Naruto's mind whirred trying to process everything that had just happened. Where had he gone wrong? Naruto replayed the moment that might just end up costing him his life in his head. Orao hadn't dodged. Naruto's whole attack had been planned around him dodging, and when Orao took the attack Naruto dropped his guard. Whether Orao had known Naruto was hoping he'd dodge or not didn't really matter. All that mattered was that Naruto had expected Orao's position to change, and instead of keeping his own gaze on the emblem on Orao's shoulder, he met his gaze.

Cursing himself, Naruto tried futilely to move from where he was frozen in place, arm outstretched as if in attack, but now with an empty hand, but he couldn't even budge. His muscles refused to listen to what his head was telling them to do, and shifting his eyes to glance at Orao picking himself off the ground in the distance was all he could accomplish.

Orao gripped his shoulder as the pain from Naruto's attack spread through his chest. However, the pain was something he could deal with, as it was necessary for him to allow Naruto to attack him. Besides, the pain was not for nothing. He had obtained his goal and now Naruto was at the mercy of his whims.

"See... It was only a matter of time before you slipped up." Orao said as he approached Naruto. "Though compared to your sensei, you are lucky I didn't completely immobilize your whole body... Organs included." He chuckled. "No. You get to die a different way, though I am not sure which way is worse... Suffocating slowly, or having a beast ripped out of you..." He said menacingly as he circled around Naruto.

Naruto gritted his teeth as his pulse raised in frustration at not being able to move. If what Orao said was true, then he was alluding to Kakashi being dead... That was something Naruto couldn't accept. Fury consumed Naruto as he struggled to break out of the jutsu, to make Orao pay for even talking about killing Kakashi Sensei, but it was no use. No matter how hard he strained himself, his body refused to work.

"It's no use... You can try all you want, but no one has been able to break free of my jutsu on their own... And I don't think any of your friends are left alive to come save you now..." Orao continued as he took a seat under a nearby tree to rest, removing his cloak to reveal a blood soaked shirt underneath from Naruto's latest attack. "As soon as I've rested, we'll be on our way... Karin, come here." He said shifting his attention to the red head who was sulking in the distance.

"If only you'd let me out... I'd have enough power to over come this silly jutsu and kill him... We could kill him... Make him pay for killing Kakashi Sensei... Another one of your Sensei is dead, and you can actually get revenge on this guy..." /i The Nine Tails taunted. "Don't you want the satisfaction of watching the life drain out of his eyes as it did Kakashi's... I could help you with that... You just have to let me out..."

Naruto shut his eyes, trying to drown out the Fox's words and come up with a plan, but as the helplessness of his situation became more evident, the Fox's words seemed even more tempting. As the Nine Tails continued to egg Naruto on, his will power to resist temptation began to fail until finally Naruto opened his eyes again. Only they were not their customary cerulean blue, but rather a vengeful crimson.

Orao stopped trying to convince Karin to let him bite her in order to heal himself, and glanced back to Naruto with a smirk on his face. "Ah, the little fox wants to come out to play, huh?" He chuckled. "That won't do you any good though..."

Naruto's body began to tremble as the red chakra began to surround his form dangerously. A growl escaped Naruto as the first tail began to form and he let the Nine Tail's chakra take over.

"That's right... Just let me have a little more control... Just a little more power and I can solve your problems..." The Fox promised.

Within minutes three more tails had appeared and Naruto, or what used to be Naruto, let out a deafening roar that pierced the silent forest and caused the leaves to quiver on the trees. No longer was Naruto recognizable, as he had begun to take the form of the Kyuubi, and Orao took a couple uneasy steps back. He could feel the chakra power being emitted from Naruto and questioned whether his jutsu really could hold him or not. Karin looked on in horror, sensing how dark and evil the chakra that now consumed Naruto was, and she tried to run away, only to be caught by the arm by Orao and held in place.

"You're not getting away that easy..." Orao growled at Karin, dragging her with him as he positioned himself facing Naruto, but a good deal away from him in order to avoid the tails, which were now swaying dangerously around in the area.

Naruto roared again as he tried to break Orao's paralysis jutsu, this time managing to bring his arms down into a crouching position ready to pounce. Orao growled in frustration as he focussed on Naruto, strengthening his jutsu as he exerted more chakra to keep the Kyuubi still.

"What the hell is this chakra?" Orao yelled through gritted teeth.

"He's the Nine Tails, what do you expect?" Karin called shaking from the sheer power of Naruto's chakra and the dark aura it gave off. "You fucking bastard! You shouldn't have made him angry..." She cried.

Naruto's tails thrashed dangerously, slicing and taking out the nearby trees like they were made of clay. He was making progress against Orao's jutsu, but it still wasn't enough to break through it.

"I wonder how long you can keep that up before you run out of chakra, or it begins to destroy your body?" Orao called to Naruto. "I will just have to wait you out, and then you'll be out of chakra and helpless again." And that's exactly what Orao planned to do.


As the sound of Naruto's previous roars reverberated through the forest all of the living creatures began to scatter in the opposite direction, all those except for Kakashi, Sasuke, and Pakkun. To them, the sound of the Nine Tails's anger was at least a sign that Naruto was still alive, conscious, and hopefully holding his own against his captors.

"We must be close..." Kakashi said, breaking the silence that had fallen amongst the three of them since their last stop.

Sasuke nodded. "Hopefully Naruto's chakra will mask ours as much as possible and Karin won't be able to pick up on ours..." He said as he himself was beginning to be able to sense Naruto's chakra.

"Let's hope that is the case..." Kakashi said before turning his attention to the little brown dog running along with them. "Pakkun, I don't believe your services are needed any longer. You are free to go, I don't want you to stick around for whatever's to come."

Pakkun nodded. "Right, good luck Kakashi. See you around." He said before stopping on the branch while Kakashi and Sasuke continued on, watching them for a moment before heading on his way.

"Assuming it is Orao who now has Naruto, I think it's best if you attack first. He thinks I'm dead, and it would be to our advantage to keep it that way as long as possible." Kakashi began to explain. "Besides, I doubt it is their intentions to kill you. From what Fusaku said to you during your fight, I think it is safe to say that Madara wants you alive and well, only on his side instead of Konoha's."

Sasuke listened to Kakashi, glancing at him from the side as they jumped from branch to branch. Kakashi, on the other hand, spared no glance for Sasuke, but kept his focus ahead of them.

"Understood." Sasuke replied simply. "Karin won't be much trouble. She's really only a tracker and doesn't have many offensive ninjutsus, though I'd watch out for the one Sakura got caught in..." He added.

Kakashi nodded, noting a little ironically to himself that if it had not been for that particular jutsu Sasuke might not have been with them at the moment; whatever "with them" meant.