Hospitality kept him poor, despite the profits of a hundred raids

The Howeitat were the finest fighters in the desert, and their fighting was crucial to the success of the Arab Revolt. Their leader was Auda abu Tayi.

Dine With Me, The River

by Jo Z. Pierce

I am Auda, father of Tayi.

I am a leader of men, leader of my tribe, and leader of Howeitat.

I have heard men wonder, how can a poor man be rich? Yet, I ask of you, how can a rich man be poor?

For Bedu, hospitality consumes rich men but sustains powerful leaders. And for this, my honour, my generosity must carry all wealth away.

My wealth is quickly consumed, as mansaf served on giant metal trays. My wealth flows like a river in the desert, quickly evaporating in the sun.

And I am a river to my people.