she knew to get the ward down.

"Having trouble, my dear?"

Hermione spun round, shock on her face.

Standing there, in all his glory, was Dumbledore.

Hermione marched right up to his grandfatherly face and slapped him. She didn't even feel the expected guilt rise.

"Where the fuck have you been!?"

Dumbledore looked as though he expected such a reaction.

"I was away, letting history run it's course, Hermione."

Hermione made to speak, but stopped when he raised his hand, asking for no interruptions.

"The spell did not work on me, my dear, as I was away dealing with issues abroad. I knew that you repaired his soul, and the only way to defeat Tom, my dear, was to let you go back and do so. He is now mortal and can be defeated, thanks to you."

"So you just let Harry die! After everything he went through!"

Dumbledore's eye twinkled at this, and Hermione wanted nothing more than to slap him again.

"But a little bird tells me you're about to change all this."

Hermione had had enough of this cryptic bullshit. She was through with this man and his stupid 'all knowing wisdom' and 'let things run their course' attitude.

"Sir, lower the wards right now, and then get in their and help your cause!"

Dumbledore chuckled and with a wave of his wand, turned and entered the great hall. She could hear a very brief moment of silence as people took in his arrival and then it got loud again.

Running out the castle, Hermione hurried until she was round the corner from the doors and knelt quickly on the grass, her hands flat on the ground. For the spell to work, she had to be in tune with nature, as she would be taking away a lot of history.

The spell Snape had found was in a page that only ever revealed itself to those it believed truly deserved the chance at changing their course of history. Snape didn't believe he was truly worthy, but the page allowed Hermione to read its contents, reassuring them she was also worthy.

It would reverse history completely, until she was where her heart wanted to be. The past would become her present, and she would get to create a new future, the one she runs from will no longer exist, leaving no room for someone to come and chase her, and to stop her.

A kiss is what broke the spell the first time, and a kiss with all her magic and emotion poured into it is what will break the memory spell again.

She was at the spot Snape told her about, she would be able to stop the travel once the body of Tom Riddle came into view, where they'd left him to be found after they'd came to retrieve her.

She was doing this for more than just herself and Tom. She was doing this so everyone would live. Everyone will have the families they deserved to grow up with. Harry may even get a sibling or two.

With a small smile, Hermione began muttering the incantation that would need to be repeated constantly until she found the time she wanted to stay in.


Hermione paused, having just about finished the first incantation.

Voldemort was looking for her. Snape was dead. Oh god.

Hermione shut her eyes tight and gripped the grass below her and began the incantation once again, even more determined and desperate than she was before.

"Hermione, where are you!?"

Hermione opened up her eyes as she finished her first incantation, just as Voldemort rounded the corned and caught sight of her. His angry, widened eyes was the last thing she saw before time around her began moving backwards.

Moving backwards in time like this was most likely going to be an experience she never forgot.

Saying the incantation over and over as she traveled through time proved to be a difficult experience as Hermione tried not to be distracted by all the images going on around her. The hardest part was when she saw the younger versions of herself, Harry and Ron, sometimes running, sometimes just walking and having a laugh.

But she continued to go through time whilst she felt the magic she had borrowed from others begin to leave her and she was forced to draw more on her own.

It was exhausting, and she could feel the beginnings of dizziness start when she caught sight of Tom.

She completely forgot to begin another incantation when she caught sight of him in his school robes, walking along-side Abraxes on the grass just in front of her.

"Shit," it was too late to begin again, as time slowed down and everything stopped spinning. She wasn't where she was meant to be. She was supposed to return to that night where she hadn't been away for more than a few minutes.

Magically spent, she felt herself slump forward, only feet away from the two men. She turned to fall completely on to her side, her gaze going upwards.

"Hey Tom."

Tom's confused face was the last thing she saw before darkness took her.