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"For the last time," the slayer said, "I'm begging you...Please...Stop it, I don't want to hurt you Adrian!"

"Ha...," the vampire laughed uncontrollably as the slayer struggled to stand up, "HAHAHAHAHA!! BEG?! Please you foolish human woman! Like I'll show mercy to a weakling like you."

"I am no weakling," the slayer cried out and charged at the vampire her blades ready.

The ring of the alarm clock next to the nightstand rang out causing Azumi to sit up, sweating from her nightmare, "Oh...," she sighed and shut it off, "This old thing again." Azumi Kotone got out of the dark purple canopy bed and went over to the windows, "Dang sun," she muttered as she threw the dark violet curtains open as she began to make breakfast, "Gods..." Azumi went over to the counter and began to make coffee, "Let's see what's going on today." She reached over for the remote and turned on the TV as she sat down on the red sofa as she drank the warm coffee out of the black red designed mug. "The Rejected Olympics are starting today! Remember to-"

"Hell no," Azumi muttered and turned off the TV, "I swore off events that involved competition since Halloween."Azumi set the remote down and went over to her closet to get dressed. There was a knock on the door and Azumi dreaded that her friend, Cho Hana, was on the other side ready to beg for her to just join the fun.

Moments later...

"I can't believe you managed to drag me out of my house anyway," Azumi sighed as the two girls walked to the stadium, "I can't believe I fell for that old trick with the puppy eyes!" Azumi's pale skin glowed from the black sweater she wore with the red bow tie tied in the front, the black knee skirt reached just above her knees, black lace stockings, and black heels. Her gray blue eyes were hidden behind dark sunglasses as her long dark blonde hair had black hair ribbons. "Aw come on Azumi!" Cho smiled, "You've always keep yourself locked up in your house all the time whenever there's an event ever since that Halloween! Come on lighten up!"

"...Fine," Azumi smiled, "But only because later on we'll be on different teams and I'll so beat you!"

"Nah uh!" Cho stuck her tongue out, "We'll still be friends!" Azumi smiled as her friend skipped ahead of her.

Cho Hana's dark purple emo flip hair made her look younger and petite as opposed to Azumi's mature long hair, her fair skin had a dark violet dove tattoo on her shoulder, light golden eyes were a lot cheerful than Azumi's stormy gray blue ones, a small purple bead necklace was around her neck, and a purple kimono draped over Cho's slender figure. Azumi glanced up at the sky and slightly placed her sunglasses onto her bangs, "I just hope there aren't that many people...What the hell am I saying of course there will be!"

"Azumi-chan!!" Cho called, "We'll register over here!" Azumi placed her glasses back on and ran over to her friend. "I hate the fact we're on different teams though..."

"Well, we'll be friends when the battle's over okay?" Azumi assured her as she placed her name under Durem as Cho pouted, "I still want you on my team."

"Didn't you say to have fun?"

"Yeah, but with me!!" Azumi laughed as they went into the stadium and as Cho ran over to meet with her team Azumi sighed and started to hate herself for faking her happy mood just to make her friend happy, "I just hate...I hate competition...Usually I would just run out of here by now, but seeing how Cho is so happy..." "Kill me now with a stake," Azumi grumbled as she went to her fellow Durem teammates, "Get ready for hell...Again..."

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